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Spiral Duct Takeoff

  • Top-grade galvanized steel
  • Easy to assemble, easy to connect
  • Can be sealed and insulated if needed
  • Small end to be a direct fit inside next ducting section

Biyang is a well-known ductwork manufacturer as well as air ducts and fitting fabricators in China.  Being in the industry for over 10 years, Biyangs product has made use of over 1000 famous projects locally and abroad.  We manage to build a reputable name that is now trusted by many in the insulation industry.

As a leading manufacturing brand, Biyang together with our employed experts and technical staff are tirelessly working every day to produce products that will give you tangible solutions for you different HVAC system applications and requirements.

Duct or ductwork is found in every heating and cooling system, whether residential or commercial establishment.  A duct or pipe is a component of the HVAC system where the air passes through.  Ductworks are commonly installed and run through the ceiling.  Each room of the establishment has an opening which is connected to the duct where the system provides air.

One of the most important parts of ductwork is what we called Take-offs.  Take-offs can be round, oval, or rectangular fittings specifically designed to take the correct amount of airflow from the main duct into each branch duct.

In need of spiral duct take-offs?  Search no more.  Biyang offers you varieties of top-tier pipe fittings and take-offs at a highly competitive price.  With product affordability and unmatched quality, our take-offs will be your ideal take-offs for your HVAC needs.  Our take-off for a spiral duct allows your system to provide the maximum amount of airflow downstream making your system much easier to balance and saves energy.  Here at Biyang, we are not boxed in producing products that only offer traditional industry standards.  We are accepting customized orders to cater to your different requirements.

Aside from high-efficient spiral duct take-offs, we also offer varieties of spiral ductwork fittings such as spiral duct elbow, spiral duct reducers, and increasers, spiral duct tee, and other spiral duct connectors.  In addition, we also provide the HVAC duct accessories, like hose clamp, hose clip, wire hose clamp, G clamp, and much more alike.

As a leading fabricator of air system products, we make sure that the quality of our products will not be compromised by anything.  Our production facilities are well-equipped with industry-leading manufacturing technology that guarantees to produce premium products at all times.  Also, Biyang implements a strict in-house individual product evaluation to make sure that products are real-world ready before leaving the factory.

Before purchasing, it is important to know what you need for your specific HVAC system applications.  Here at Biyang, we are employed with knowledgeable customer support experts ready to help you and answer all your product-related questions and concerns.  We also offer a special technical team that we can send to your site to help you with product installation.

Don’t be hesitant, our products will speak for themselves.  Feel free to call us in our service hotline or message us at beyond@bi-yang.com.  Biyang is dedicated to helping you construct your ideal HVAC system.  Whether for residential or commercial applications, we got your back.

ProductSpiral Duct Takeoff
MaterialGalvanized steel, stainless steel
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