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  • Stainless Steel Flexible Duct
  • Stainless Steel Flexible Duct
  • Stainless Steel Flexible Duct

Stainless Steel Flexible Duct

  • Good performances in low and high temperature environment, up to 500ºC
  • Wide applications in fume or corrosive environment
  • Excellent features in corrosive resistance in both positive and negative pressure

Biyang Stainless Steel Flexible Duct, also named Stainless Steel Flex Duct, is a kind of Flexible Ducts and Non Insulated Flexible Ducts.  It is made out of pure 0.1mm stainless steel stripe through a mechanical joining of the machine without using any glues. With the special triple locking structure, Biyang Stainless Steel Flexible Duct is airtight and leakproof.  It is the exact product designed to meet your high standard requirements.

Biyang Stainless Steel Flexible Duct is similar to Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct in structure with goffer numbers 4 and 7.  The common sizes are from 1.8” to 12”.  Unlike Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct, Stainless Steel Flexible Duct cannot be compressed much.  However, it is extremely fire resistant with working temperature from -30℃ to 500℃.  It can be used in both negative and positive pressure environment as well.

Thus, it can be used in very high temperature and corrosive environments and situations, like chimney liners, chemical and toxic air extraction, or oil and electric stoves.  This kind of stainless steel round ducts is very suitable for cook hoods as well.  Besides, based on different requirements, different stainless steel materials can be applied such as SS304, SS316, SS316L and so on.  You can always find the right product with both cost and usage efficiency.

Biyang Stainless Steel Flexible Duct has excellent performances in the flexibility, bending, and tensile resistance.  The hose remains the same under 15kgs tensile testing. Unlike the Stainless Steel Spiral Duct, Stainless Steel Flexible Duct can easily get into the twisting situation without breaking.  In addition, it can fit perfectly with other stainless steel fittings such as stainless steel hose clamp to make a complete HVAC system without causing fitting problems.

As an export-oriented Stainless Steel Flexible Duct manufacturer, Biyang is always able to custom your right product to meet all your demanded features.  Just share with us your problems or projects, we will give our free suggestions.

ProductStainless Steel Flexible Duct
Standard Length4m
Compress RationCan not be compressed



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