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Rectangular Sheet Metal Duct

  • Minimal noise emission
  • No toxic gas generation
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Attaches tightly to duct fittings
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures
  • Perfect-fit components, ensuring proper adherence to the duct sizes

Serving the air ventilation industry for over a decade, Biyang has been considered as one of the top ductwork manufacturers in China and source to many reliable and honest HVAC products.

Air ducts are an important component of your heating and cooling system.  They serve as an air conduit essential to properly distribute air all over the house or property.  Ductwork consisting of numbers of ducts comes in many sizes and shapes and can be fabricated using different mediums depending on the nature of the application.  Mainly, there are two types of ducts being utilized in the HVAC system which are flexible and rigid ductwork.  Flexible ducts can be made using materials such as aluminium foil, and plastic, and are usually in tube-shape.  On the other hand, is the rigid ductwork.  This type of ductwork is manufactured using sheet metal ducts.  It can be formed into different shapes including rectangular sheet metal duct, spiral round duct, and square.  Common materials are used including stainless steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum which has sturdy features.

Biyang offers you are produced rectangular sheet metal duct.  This type of sheet metal ducts is suitable for property owners that are looking for a long-time HVAC application solution.  Due to materials’ natural high-strength finish, our rectangular sheet metal ducts require fewer maintenance needs, which can save you lots of bucks for a long time.  Biyang rectangular sheet metal ducts offer supreme durability.  With the use of high-grade metals in construction, this metal duct ensures to deliver many years of service to your HVAC systems.  Metals are known to have non-porous or impenetrable surfaces.  Aside from being durable rectangular metal sheet ducts from Biyang are least likely to produce harmful biological elements, keeping only a clean, uncontaminated airflow to pass your ductwork.

We manufacture galvanized sheet metal duct and rectangular metal duct using different materials including stainless steel and aluminum to provide firm ductwork for any given venting, air conditioning supply and return, and heating systems.  Equipping ourselves with industry-leading technology and facilities, Biyang production capacity dramatically increases compared to when we started and is today capable of mass-producing over 1,000 varieties of air system units per day.  The company now is able to cater to projects abroad that require large quantities of HVAC products at a quick delivery.

Given our vast selection of air system products, Biyang has been an ideal manufacturer and HVAC partner for many establishment owners in China and to other places around Southeast Asia and the globe including Japan, Thailand, Spain, and many more.  We provide everything you need from ventilation ducts, HVAC filters, and diffusers.  Our company also offers a setup team to be sent on your project site to help you with installation and other HVAC works.

Fast, safe, and guarantees to deliver exacting product specifications as requested, that is how we work at Biyang.  Entrust your brand-new HVAC system with the industry’s best ductwork manufacturer.  Call now!

ProductRectangular Sheet Metal Duct
MaterialGalvanized steel, stainless steel
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