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Spiral Duct flanges

  • Highly-durable
  • Firm Fitment
  • High-resistant
  • Economical duct connector

Biyang is a recognized manufacturer in China that offers products that gives a solution to different applications of the HVAC system.  Our products cover different types of air ducts and fittings.  With 10 years in the manufacturing scene, Biyang products are widely used for more than 1000 famous projects locally and abroad.  Our experiences have enabled us to further expand our product varieties and their application performance to serve the HVAC industry in the best ways possible.

The HVAC system also called the ductwork is a distribution unit that delivers and removes air throughout the establishment where it is applied.  HVAC system provides necessary airflow and can be installed in different commercial and residential applications.  Ductworks are commonly seen made of galvanized mild steel where the airflow passes.

On the other hand, it is the duct fitting.  Duct fittings or the pipe fittings are piping components that are used to change and balance the duct pressure and the airflow.  This is an important part of the HVAC system.  Duct fitting ensures that the airflow is equally distributed throughout the entire establishment.  There are different types of duct fitting used in piping such as reducer, vent roof cap or round cap, duct elbow, duct tee, flex duct connector union, silencer and volume control damper.  A variety of duct fittings are made for specific functions and applications.

Biyang spiral ductwork fittings are made utilizing the latest product fabrication in the industry.  Complying with industry’s stringent standards, our fittings possess qualities that make it an ideal solution for your commercial and residential HVAC applications.  Our pipe fittings are highly reliable and guarantees to provide maximum protection to the ductwork.

Biyang’s fittings offer high resistance to corrosion that enable them to properly perform under harsh environments.  Aside from unmatched corrosion resistance, our fittings are fabricated to tolerate chemicals such as oxidants, halogens, aliphatic solutions, salts, and to common types of acids.

As an expert fabricator of air ducts and fittings, we take it as a responsibility to make sure we have what you need.  Backed with industry-leading experts, Biyang has able to come up with different spiral duct connectors, spiral duct saddle tap, and fittings.  Examples of fittings that we have include:

  • spiral duct elbow – ideal for most dust, mist, and fume collection application, this type of fitting allows you to change the airflow direction of your HVAC ductwork.  This fitting has adjustable features that provide you with the exact angle desired.
  • Spiral duct reducers and increaser – this duct fittings allow you to change from size pipe to another.
  • Spiral duct tee – a type of pipe fitting that helps you create a 90° in your HVAC system.

Aside from the spiral pipe and fitting, Biyang also offers different types of ductwork that can cater to virtually every air duct and fitting application you required.  To further extend our service, Biyang can provide a special technician team that can be sent to your site to help you with the installation.

Search no more, Biyang will be your trusted ductwork manufacturer from here on out.  For your specific HVAC system applications and requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us through our support hotline provided on the page.  You can also send us your message at beyond@bi-yang.com.

ProductSpiral Duct flanges
MaterialGalvanized steel, stainless steel
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