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Supply Air Plenum Box

  • Reduce air sounds
  • Sturdily constructed
  • Stable and balance the airflow
  • Custom made possible
  • Used for a variety of heating, venting and air conditioning applications

Biyang is a leading plenum box manufacturer in China.  We produce plenum boxes of different configurations using different mediums.  Our product catalog also consists of different HVAC diffusers, HVAC fittings, and ventilation ducts, which are being used for many prominent projects abroad.

HVAC system or the ductwork system is composed of pieces of metals called diffusers, fittings, ducts, and other components in order to provide proper functionality, which is to supply, remove, return, and regulate air to bring comfort to occupants.  One of these components is the plenum box.  Distinguishable as a sheet metal box, a plenum box is a chamber-like object where numbers of ducts are connected.  There are two types of plenum boxes in the HVAC system.  The return plenum box and the supply plenum box.

Biyang supply air plenum box is attached to core or the air supply outlet of the HVAC equipment that heats or cools down air temperature as regulated, which then flows through the pipes or the ducts as what we call them.  Some supply plenum box has air-cleaning filters allowing only uncontaminated air to be distributed inside your house or premises.  Usually, plenum boxes have acoustic insulation features that reduce vibration that can cause unwanted noise.

Featuring lightweight materials in constructing sheet metal plenum boxes such as aluminum and galvanized steel, the Biyang supply plenum box is easy to lift enabling faster and easier product installation.  A great investment for your property.  Biyang supply air plenum box comes with outstanding quality at an affordable price.  Using the advanced tools and pieces of machinery, Biyang manufactures supply air plenum boxes to exacting measurements as what consumers wanted.  This gives you the confidence and peace of mind when purchasing products online.

Plenum box is necessary for all establishments that have an HVAC system installed.  Highly used for different commercial and residential applications.  Biyang’s supply air plenum box comes at a variety of sizes and shapes to conform to different requirements.  Using Sheet metal in the production of a plenum box, consumers will enjoy durable boxes that will have used for a long time.  Dedicated to being of service to every HVAC system there is, we manufacture plenum boxes for mounting in wall or ceiling.  Aside from the usual design of the supply plenum box, we also provide a custom plenum box that will fit every ceiling diffuser including linear diffuser, straight bladed, louver bladed, and so on.

Being in the industry for over 10 years, our product portfolio has been constantly growing day by day.  Alongside our supply air plenum box, we offer other air system products including ventilation ducts, fittings of all types and diffusers.  Our vast options of HVAC products will benefit project managers that in search for partners that can supply HVAC necessities fast.  Finding different air system units can be time-consuming.  Here at Biyang, we value your time just as you do.  Get everything your HVAC system needs in just one shop.

Planning to put a brand-new ductwork system for your home and properties?  Feel free to inquire here at us.  We are more than willing to assist you to perfect the design and planning of your new HVAC system.

ProductSupply Air Plenum Box
MaterialGalvanized steel, stainless steel
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