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Return Air Plenum Filter Box

  • Low-noise
  • High impermeability
  • Stable and balance the airflow
  • Custom made possible
  • Used for a variety of heating, venting and air conditioning applications

Biyang is well-known plenum box manufacture in China.  The company’s products are being enjoyed by many properties from different parts of Southeast Asia and other countries from across the globe.  Over 10 years of being in the industry, our ventilation ducts, fittings, and HVAC diffusers are used to over 1,000 famous projects.

In all heating, ventilating, and air condition (HVAC) system, there is typically two types of plenum box or distribution box installed.  These are the supply air plenum and the return air plenum.  The supply plenum is connected to your HVAC supply outlet.  Your central air condition system sends cooled or heated air into the supply plenum, which then being distributed by your ductwork.  Return plenum box, on the other hand, is a box that connects ducts in your HVAC system.  You are commonly to find air filters inside your return plenum boxes.  The current airflow inside your specific room is once again being pulled into your HVAC system passing through the return air plenum filter box to be recycled to another heating and cooling process.  Those air will be supplied as brand-new, uncontaminated air once the process is done.

Biyang returns air plenum filter box is a component used to lock air filter on place, allowing returned air to be filtered properly.  The absence of this important air system component would result in a big difference in air quality.  Without a return air plenum filter box; dirt, dust, and other air debris might be spread into your entire property.  Just like metal ducting, filter boxes by Biyang can be made from different sheet metals including galvanized steel and aluminum as desired.  These materials are naturally finished to resist corrosion which promotes product longevity.  Aside from acoustically insulated plenum boxes, air filter boxes also help to abate noise when properly installed.  Frames are to exacting dimension holding each side of the plenum box resulting to reduce noise when operating.  Biyang returns air plenum filter box offers resistance to liquid and contaminated air, helping your HVAC system to supply only great quality of air.

Biyang returns air plenum box is a great addition to your home’s air conditioning system.  This product can also be used for any commercial and industrial applications which desire a great indoor air quality.

Alongside the return air plenum filter box, Biyang also offers a custom plenum box (return and supply) that will suit your specific application.  We made a plenum box that will fit any diffusers including linear diffuser and other air extracting components such as AC grills.  Biyang return air plenum filter box is made available at a cost that won’t leave a hole in your pocket.  Our air system products are quality made but assure you to be affordable.  For different applications and the HVAC system, the Biyang product catalog will be your shoulder to lean on.  Want to purchase return air filter boxes but not familiar with how to build a return air plenum?  No worries.  Our products are here for you.  We are dedicated to making your everyday life easier.  Aside from the return air plenum filter box, our portfolio is consisting of plenum boxes of all types, sizes, and frame shapes.

Take pleasure in what excellent air quality can give you and your properties’ occupants.  Get the finest air system products here at Biyang and achieve the comfort you deserve.

ProductReturn Air Plenum Filter Box
MaterialGalvanized steel, stainless steel
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