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Spiral Duct Tee

  • Low air leakage
  • Reduce installation costs
  • Top-grade galvanized steel
  • Optimal airflow performance
  • Inherently stronger and long-lasting than other competitors
  • Used for a variety of heating, venting and air conditioning applications

Established in 1995, the start of far-reaching production of ducting products by Biyang was built on the foundation of cutting-edge technology.  Biyang is a global supplier and leading ductwork manufacturer in the aftermarket industry in China.  Our products mainly include all sorts of flexible duct, metal ducting, HVAC duct fittings, HVAC diffuser and various types of access panel.

Spiral duct tees are an angled spiral ductwork fitting manufactured with a unique lock seam to promote a more uniform airflow and reduced friction.  Spiral duct tee by Biyang are made to be cost-effective as they are 30% lighter in weight than regular spiral duct fittings.  It has leak resistant properties due to few transverse and longitudinal joints.

Spiral ductwork fittings from Biyang helps you with your commercial and industrial HVAC solutions.  Engineered with top-quality galvanized steel, this spiral duct tee has unique lock-formed seam and high-tolerances to provide excellent quality product available in a wide range of gauges under specific standards.

Biyang has over two decades of expertise providing excellent and reliable heating, ventilation and air-conditioning solutions for commercial and industrial applications.  Inside our big doors is a day-to-day commitment to building our products based on service, quality, and innovation because we all share the same passion for simple, safe and comfortable driving experience.

  • Our products lines have wide array of applications for you ventilating, heating and air-conditioning needs.
  • We have experienced technical team that can provide in-depth knowledge.
  • We have customer-friendly staff, strictly implementing quality control points with a mission to make customers satisfied.
  • We have the fastest shipping system.
  • We have a straightforward pricing policy, guaranteed no hidden fees or charges.

At Biyang, our company’s reputation stands for quality and service.  Our customer’s satisfaction is our top priority.  We begin by carefully selecting the top-grade materials for products.  It is then followed by strict and closely regulated manufacturing processes.

Backed by years of technical experience, we are offering a wide range of tangible features that are meticulously studied under the supervision of the industry experts.  Biyang has a comprehensive catalog of over 100,000 products.  From utilizing the best materials to ensuring proper manufacturing practices, we guarantee that we produce units of the highest quality.  We also offer market competitive rates at a faster delivery time.

If you are looking for spiral duct fittings that exhibit maximum airflow and has lasting properties, Biyang can get them all for you.  We’re not just here to provide excellent products and uncommonly good customer experience – we aim to earn your trust and satisfaction for the next years to come.

For all your heating, ventilation and air-conditioner needs, contact us through email on (beyond@bi-yang.com) today.

ProductSpiral Duct Tee
MaterialGalvanized steel, stainless steel
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