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  • Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct
  • Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct

Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct

  • Very suitable for all kinds of dryer applications
  • Pure aluminum structure and non-combustible
  • Easy Installation

Biyang Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct, also named Semi Rigid Dryer Duct, is the most common Semi Rigid Duct in the aluminum ductwork area.  It is made out of pure aluminum foil, and can be in silver, black, brown, grey, and milk white colors.  You can always select the right color to match your own project.  Biyang common Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct is a kind round duct different from the Rigid Aluminum Ducting due to its more flexibility.

With the flexibility and pure aluminium feature, Biyang Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct is an ideal product for range hood, dryer, heating, cooling, and other applications.  Of course, special care and attention need to be paid when stretching and closing the Semi Right Aluminum Duct.  This duct is not as flexible as the Aluminium Flexible Duct.  Big force might damage the duct.  If you are looking for a sturdy and tough semi rigid metal duct, the Flexible Stainless Steel Duct might be the right choice.

The normal round Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct is easy for all kinds of fittings without requiring many fitting accessories.  In addition, Biyang can also provide the Rectangular Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct.  Biyang Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct is a round duct, with sizes ranging from 1.8”-12” (45mm-300mm), and has offered number of 4, 7, and 9.  In Biyang, the most popular sizes are 6-inch semi rigid duct.  In addition, we can custom the products details based on your request, such as the male or female ending shape.

The maximum length for this duct is 6m with max. 3000Pa operation pressure and max. 30m/s.  The aluminum foil thickness has the options of 0.08mm to 0.2mm. Though Biyang has not got the UL certified product, Biyang has developed the right thickness duct to meet the standard.  For ventilation ducting, Biyang is the right manufacturer to custom your flexible duct items.

Biyang Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct meets the Class 2 fire resistant standard.  It is completely non combustible which can work under the maximum temperature of 435°F.  Until now, Biyang has exported this product all over the world, such as Japan, Spain, Chile and so on.  Due to its high fire resistance, Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct can be also used as the inner duct for the Insulated Duct.  This ensures good air flow and fire retardant features.

The setting up of Semi rigid Aluminum Duct in application such as for dryer is easy.  Firstly, we can pull the duct in a favorable length.  Then fix both ends into the other connectors with hose clamps.  If the duct is really too long, you can also cut it by a simple cutting tool.  For shipment, Biyang can offer different packing methods based on your requirements.  For retail, the inner box will be a must.  For project items, we can ship them by putting the small diameter ones into big ones, shrink wrap them, and then putting them on the pallets for easy and safe shipping.

For any questions and problems with the duct, please just send us an inquiry for free advice.

ProductSemi Rigid Aluminum Duct
Standard Length6m
Compress Ration1: 3

Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1. What is a Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct?

Semi rigid aluminum duct is a type of duct that you can use in the transition of different applications.

Due to the functions, you can simply refer to it as a semi rigid dryer duct.

Apart from transition, you can use the semi rigid aluminum duct for heating, cooling, and range hood among other applications.

Semi rigid aluminum

 Semi rigid aluminum

2. What are the features Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct?

The main features of the semi rigid duct include:

  • The main materials of the semi rigid aluminum duct are pure aluminum foil.

Apart from aluminum you can use steel for a tough and semi-rigid metal duct.

  • The duct is available in different colors such as black, milk white, grey, silver, grey and brown.
  • It is more flexible than the rigid aluminum duct thus assuming a round shape at the bends.

The shape can, however, change to rectangular shapes depending on your application requirements.

  • You can easily fit it to different applications without the use of different fitting accessories.
  • You can find the semi-rigid duct in different sizes that will fit the applications you intend for it.

The length and fitness will also vary thus determining the amount of pressure that a semi rigid duct can handle.

  • The semi rigid aluminum duct is fire resistant meeting the class 2 fire resistant standards.

3. What are Benefits of Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct?

You will experience the following benefits by using the semi rigid aluminum duct:

  • Durability since it is resistant to fire and the aluminum main material can resist abrasion and corrosion.
  • Easy installation process due to the flexible nature of the semi rigid aluminum duct.
  • It has a smooth interior that allows a quick flow of the internal fluids without any interruptions.
  • No matter the position, the semi rigid aluminum duct will maintain its diameter thus maintaining a fixed rate of flow.
  • It requires minimal support since it is steady in nature.

4. How Does Aluminum Flexible Duct and Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct Compare?

Semi rigid aluminum

Semi rigid aluminum

Aluminum flexible ducts are fully flexible and can assume any position without the risk of breaking no matter the stretch.

It is light in weight and allows for custom shapes of the flexible aluminum duct.

Semi rigid aluminum ducts face risk of breaking in case of an overstretch thus limiting the flexibility to certain levels.

You can use the semi rigid aluminum duct especially for transition ducting.

You should never conceal the semi rigid aluminum duct in floors and walls.

5. What are the Disadvantages of Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct?

The main disadvantages that you will experience by using the semi-rigid aluminum duct include:

  • They may break in case of overstretching since they are not entirely flexible.
  • The aluminum material is not also very strong for a sturdy and strong semi rigid aluminum duct.
  • It does not allow you to conceal it in floors and walls thus limiting you to open applications.

6. Where Can You Use Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct?

You can use the semi rigid aluminum duct for transition ducting in different applications such as:

  • Industrial applications for the supply of gas to different applications
  • Construction industry for placement of ventilation
  • Electric dryer applications

7. Is Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct Better than Aluminum Foil Duct?

Semi rigid aluminum is not better than aluminum foil ducts.

Aluminum foil ducts are more flexible in comparison to semi rigid foil ducts thus increasing the stretch ability.

Apart from that, the flexible nature reduces any chances of material breaking during the operations. s

8. What is the difference between Dryer Vent and Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct?

Typically, the difference between the dryer vent and the semi rigid aluminum duct is in its function.

You will use the dryer vent specifically for drying in different applications.

On the other hand, you will use the semi-rigid aluminum duct for other functions other than drying.

Apart from that, the drying vent also comes in a variety of materials.

You may have the semi rigid aluminum duct with different materials but that would prompt a change in name.

9. Are there Insulated Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct?

Yes, there are insulated semi rigid aluminum ducts.

The insulation will prevent you from burns or electrocution thus making it safe for use.

The insulation also prevents the gas from leaking and affecting the external environment.

10. What is Class 1 Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct?

Class 1 semi rigid aluminum ducts have a flame spread index that does not exceed 25 for progressive combustion.

Apart from that, it does not allow a smoke development index that goes beyond 50.

11. What is the Maximum Working Temperature for Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct?

The maximum working temperature for semi rigid aluminum duct is 4300 F.

In case you use the semi rigid aluminum duct beyond that temperature, the aluminum might melt or burn.

12. Can You Extend Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct?

Semi rigid aluminum duct

 Semi rigid aluminum

Yes, you can extend semi rigid aluminum ducts to a certain degree.

You have to be careful and not exceed the extension beyond a certain point.

13. Biyang Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct is Available in How Many Colors?

Semi rigid aluminum ducts are available in different colors including brown, silver, milk white, grey, and black.

You can also ask for a custom color that will fit your requirements.

14. How Does Rigid Aluminum Ducting Compare to Semi Rigid Aluminum Ducting?

Rigid aluminum ducting and semi rigid aluminum ducting perform the same functions except for a few factors.

Rigid aluminum ducts do not allow you to extend them to any extent which is possible with semi rigid aluminum ducts.

You can also cover the rigid aluminum ducts in walls and under the floor without the possibility of damaging them.

It is strong enough to withstand that kind of pressure in comparison to the semi rigid aluminum ducts.

15. Can Biyang Custom Semi Rigid Aluminum Ducting?

Yes, Biyang can custom make the semi rigid aluminum ducts according to your demands.

They have a team with relevant experience that will access the functionality of the design.

After that, the team will be able to recommend the custom design for production.

16. Are Biyang Semi Rigid Aluminum Ducts UL Certified?

Yes, Biyang semi rigid aluminum ducts are UL certified.

Apart from that, Biyang also confirms and takes all the semi rigid aluminum through the necessary testing certification procedures.

17. Are Semi Rigid Aluminum Ducts Fire Rated?

Yes, semi rigid aluminum ducts are fire rated thus making them fire resistant.

Most of the semi rigid aluminum ducts are class 2 fire rated thus increasing the ability to resist fire.

18. How much Do Biyang Sell Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct?

The cost of semi rigid aluminum ducts from Biyang is extremely affordable and pocket friendly.

The cost will vary according to the technical specifications of the semi rigid aluminum duct that you require.

19. Does Biyang has Size Limits for Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct?

Yes, Biyang has size limits for the semi rigid aluminum duct.

It can produce semi rigid aluminum ducts with different sizes ranging between 1.8 to 12 inches.

20. What is the Maximum Working Pressure for Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct?

The maximum working pressure that you can exert on the semi rigid aluminum duct is 3000 Pascal.

Any amount of pressure beyond that may prove fatal to the semi rigid aluminum duct.

What is Semi-rigid Aluminum Duct?

It refers to a particular type of ducting component used for various kinds of applications where the code requires an all-aluminum product.

On many occasions, this type of component is usually used in facilitating a seamless transition of different applications.

In some instances, it is also known as a semi-rigid dryer duct as a result of its particular functions.

Furthermore, you can as well use this component in the HVAC system as well as range hood, among other notable applications.

 Semi rigid aluminum duct

Semi rigid aluminum flexible duct

What are the Features of Semi-rigid Aluminum Duct?

Ideally, one of the elements, which make semi-rigid aluminum duct quite popular in many applications nowadays is its inherent features.

Some of these features include the following;

Fire-resistant – It has an incredible resistance to fire, and it also meets the class 2 fire resistant standards.

This makes it ideal in varied applications where fire outbreak is a possibility.

Pliable – This component is relatively flexible compared to the ordinary rigid aluminum duct.

This is vital since it also enables it to assume a round shape at the bends.

At the same time, you can as well alter the shape to rectangular or any applicable one depending on your project requirements.

Multiple colors – It is also available in numerous colors such as grey, black, brown, silver, and milk-white, among others.

Of course, this is critical since it broadens your choice as far as the ideal color is concerned.

Different sizes – This component is also available in different sizes, which is essential since it enables you to find the ideal one suitable for your specific project.

Additionally, it also has varying lengths hence determining the absolute pressure it can withstand.

Versatile – Semi-rigid dryer duct is also highly multipurpose, which merely implies you can use it different types of applications and still attain the best results.

Why should you Invest in Semi-rigid Aluminum Duct?

Semi-rigid dryer duct has several benefits in the offing, thus making it a worthy investment. Some of the advantages of this component include the following;

1) It is naturally steady hence requires absolute minimal support.

Of course, this is advantageous because it guarantees stability is the specific application or project.

2) It has an interior surface material, which is relatively smooth hence allowing for a rapid flow of internal fluids or any substance without interruption.

3) It is highly durable since the primary material, which is aluminum, has great resistance to various elements such as abrasion, corrosion as well as fire.

4) Its dimensions hardly alter irrespective of the amount of pressure or temperature it is subjected to. In other words, it will maintain its diameter hence upholding a fixed rate of flow throughout.

5) It is easy to install this component since the material is naturally flexible

What are the Applications of Semi-rigid Aluminum Duct?

Semi-rigid aluminum duct is used in a wide range of applications across residential, commercial as well as industrial settings.

It plays different but fundamental roles in the specific applications making it a vital component across different sectors.

Some of the applications of this unit include the following;

 HVAC System

HVAC System

Building and construction – Most modern constructions, whether residential or commercial, tend to integrate this component quite a lot.

Of course, this is essential because it makes it convenient for various elements such as the HVAC system also to be conveniently incorporated in such buildings.

Electric dryers – This component comes in handy in electric dryers applications. It tends to expel moist air from clothes hence an ideal choice for most dryers.

Additionally, the aluminum material hardly rusts, which is also fundamental as far as enhancing efficiency in dryer applications is concerned.

Gas distributions – Gas manufacturing companies utilize this component in various aspects of supplying the material to various applications.

It is essential in this aspect since it hardly leaks and can as well withstand extreme conditions.

Electric fittings – You can as well use this component in various forms of electric fitting in industrial, commercial as well as residential buildings.

It offers high efficiency, durability, and functionality, thus guaranteeing desirable results.

Can you Cut Semi-rigid Aluminum Duct?

Absolutely correct! This material is somewhat flexible hence making it easy for you to cut without even necessarily damaging the edges or the cutting tool.

The cutting process of semi-rigid aluminum duct involves wrapping a relatively wide rubber band around the duct at the specific point you’d like to cut.

While at it, you have to ensure the rubber band stays in position.

Also, you should leave a bit extra to cushion form smoothing out any possible irregularities once you finish cutting.

Use a permanent marker to draw the specific line you’ll be cutting on the surface.

The next step is to start cutting using hacksaw directly on the line marked since it is easier to maintain the cut square.

Once you are done, you can use a file to smoothen out the cut edges and also make it square if it has any irregularities.

Is there Size Limitation in Semi-rigid Aluminum Duct?

It is quite dependent on a number of prevailing factors.

But ordinarily, a semi-rigid aluminum duct is available in wide-ranging sizes.

Even so, this is often dependent on a particular supplier you are purchasing from.

Some have size limits based on the capacity of the production equipment, whereas others do not have such limitations at all.

This is critical because it makes it possible for you to find the right dimensions, which can fit into the intended purpose.

Additionally, you can as well choose to go for customized size, depending on the specific needs of your application.

Semi rigid flexible aluminum duct

Semi rigid flexible aluminum duct

How do you Install Semi-rigid Aluminum Duct?

First of all, the installation technique for a semi-rigid aluminum duct is dependent on the specific application.

Furthermore, it is also contingent on whether it is a new installation or a replacement.

If you are installing this component on a dryer, here are the few steps to guide you;

1) Open your metal hose clamp entirely and slide it over the semi-rigid dryer duct.

While at it, never force a tight hose clamp over this component since it can as well rip, kink, or in some cases, damage the duct.

2) Take the component and with a side to side twisting motion. Now slide it over the connection on rear side of your dryer.

3) Rotate then slide the hose clamp to enable it to be on the top where the duct overlaps the dryer connection.

4) Then tighten the hose clamp using a screwdriver as a way of securing it to the dryer connection. While at it, never over-tighten it since it may collapse the connection of the electric dryer.

However, if the purpose of the installation is for replacement, the process might vary slightly.

Nevertheless, you can use the information provided by the manufacturer in the user manual to attain the same.

What is the difference between Rigid and Semi-rigid Aluminum Duct?

Ideally, both rigid and semi-rigid aluminum ducts tend to perform a relatively similar function, except for a few aspects.

It, therefore, implies these two materials have a slight difference, which is fundamental to highlight.

Semi rigid aluminum duct

 Semi rigid aluminum duct

 Rigid aluminum duct

 Rigid aluminum duct

The semi-rigid aluminum duct is relatively more flexible than the rigid aluminum duct.

In essence, you can easily expand the former to an ideal extent, which suits your specific application.

This is, however, unattainable with rigid aluminum ducts.

In regards to strength, rigid aluminum duct is seemingly more superior to semi-rigid aluminum duct.

Ideally, rigid aluminum, in this case, can withstand different types of environmental, mechanical as well as chemical compounds without distorting or degrading.

Semi-rigid aluminum duct, on the other hand, can as well withstand such conditions but only to a limited extent.

It is also possible to cover the rigid aluminum duct beneath the floors and in walls perfectly without damaging them.

However, with semi-rigid aluminum, you have to be quite meticulous to ensure every aspect of fixing it such surfaces do not destroy them.

In terms of maintenance, it is a bit easier on a rigid aluminum duct than it is on semi-rigid aluminum duct.

Can you Insulate Semi-rigid Aluminum Duct?

Most definitely!

6 Insulated aluminum duct

 Insulated flexible aluminum duct

Insulating this component is quite vital since it helps in guaranteeing the desirable conditions within the duct are maintained throughout.

It is also fundamental in enhancing the durability as well as the efficiency of this component.

Insulating aluminum duct is also essential because it plays a significant role in preventing possible leakage within the ducting system.

And the essence of this is saving on utility bills, which in most cases, tend to inflate as a result of energy wastage.

You can as well decide to insulate semi-rigid aluminum pipe as a way of preventing possible electrocution or burns hence making it safe to use.

What is the Price of Semi-rigid Aluminum Duct?

There is no definite cost for a semi-rigid aluminum duct.

In most instances, the price is often dependent on numerous factors.

One of these elements is the design specification of the component.

Ordinarily, you can opt for a standard or customized design depending on your wants.

Of course, customized options will be relatively costly than standard designs.

The other element is the brand you are purchasing.

Some brands are quite reputable, reliable, and have a strong position in the market.

Such brands tend to be comparatively expensive compared to the new ones.

Also, the price could depend on the specific application of this component.

It is evident different applications require various types or designs of semi-rigid aluminum ducts.

And this also determines the amount you pay for the material.

So, in essence, the cost of this component is largely based on various prevailing factors revolving around the production as well as the market.

Can you Attach Semi-rigid Aluminum Duct to Flexible Aluminum Duct?

Most definitely!

Aluminum material is naturally pliable.

This is a clear indication you can fix it to any type of component.

Therefore, it is possible to attach it to a flexible aluminum duct.

Is Semi-rigid Aluminum Duct Better than Flexible Aluminum Duct

 Semi rigid aluminum duct system

 Semi rigid aluminum duct system

The difference between these two components is quite apparent.

And it is important to single out and understand the difference because it makes it possible for you to make an informed choice when in need of one.

The major difference is that flexible aluminum duct is wholly flexible, as the name suggests.

In essence, it can fully assume any position without breaking irrespective of the extent of stretch.

On the other hand, semi-rigid, as the name indicates, is partially flexible and thus can only stretch up to certain limits.

The risks of breaking as a result of overstretching are quite apparent.

Another significant difference is flexible aluminum duct is comparatively lightweight than semi-rigid aluminum duct.

In essence, this makes it ideal since it enhances convenience when it comes to handling, installation as well as maintenance.

Additionally, you can easily customize flexible aluminum duct to desired shapes and designs than semi-rigid aluminum duct.

Also, you can conceal the flexible aluminum duct in walls and beneath the floors without damaging but still obtain best results.

However, this can be a bit challenging when it comes to semi-rigid aluminum duct, which is more likely to be destroyed.

How do you Determine the Best Semi-rigid Aluminum Duct for your Project?

When buying this component, it is always important to consider several elements.

Some of these factors include the following;

Type of material – Ideally, this type of semi-rigid duct can be made from a wide range of alloy aluminum.

Of course, it is always necessary to determine the right type of material suitable for your specific application when choosing one.

Supplier – It is also another fundamental element when it comes to choosing this component for your project.

In many instances, you’ll find various brands in the market from different manufacturers.

It is, however, advisable to go for a reputable and dependable supplier as a way of enhancing convenience and attaining best results.

Customization requirements – Many clients nowadays prefer going for custom-made semi-rigid aluminum duct designs.

The essence here is to obtain a component, which will, of course, suit your particular needs.

Specific application – It would also be necessary to look into the actual application of this component.

It is what determines the actual type of this ducting component you’ll purchase.

Price – It is also necessary to factor in the cost element when looking for semi-rigid aluminum duct.

In many instances, the price of this component often varies depending on numerous instances.

Therefore, you need to ensure you factor in this element when purchasing this component.

What is the Suitable Thickness for Semi-rigid Aluminum Duct?

Generally, the ideal thickness for semi-rigid varies depending on the specific application.

There are some applications, which will require relatively thick ducts than others.

In numerous instances, though, the customers often go for personalized semi-rigid aluminum ducting, which suits their needs.

So, in general, there is no definite thickness for this component.

How does Semi-rigid Aluminum Duct compare with Dryer Vent?

The fundamental difference between these two materials is on the functionality aspect.

Essentially, the dryer vent is solely used for drying functions in a wide range of applications.

However, when it comes to a semi-rigid aluminum duct, you’ll notice it is quite versatile and can be used in various functions other than drying.

Another core difference between these two components is in regard to material availability.

Semi-rigid aluminum duct is available in limited materials since it is designed from different alloys of aluminum.

Dryer vent, on the other hand, is available in wide-ranging materials hence broadening your options when it comes to choosing this component.

Is Semi-rigid Aluminum Duct Tolerant to High Temperatures?

Absolutely right!

Aluminum, which is the primary material for manufacturing this component, has incredible resistance to high temperatures.

This particular component has a maximum working temperature of about 430°F.

It hardly distorts nor degrades even when exposed to the temperature within such range.

And this is fundamental because it helps in enhancing the efficiency and performance of this component, especially in applications where such high temperature is a concern.

What is the Service Lifespan of Semi-rigid Aluminum Duct?

The durability of this component is dependent on several factors, including the specific conditions it is subjected to.

Its service lifespan can also be determined by routine cleaning and maintenance.

In general, this component has better resistance to various forms of environmental and physical elements.

It can last for approximately 20 -25 years if all factors remain constant.

Even so, it can as well last for more than 25 years, depending on the prevailing conditions.

Is Semi-rigid Aluminum Duct Expandable?

Of course, yes.

As the name suggests, it has relative flexibility, which enables it to expand up to a certain limit.

The expandability of semi-rigid aluminum duct is also dependent on the overall length of the same.

Nevertheless, it is an important aspect of this unit since it makes it easy for you to fix it on surfaces with complex designs or structures.

Semi rigid aluminum duct

 Semi rigid aluminum duct

What is the Suitable Color for Semi-rigid Aluminum Duct?

The suitable color for this component is entirely based on the preference of the customer. Different customers have varying tastes when it comes to the choice of color for this particular component.

And it is the reason you’ll find many suppliers of this component providing a wide range of color hues for prospective clients to select from.

Furthermore, you can always go for customized colors.

These refer to special colors designed for specific customers upon request.

Can you Order for Customized Semi-rigid Aluminum Duct?

Absolutely correct!

Many orders, which most suppliers receive nowadays in regards to semi-rigid aluminum duct, are for personalized designs.

The essence of such designs is different customers often have varied specifications when it comes to buying this component.

And it is the reason you’ll find many manufacturers provide this particular option whenever a customer is making an order for the same.

The most important element, in this case, is making sure the specific supplier you are ordering from can produce your ideal customized semi-rigid aluminum duct.

Is Semi-rigid Aluminum Duct Fire Resistant?

Most definitely!

It is designed in a manner, which enables it to withstand any form of fire outbreak.

The walls of this component are also properly reinforced to prevent it from fire.

Moreover, some designs are also insulated using different types of fire-resistant materials, hence enhancing their efficiency in this respect.

Also, you’ll realize this component is fire rated, a clear indication it is fire resistant.

And it is the reason most of them are class 2 fire rated, which enhances their ability to resist fire.

What is the Optimum Working Pressure for Semi-rigid Aluminum Duct?

The optimum working pressure for semi-rigid aluminum duct is 3000 Pascal.

It is the recommended standard by many manufacturers unless for special cases.

In most instances, any pressure beyond the recommended one might turn out to be fatal to this component.

Are there any Disadvantages of Semi-rigid Aluminum Duct?

Absolutely, albeit a few and they include the following;

It has a limitation when it comes to installation and concealing in floors and walls.

This is disadvantageous because it limits you to open applications.

It tends to have a stretching limit since it is not fully flexible.

In other words, you can only expand this component up to a certain extent, and overstretching it might lead to possible breakage.

In comparison to aluminum flexible duct, the semi-rigid aluminum duct is somewhat less sturdy.

This can thus limit its use, especially in applications that require incredible strength.

What are the Quality Standards for Semi-rigid Aluminum Duct?

There are numerous quality standards, which this component has to conform to before hitting the market.

Such standards help in enhancing consistency when it comes to the production of this component.

Some of these include the following;

Class 2 fire resistant standard – It is a standard, which illustrates a particular component is non-combustible hence can withstand specific temperature range.

CE – It is a certification agency, which illustrates a product’s conformity of the component to health, environmental, and safety protection standards.

UL– This standard evaluates and approves the suitability of this component in specific applications.

It also tests mold growth and humidity in semi-rigid flexible duct.

ISO 9001 – It is a quality standard, which primarily assesses and verifies the ability of a particular supplier in producing quality products consistently.

SGS  – It is a standard, which scrutinizes, confirms, analysis, as well as approval of this component’s suitability to customer’s and legal requirements.

At Biyang, we strive to give you the best ventilation duct systems.

Whether you want standard or custom designs, we offer the best semi rigid aluminum duct systems at affordable prices.

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