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Vent Roof Cap

  • Made of high-quality galvanized steel
  • Backdraft damper and bird screen for added durability
  • Designed utilizing high quality polyester powder coated finish
  • Corrosion resistant properties on galvanized steel surface to prevent premature wear

Located in Ningbo China, Biyang is a leading vent roof cap manufacturer and solution provider.  Biyang is a spin off of low-cost yet high quality roof dryer vent caps.  Utilizing 25 years in providing cutting edge technology and solutions, with our commitment to customer-centric innovations, Biyang has produced high performance roof vent pipe caps.

The plumbing roof vent cap, helps regulate the air pressure in your plumbing system.  Just as roof vent pipe cap eliminates water and waste from your homes, offices and schools, the plumbing roof vent prevents sewer gases from entering a certain facility.  Located on roofs, these plumbing roof vent caps allow the fresh air to circulate into the plumbing system and help smooth water flow through roof vent pipe caps.

Vent roof caps are a vital part in any ventilation system.  They prevent the accumulation of germs and bacteria and keeping them from entering homes, offices and other facilities.  If you find difficulties in keeping cool air in your homes, the problem may be because of faulty roof vent pipe cap.  Vent roof caps reduces the temperature and allows the cool air to circulate in the interiors of your home, thus reducing electrical costs.  Vent roof exhaust caps are in place to pull out odors, fumes, and moisture from an area.  Faulty roof dryer vent caps should not be ignored, as this may cause disastrous results.

Biyang has proud experience in manufacturing vent roof caps that are effective at removing heat and moisture while preventing leakage.  These vent roof caps are crafted out of copper, galvanized steel and painted steel that are suitable for home and business use.

In these rapidly-changing times, we strive to deliver innovative solutions by having the right foresight, vision and advanced mindset to embrace change and to be a leader of it.  With increasing aftermarket demands, we aim to keep up through our accumulated technologies under the roof of our 15,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility.  Acquiring the most-up-to-date technologies is essential for ensuring the company’s success.

  • Strong Technical Expertise
  • Honest and Reasonable Pricing
  • Fast Customer Resolution
  • Guaranteed On-time Service
  • Limited Lifetime Warranties
  • Skilled and Professional Technicians

We provide the complete set of HVAC ducting systems.  From the basic metal ducting to the HVAC duct fittings like duct connector, duct transition, duct splitter, damper and plenum box, different kinds of accessories, such as quick release hose clamp, hose clip, G clamp, round duct flange and so on.

For custom vent roof caps and other air system product inquiries, don’t hesitate to give us a ring or message us at beyond@bi-yang.com.  Our team of customer service experts will be happy to help you make the right purchase.

ProductVent Roof Cap
MaterialGalvanized steel, stainless steel
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