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Sheet Metal Duct Fittings

  • Biyang provides Sheet Metal Ductwork of different usages
  • Strong technical and design team to solve your problem
  • Professional setting-up workers to save your time

As a premier supplier and manufacturer of ventilation ducts, Biyang ensures to provide you an all-in-one solution for your HVAC systems.  We produce all kinds of sheet metal duct fittings suitable for varieties of applications.

In the HVAC system or ductwork, duct serves as a passage used to supply air to different parts of the house or any property where ductwork is applied.  Aside from supplying ductwork is also use as exhaust and return air.  Duct fittings are a key component of the HVAC system.  There are many types of fittings being used in the metal ductwork such as ells, tees, reducers, sheet metal elbows, and so on.  They are responsible for balancing the airflow circulating inside the ducts.  Given differences in sizes and shapes, different types of fittings provide unique functions.  And to understand each of them is important if you are planning to put a brand-new ductwork system on your property.

Sheet metal duct fittings are a part of our comprehensive HVAC product line options.  We standardly manufacture sheet metal fittings to suit traditional metal AC duct designs, sizes, and configurations.  But don’t get us wrong.  Biyang also accepts customized fabrication of sheet metal duct fittings.

Biyang ensures to provide fittings for different applications of sheet metal ductwork including sheet metal 90-degree elbow, hose clamps, reducers, hose, duct end caps, tees, and so on.  We produce fittings for circular and rectangular sheet metal duct ends.  Our fittings provide unmatched leak handling, which eliminates the need for additional sealing along longitudinal seams and transverse joints.  It will also save you lots of bucks in the long run.  Fittings can be built using stainless steel and aluminum as desired.  Both materials used show unmatched durability and resistance to moisture, heat, corrosion, rust, and other factors of wear.  Products promote better longevity than its competitors.

Applicable to any sheet metal ductwork for any given establishments.  We manufacture fittings to go with any specific designs of sheet metal ducts.  Our products are used by many industrial, commercial, and residential properties in China and across many places on the globe.

We don’t market what we can’t do.  Aside from personalized designs and quality HVAC duct fittings we offer, the company takes pride in the high on-time delivery success rate.  You are certain to receive your orders within the period given.  We are highly preferred by many projects abroad due to the swift service we provide.  Moreover, Biyang production facilities are equipped with the latest tool and machines capable of mass-producing different HVAC products including sheet metal duct fittings.  This is to cope with the rising industry demand for ventilation ducts, fittings, and diffusers of all types.

Why choose Biyang as your HVAC partner?

Uncompromised products are guaranteed.  We have employed ourselves with the finest engineers and staff to maintain the production process and ensures that quality is produced in a consistent manner, which complies with stringent standards established.  Compared to many HVAC duct fittings manufacturers in the global market, our fittings come at a bargaining price range which does not bargain quality.

If found yourself confused about what to purchase, feel free to contact us and our experts are more than willing to be of help.

ProductSheet Metal Duct Fittings
MaterialGalvanized steel, stainless steel
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