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Supply Air Diffuser

  • All standards sizes available
  • Great choice for different materials
  • Free suggestions for selecting the right product

As one of the best HVAC Diffuser Manufacturers in China, Biyang offers a variety of Supply Air Diffuser selections, varying in different shapes, and materials.  Biyang Supply Air Diffuser is used in both residential and commercial environments for the function of providing suitable and comfortable amount air to the right locations.

Biyang Round Supply Air Diffuser has been enjoying brisk sales for a dozen of years.  This product is made of outer frame and inner core and can be easily disassembled for cleaning.  It can export the air evenly and steadily and can be altered in different volumes through the back damper(OBD).

Biyang Square Air Diffuser can be divided into one way, two way, three way, four way air supplying models.  You can always select the right model to meet your demand. Linear Air Supply Diffuser can be custom made in different lengths and connected together to achieve a complete air supply system.  This is often used in the large offices, meeting rooms, hotel rooms and so on.

Linear Air Supply Diffuser can be used for both ceiling and sidewall applications.  Biyang can offer 1-8 slots with different thickness to meet your project requirement. You can get free suggestions for different Supply Air Diffuser by a short message.  Supply Air Diffusers standard sizes are all available in Biyang.  If you are familiar with the Supply Air Diffuser specification, you can simply send us a message for your required item.

If not, you can also get our specification list or share with us about your project to get recommendations through a simple email.  Biyang gives you a great quantity of Supply Air Diffuser selections, not only in sizing but also in materials.  Aluminum Supply Air Diffuser is an everlasting star in HVAC Diffusers sector.  Classical colors like RAL9010 and RAL9016 are permanently a remarkable choice.

If you are looking for sturdy and robust features, Biyang can offer you the steel or stainless steel Supply Air Diffuser.  This simply solves your projects in a tough environment. Let Biyang help you solve your problem of Supply Air Diffuser.

ProductSupply Air Diffuser
MaterialAluminum,stainlesssteel, plastic
Sizestandard sizes, or on request

Supply Air Diffuser: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1. What is a Supply Air Diffuser?

A supply air diffuser is a diffuser found in a ventilation system whose function is to allow for the flow of air from the outside into the room.

This is by allowing air to flow out of the ventilation system into the room.

 Supply air diffuser

Supply air diffuser

2. What is Supply Air Diffuser used for?

The function of the supply air diffuser is to allow for proper room ventilation by supplying air into the room from the outside.

This occurs whenever air moves into supply air diffuser then flows out of HVAC.

3. What is the difference between Supply Air Diffuser and Return Air Diffuser?

  • The function of a supply air diffuser is to allow for air flow into the room from outside.
  • Return air diffuser allows for the flow of air from the building to the outside.
  • Supply air diffuser allows air to flow out of the ventilation system while return air diffuser allows for air to flow into the ventilation system.
  • The size of the return air diffuser is usually larger than that of a supply air diffuser.
  • In HVAC, the number of supply air ventilation is usually more than that of the return air diffusers.
  • Supply air diffusers are connected to supply ducts while return air diffusers are connected to the return ducts.

4. Where can you Install Supply Air Diffuser?

You can install supply air diffuser in either of the following locations:

 Supply air diffuser

Supply air diffuser

  • Floors
  • Door ceiling
  • Within the duct system

5. How does Supply Air Diffuser compare to Linear Air Diffuser?

  • Linear air diffuser allows for a straight flow of air into a room.
  • Supply air diffuser allows for airflow at given angles into the rooms.
  • Linear air diffusers are usually semi-concealed while supply air diffusers are not in any way concealed.
  • The function of both linear and supply air diffusers is to ventilate a room by allowing for the flow of air.

6. What is the Minimum Distance from Return Air Diffuser to Supply Air Diffuser?

The design of your HVAC systems will determine the distance between supply air diffuser and return air diffuser.

As a general rule, both the return air diffuser and supply air diffuser system should not be too close.

7. What is the Acceptable CFM Airflow from Supply Air Diffuser?

The acceptable CFM airflow from the supply air diffuser depends on the throw and the noise of the supply air diffuser.

However, the CFM ranges between 2.0 and 3.5 m/s. other factors that determine the CFM include the type of supply air diffuser you are using.

8. How do you Size Supply Air Diffuser?

It depends on:

  • Area of ventilation
  • Dimension of the ventilation area in terms of the width and length
  • The ceiling’s height
  • Space’s aesthetic
  • CFM per foot.
  • The mounting location

A general formula for sizing the supply air diffuser is to divide the CFM by the volume of air circulation in a room.

9. What is the difference between Air Diffuser and Air Grille?

An air diffuser is a device that supplies air at different angles in a room using profiled blades.

Air grilles allow for the vertical flow of air into a room without any deflection.

The types of air diffusers include louver bladed, straight bladed and linear slot.

Types of air grilles include egg grate, transfer type.

There is normally a damper attached to an air grille which lacks in an air diffuser.

10. Is there maximum Air Speed in Supply Air Diffuser?

Factors that determine the highest air speed:

  • Magnitude of air diffuser’s noise
  • Design and types of supply air diffuser and throw

In most cases the speed may range from 2.0 to 3.5m/s.

11. How do you Specify Supply Air Diffuser?

Specifications of which supply air diffuser to select depend on the following factors:

  • The airflow in CFM
  • The noise criteria of the supply air diffuser
  • Pressure drop.
  • The throw
  • The terminal velocity

12. What is Throw in Relation to HVAC Diffuser?

A throw refers to the measure of the circulation of air in a room from an HVAC diffuser.

It is usually measured from the HVAC unit along the direction of the airflow.

The measurement is in feet.

13. How do you Avoid Supply Air Diffuser Sweating?

You can avoid air diffuser sweating by doing either of the following:

 HVAC supply air diffuser

 HVAC supply air diffuser

  • Properly insulating the ducts
  • Sealing all crawl spaces properly
  • Installing a dehumidifier if there is high humidity on the outside
  • Regular cleaning of the filters or cleaning of the air handling ducts.
  • Sealing any leaking ducts within the air diffuser.

Why buy Supply Air Duct from Biyang?

  • Biyang offers a wide range of supply air duct which comes in different shapes and materials
  • Our supply air ducts are ideal for both commercial and residential usage
  • We use quality materials such as aluminum, plastic, and steel to manufacture our supply air ducts.
  • Our team offers professional advice to help you select the best supply air ducts.
  • We offer our supply air ducts at competitive prices.

What are the Main Components of Supply Air Diffuser?

The main components of a supply air diffuser include:

  • Diffuser face which can be of different shapes depending on the type of supply air diffuser. i.e. rectangular or square.
  • Plenum allows for efficient air ventilation
  • The connecting frame offers support to the supply air diffuser.
  • Lip seal ensures no leakage of air during the ventilation process
  • Damper blade which regulates the volume of airflow

Supply AIR Diffuser is made from Which Material?

Different materials are used in the manufacturing of supply air diffusers.

They include:

  • Aluminum
  • Mild steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Plastic

How does Exhaust Air Diffuser compare to Supply Air Diffuser?

In most HVAC, the exhaust air diffuser systems is on the outer section.

On the other hand, supply air diffuser is located on the inner section.

An exhaust air diffuser supplies air from outside the room into the ventilation system.

While a supply air diffuser supplies air into the room from the ventilation system.



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