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Sheet Metal Ductwork

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Biyang is a known air system product distributor and manufacturer in China.  With over 10 years since established, our ventilation duct and HVAC duct fittings have been used to over 1,000 famous projects locally and abroad.

There are several types of ductwork used in major HVAC systems of different types of commercial, residential, and industrial establishments.  Sheet metal ductwork to be more specific.  This type of ductwork is made out of thin slices of metals that can be formed using different materials including aluminum, galvanized steel, and stainless steel.  Metal ducts are a rigid type of ductwork.  They offer a long-lasting solution to the commercial HVAC system due to materials durability.  While carbon steel duct (customized) is advised to be of use to industrial properties that require to carry acid, chemical fumes.  Sheet metal ductwork installation requires exacting measurement and computerized design since it’s not fitting just to any corner, unlike flexible ductwork.

Considering the different types of HVAC system applications and environmental compliance, our sheet metals can be purchased into different types to maximize functionality and longevity depending on where it will be applied.  Product installation is not a problem.  Our sheet metal ductworks feature a lightweight, yet heavy-duty composition making it easy to lift.  We provide round sheet metal ducts and any configuration as requested.  You are investing with the right manufacturer.  We produce sheet metal ductworks that are not easily worn out.  Our products are built to last to help you save both your time and money in the long run.  Biyang offers the best sheet metal ductwork price in the market.  Our products are not only appreciated due to their quality but also to their reasonable price range.

Biyang sheet metal ductworks are applicable to any kind of HVAC system there is today.  Having choices from different materials our sheet metal ductworks are sure to fit any given application requirements.  Our products are highly utilized in the food industry, construction, automotive, and other commercial and industrial establishments.  Biyang is capable of fabricating sheet metal ductwork using traditional galvanized mild steel.  This type of material is coated with rust-resistant zinc to promote tolerance to humidity and other common causes of rust.  It also prevents fungus and mold.

Aluminum ductwork is also an option.  This type of sheet metal ductwork has been on demand due to its lightweight feature and naturally resistant to corrosion.  The installation of aluminum ductwork is made easy given that they can easily be bent and shaped.  Delivering the same strength as the aluminum and galvanized steel, stainless steel spiral pipe should not be set aside.  This is suiting for those property owners in a budget.  Its natural composition also provides effective corrosion and moisture resistance.  Our stainless-steel duct pipe also adds a stylish finish to your property.  Biyang’s sheet metal ductwork fabrication is carefully maintained by our employed engineers and staff.  All products including all types of ventilation ducts, fittings, and HVAC diffusers are tested prior to leaving the factory for shipment to ensure units are at their peak when received.

As your leading ductwork manufacturer, we at Biyang has a goal of helping every property owner with their HVAC system troubles and needs.  Call now.

ProductSheet Metal Ductwork
MaterialGalvanized steel, stainless steel
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