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Swirl Diffuser

  • Long lifespan
  • Durable finish
  • Energy efficient
  • Weather-resistant
  • High volume diffusion

Biyang is a professional HVAC diffuser manufacturer that produces diffusers of all types.  We are known as a powerhouse brand in China.  Alongside our diffusers, our ventilation ducts and fittings are also utilized for many projects locally and overseas.

In HVAC engineering, there is a great number of components, materials, and pieces of small parts that need to be understood.  Different HVAC designs require combined numbers of these materials but not all are the same and used.  Specific products can be beneficial to one and not to the other.  One of these air system components is the diffusers.  Diffusers help you to diffuse or scatter the airflow through your room.  Serving a critical function to how airflow will be, diffusers are also used for decorative purposes due to the position that faces the room itself.  There are many types of diffusers to choose from for different applications but the most common to our eyes is the large round diffuser.  Regardless of types, design, and sizes, diffusers serve solely one function, and it is to spread the air along to where it installed to enhance the cooling effect of the system.

Biyang has manufactured a special type of component distinguished as the swirled diffuser.  This swirl diffuser allows the system to produce a horizontal, radial air pattern.  This type of diffuser is most suiting to high heating and/or cooling divergence.  Our swirl diffuser comes with varieties of face shapes and sizes including circular and square to fit different duct requirements.  Although standards sizes such as 300,400,500,600,625 that has volume flow rate range of 10 – 295 I/s are on the shelves, we also cater to custom swirl diffuser when requested.

Materials used for constructing our swirl diffuser are strictly picked to offer outstanding durability that will last for many years.  Diffuser faces are coated with anti-rust treatment prolonging product service life.  Guarantees to provide exceptional air diffusion that will be beneficial for large areas.  Supply air patterns can be adjusted manually or with the help of an actuator to maximize product function.  Perfectly positioned swirl diffusers capable of achieving fast temperature change by mixing supplied and resident air, bringing utmost comfort to inhabitants.

Ideal for comfort zones, Biyang swirl diffusers are enjoyed by establishments such as supermarkets, schools, hospitals, and other commercial and industrial properties with high ceiling placement.

Known as a top source and air diffuser manufacturer, Biyang HVAC grilles and diffusers catalog offers other units including a linear diffuser, return air diffuser, supply air diffuser, jet nozzle diffuser, egg crate diffuser, and so on.  Also, our swirl diffuser price and other products are made available at a reasonable price.  Taking into consideration different designs for specific HVAC projects, we manufacture are diffusers in many shapes that will fit into your design and air volume and direction requirements.

Search no other air diffuser manufacturers, Biyang will be your partner ready to provide air system products certain to cater to your demand.

ProductSwirl Diffuser
Neck SizeD200mm, D250mm, D315mm, D350mm, D400mm, D450mm, D500mm, D630mm
ColourWhite power coated RAL 9010/9016
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