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Rectangular Flexible Duct

  • Easy to carry and set up
  • Low MOQ with 100pcs
  • Custom making is always available

Biyang Rectangular Flexible Duct also called Rectangular Flex Duct, or Square Flexible Duct, is a rare product in the HVAC industry. Biyang, as an expert Flexible Duct manufacturer, provides two kinds of Rectangular Flexible Duct, including Rectangular Aluminum Flexible Ducting, and Rectangular PVC Flexible Ducting.

Biyang Rectangular Aluminum Flexible Duct is made out of 2 layers of fire retardant aluminum foil, one layer of PET and strong steel wire structure. The special fire resistant glue is applied throughout the ducting consistently. It is an important supplementary product for the Flexible Duct category. Biyang Rectangular Aluminum Flexible Duct has the same features as the round Aluminum Flexible Duct, such as the flexibility with 1:25 compression ratio.

This makes it easy and cost saving for shipping. With all fire resistant materials, Biyang Rectangular Aluminum Duct can work properly from -30℃ to 150℃, with 3000pa max. operation pressure. Biyang Rectangular Flexible Duct also has PVC material options. The common color is white, and you can also have a black or grey one. This is made out of PVC and steel wire structure frame. The steel wire is either galvanized steel or stainless steel to ensure no rusting issue, and also healthy air.

Biyang Rectangular Flexible Duct has the maximum length of 10m but doesn’t have the standard width and height. We can make this based on your requirement. We also offer you different packing options, bulk packing for cost saving, individual box packing for easy selling, and pallet packing for safe shipping.

Biyang Rectangular Flexible Duct is a good product for temporary project setting. It is easy to carry and fast to set on or remove. It can also work as a Duct Transition between different sizes of rigid Rectangular Duct.

Welcome to contact Biyang for details and free samples.

ProductRectangular Flexible Duct
Standard Length10m
Compress Ration1: 25

Rectangular Flexible Duct: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This complete guide will answer all questions you have about the rectangular flexible duct.

Whether you want to learn about the design, cost, quality or applications, everything you’re looking for is in this guide.

Keep reading if you want to be an expert in rectangular duct systems.

What is Rectangular Flexible Duct?

Rectangular flexible duct

 Rectangular flexible duct

It refers to a type of conduit or passage designed from a wide range of materials, which takes either rectangular or square shape.

It is commonly used in heating, ventilation, and air handling systems in various commercial, residential and commercial settings to remove and deliver air.

This component plays an integral part in the HVAC systems in facilitating cooling and heating air distribution.

And as the name suggests, this component is also flexible, and hence you can easily fold it to particular angles.

What are the Suitable Applications for Rectangular Flexible Duct?

Rectangular flexible duct is used in various applications across different industries.

Some of the common applications include the following;

Food processing – This component comes in handy in many food manufacturing and processing companies.

It is used in transporting or conveying different food products and ingredients from one particular production line to the next one.

Fume extraction – It is also common in different factories, which deal with extraction of different types of fumes.

Such companies have the extraction systems well-integrated and interconnected using this component, among others.

Building and construction – Most modern residential and commercial buildings are also using this component as part of the HVAC systems.

They help in regulating sufficient air exchange within the premises hence enhancing the overall serene environment.

Kitchen extracts – You can as well use rectangular flexible ducting in kitchen extracts since it has qualities, which can withstand high temperatures.

Flammable gas transportation – Rectangular flexible duct is also fundamental in different factories manufacturing and transporting flammable gas.

It is vital since it has antistatic features, which makes it possible for it to handle this type of gas element safely.

What are the advantages of a rectangular flexible duct?

This component offers quite a number of benefits, especially in the specific applications it is commonly used.

Some of these advantages include the following;

1) It is relatively lightweight – Of course, this is essential because it makes enhances the convenience, which comes with transporting, handling and installation in different surfaces.

In essence, it makes all these aspects easy and ultimately saving on time as well as costs.

2) It is easy to customize – Rectangular flexible duct is also available in a wide range of designs.

So this makes it easy for you to go for custom-made design as a way of getting the best one, which suits your particular requirements.

3) It is resistant to fire – This is advantageous since it enhances the operations of this component even in applications where high temperatures is a concern.

4) It is highly versatile – Rectangular flexible duct can be used in a wide range of applications to support various forms of functions.

This versatility is vital because it makes it possible to be used across different sectors for various processes.

5) It is durable – It can withstand different types of environmental, mechanical as well as chemical elements.

Of course, this is an indication of a strong and resilient component, which clearly shows it can last in different settings for as many years as possible.

6) It is pliant – This component is quite flexible; hence you can easily expand it to fit into your particular application whenever there is need to.

And this is fundamental since it allows you to use this component even in surfaces with seemingly complicated designs or structures.

What is the Ideal Length for Rectangular Flexible Duct?

 Rectagle flexible ducting system

 Rectangle ducting system

The ideal length for this component is entirely dependent on the needs of your application.

Essentially, it is available in various lengths, thus making it easy for you to have one with a specific lengths, which suit your application requirements.

Additionally, the suitable length for this component is also dependent on a specific supplier.

Some manufacturers offer this unit up to a certain maximum length.

At the same time, you’ll find other manufacturers providing flexible lengths, which is significant because it makes it easy for determine what suits your needs.

How does Rectangular Flexible Duct compare with Rectangular Rigid Duct?

rectangular duct system

 Rectangle duct system

Flexible rectangle duct

 Flexible rectangle duct

These two components tend to have some slight differences, which are fundamental to understand.

The essence is knowing such differences make it possible for you to make the right decisions as far as selecting and buying the ideal one is concerned.

Some of the differences between them include the following;

Durability – Rectangular rigid duct is seemingly more durable compared to a flexible duct.

The rigid duct seems to be sturdier and also has better resistance to many mechanical, chemical, and environmental elements than the flexible duct.

Pliability – For obvious reasons, a rectangular flexible duct is more pliable compared to a rigid duct.

This is also quite apparent even from the name.

Ideally, a flexible duct has more pliable characteristics, which implies you can expand and bend it on different surfaces.

Rigid duct, on the other hand, is stiff hence making it difficult to expand, or fold.

Installation – Rectangular rigid duct is more complicated to install on various surfaces compared to the rectangular flexible duct.

The former requires a bit of expertise input since it entails a bit of detail.

Rectangular flexible duct, on the other hand, is relatively easy to install and maintain.

Suitability – Rectangular flexible duct is always suitable for short runs in a typical trunk and branch system.

Rectangular rigid duct, on the other hand, is ideal for the entire air distribution systems since it has relatively less functional limitations

Affordability – Rectangular flexible pipe is relatively more affordable than a rectangular rigid duct.

In such an instance, what happens is the former is lightweight hence making it easy to transport, handle, and install.

The latter, on the other hand, is a bit heavy hence increasing all costs related to its production, transportation, installation, and maintenance.

What are the Main Factors to Consider when Choosing a Rectangular Flexible Duct?

It is always indispensable to ensure you select a rectangular flexible duct based on the specific elements, which fit your requirements.

In essence, you will always find a wide range of aspects to look into when selecting this unit.

But some of the important factors to consider include the following;

Thermal performance – An ideal rectangular flexible duct has to exhibit better thermal performance all-round irrespective of the application.

It is the only way to guarantee the best results and quality performance.

Resistance to corrosion – It should also withstand any form of chemical it is exposed to.

The essence of this is to prevent contamination of the products or air exchange, which passes through it.

Flexibility – It is the ultimate element for choosing this component.

You, therefore, need to ensure it is as pliable as possible to enhance its functionality and efficiency, among others.

Insulation rating – You also need to factor in this aspect.

The most appropriate way of attaining this is by looking into the specific R-rating of the component.

Type of material – Rectangular flexible duct can be manufactured from a wide range of materials.

It is thus necessary to ensure you select the best material, which suits your specific needs.

Fire resistance – You should select a material, which is resistant to fire.

The essence here is most of the applications surrounding this component are usually inclined towards fire elements.

Bacterial resistance – The ideal material for this component should also be anti-bacterial.

This aspect is vital because it enhances proper health standards as well as helping inconvenient maintenance requirements.

What is the Durability of Rectangular Flexible Duct?

Essentially, the overall durability of this component is somehow dependent on various prevailing environmental and mechanical factors.

The elements this unit is exposed to is what ideally determines its actual longevity.

However, if all factors remain constant, a standard rectangular flexible duct should last for a duration of between 20 to 25 years.

After this period, this component might as well be ineffective hence failure to perform its functions accordingly.

Can you Expose Rectangular Flexible Duct to Ultraviolet Rays?

Rectangle flexible duct

 Rectangle flexible duct

Yes! It is quite possible.

However, the effects of ultraviolet rays on this component will as well be dependent on the actual material used in manufacturing it.

Some materials are prone to UV rays hence can easily weaken upon exposure to the same.

On the other hand, some material is hardy and can resist the effects of ultraviolet radiation.

In general, though, it is most materials used for manufacturing rectangular flexible duct often have special features, which can withstand prolonged exposure to UV rays.

Therefore, it becomes relatively difficult for such a component to degrade or distort even when subjected to such rays.

What is the Ideal R-value for Rectangular Flexible Sheet?

Different applications of rectangular flexible duct require different R-Values.

However, the certified R-Value recommended for this component is R6.

The R6 offers up to about 200 degrees, making it an ideal one for this component.

Additionally, it is also possible to opt for a relatively higher R-Value rating, which of course has better inherent properties.

However, in most instances, this option will be relatively costly.

Can you Cut Rectangular Flexible Duct to Size?

Most definitely!

There are several techniques, which you can utilize to cut this particular component into the ideal size for your application.

It, however, depends on the specific finish you’d wish to attain upon cutting the material.

The common cutting technique for this unit involves using of hand nibblers.

It comes in handy, especially when trimming the rectangular flexible duct to the desired length.

In involves cutting drilling a small hole on one side of this unit and cut around using the equipment.

Once you cut it, ensure you finish off the process by slicing the seam of the duct with a hacksaw.

This technique is arguably one of the best for cutting this material since it provides clean cuts with no distortion or bends.

The other method you can use to cut this component is using large regular screwdriver and hammering it directly to a specific angle.

When using this method, it is always advisable to use the edge of the screwdriver to cut the gash.

And when you are done, use a jigsaw, which has a metal cutting blade to cut this component continuously.

The method is quite easy, faster, and offers better results.

What is the Suitable Size for Rectangular Flexible Duct?

The ideal size for the rectangular flexible duct is entirely dependent on the specific applications and your needs as well.

In many cases, applications for this component often vary in terms of dimensions and related aspects.

So you’ll always have to figure out the measurements of your structure or application to determine the exact size of this unit, which suits it.

The good thing regarding size suitability nonetheless, is you can always find any particular one, which you require.

Also, you can as well adjust the size of this ducting systems always as a way of getting specific, which fits your requirements.

 Rectangle flexible duct system

 Rectangle flexible ducting

Is Rectangular Flexible Duct Fire Resistant?

Absolutely correct!

This material is designed using materials, which can withstand any form of fire subjected to them.

Ideally, most of the functions of this unit in several applications are somewhat prone to fire.

Furthermore, the construction of this unit is also designed to ensure it resists any form of fire.

In particular, this helps significantly in enhancing the overall functionality of the rectangular flexible duct.

Is there Color Limitation for Rectangular Flexible Duct?

Not necessarily!

Most people often prefer choosing colors based on their specific needs or applications.

Even so, the most dominant color among many customers is usually white.

Possibly, this color shed tends to complement different surfaces in various applications.

However, you can still get this component in other varying color sheds particularly in grey as well as black.

It all depends on the material, your preference and other prevailing factors.

Can Rectangular Flexible Duct Leak?

Yes, to a certain extent!

What happens is the structural configuration of rectangular flexible duct is designed to have longitudinal joints.

Such joints need to be monitored frequently since they might create seams, which allow this component to leak.

Furthermore, this component could also be having several transverse joints since it is run in long straight duct sections.

However, most suppliers always ensure they seal all the longitudinal joints using different materials to prevent it from any leakage.

Therefore, it is only possible to for leakage on this component to occur upon deliberate hacking or after serving for long.

What is the Cost of Rectangular Flexible Duct?

There is no definite price for a rectangular flexible duct.

In essence, the pricing model for this unit depends on a myriad of existing and surrounding factors.

For example, customization of this component might inflate the cost a bit higher depending on the simplicity or complexity of the design.

Secondly, the type of material used for manufacturing the unit is also another aspect, which determines the pricing model of the same.

Some materials are naturally expensive due to their inherent quality features, whereas others are a bit affordable.

Thirdly, many factors such as the size, length, width and R-rating of this component are also fundamental price determinants.

They play a critical role in determining the specific amount of money you’ll spend on acquiring this component.

And most importantly, is whether you are purchasing the product for local use or you are importing from China.

The latter will seemingly, be a bit expensive since you’ll have to incur local transport and freight-related charges.

So in general, the cost of this component is based on several factors, thus making it difficult to give a specific figure.

Which Accessories do you need for Rectangular Flexible Duct?

This component comes with various types of accessories and fittings.

The use of any of the accessories or fitting is based on the specific design of the component and the application. Some of the common accessories include the following;

Duct connector – It refers to a component, which connects two parts of different rectangular flexible duct surfaces irrespective of the size or shape.

It is often made from different types of materials, including polycarbonate, and glass fiber material, among others.

Flexible duct connector

Flexible duct connector

Duct Jacket – It is a component used for reinforcing an insulation layer on the rectangular flexible duct.

It also plays a significant role by acting as a barrier for vapor.

Duct jacketing

 Duct jacketing

Duct tape – It refers to a type of component, which is used for sealing the various joints and openings on the surface of rectangular flexible duct.

It is also essential in preventing the material from fire.

Duct tape

 Duct tape

Hose clamp – It is an accessory used for supporting the different joints on the surface of the rectangular flexible duct.

It helps in reinforcing the strength of the joints, thus making it effective, leak-free and durable.


How do you Maintain Rectangular Flexible Duct?

Proper maintenance of your rectangular flexible duct is indispensable.

It helps in identifying and repairing some of the trouble spots before they become more problematic or hazardous.

Some of the maintenance procedures you can always consider for this component include the following;

  • Remove and replace any kind of old or worn-out duct seal with duct mastic. This is relatively a permanent duct sealing solution, which hardly peels or cracks over time.
  • Ensure you secure any loose or sagging insulation using foil tape to enable it to stay in position permanently.
  • Always seal all the joints accordingly, especially if they run through some unconditional spaces.
  • If possible, always secure any sagging ducts before they tear. It helps in enhancing efficiency all the time as well as preventing replacement costs.
  • Always clean the duct using the appropriate application techniques as a way of guaranteeing efficiency and sufficient air exchange.

Are there Insulation options for Rectangular Flexible Duct?

Most definitely.

You can always choose to insulate the rectangular flexible duct using different types of insulation materials.

Of course, the ideal material is dependent on the specific type of application you are considering.

Some of the common options you can go for include the following;

  • Red Owens corning insulation
  • Yellow glass fiber
  • White, rich woven fabric insulation.

These are the three major insulation options you can always choose to consider.

However, you can as well use other options available in the market.

Is Rectangular Flexible Duct tolerant to High Temperature?

Absolutely correct!

Rectangular flexible duct is constructed using materials, which make it possible to withstand high temperatures.

In fact, this component has a working temperature of up to about 1650 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is a clear indication it is tolerant to extremely high temperatures without degrading or distorting.

And its high temperature tolerant is the reason it is largely used in various applications where heating is a concern.

Can you Attach Rectangular Flexible Duct to a Rigid Duct?

Of course!

Connecting rectangular flexible duct to rigid duct is quite an easy task.

The most important thing to do is making sure you have all the right accessories and fittings such as duct connectors, seals and tapes, among others.

In any case, what you ought to do in this case is primarily remolding one end of the flexible duct to conform to the dimensions of the rigid duct.

You’ll then use the relevant accessories to fix both ends and reinforce them to secure properly.

What are the Shortcomings of Rectangular Flexible Duct?

It has a few disadvantages, which include the following;

Relatively expensive – This component is relatively costly compared to other units, which can offer the same solutions.

And this is from all aspects revolving around purchasing, transportation, installation as well as maintenance.

This can be disadvantageous, especially if you are installing it in a relatively large space.

High labor cost – It requires a professional touch when it comes to installing since it needs a high level of meticulousness.

This, in some cases, can result in somewhat higher costs since the experts often consider several factors before working on any project surrounding ducting system.

Since it can be manufactured using different materials, it can as well be disadvantageous because some materials tend to offer relatively low mechanical features.

And in particular, this can be as a result of limitation in aspects such as thickness utilized for ducts among others.

What Packing Options are available upon Buying Rectangular Flexible Ducts?

Ideally, the packing options for this component are entirely dependent on a specific supplier.

It might also depend on the particular requirements of customers, which is often common upon purchasing customized designs.

Even so, some of the common packing options you are likely to come across include the following;

Bulk packing – As the name suggests, it refers to packaging of this component in large pieces.

It is mostly common when you order for large quantity.

The advantage of this packing option is it helps in saving cost significantly since all pieces are bundled in one container.

Individual box packing – It refers to the packaging design, which contains single or categorized rectangular flexible duct units.

It comes in handy since it enhances convenience as far as selling is concerned.

Pallet packing – This packing option is suitable when it comes to shipping of the product over a long distance.

It guarantees safety and convenience when transporting, since it is easy to handle.

What is the MOQ for Rectangular Flexible Duct?

The MOQ is typically dependent on a specific supplier.

In other words, there is no definite MOQ since different manufacturers tend to provide varying terms and conditions revolving around the MOQ.

Also, in many instances, most manufacturers, especially in China, often offer a relatively flexible MOQ.

Therefore, the best intervention to undertake is contacting your preferred supplier and confirm if they have a definite MOQ.

Which Standards Authenticate the Quality of Rectangular Flexible Duct?

There are several quality standards, which rectangular flexible duct has to conform to.

Most of these standards are internationally designed, published and recognized.

Some of the common standards authenticating the quality of this material include the following;

SGS – It is a quality standard, which provides scrutiny, confirmation, evaluation and verification of this component’s suitability to the market and legal requirements.

The common SGS fire rating standard for this component is AS/NZS1530.3.

UL – It refers to the standard ratified by the Underwriters Laboratory, an agency in charge of examining different elements revolving suitability of the product.

In rectangular flexible duct, UL is essential in determining the mold growth and humidity.

CE – It is a quality standard, which evaluates and approves the product’s suitability and conformity to health, environmental and safety requirements.

ASTM – It is also a quality standard responsible for designing and publishing the deliberate consensus technical standards for this product to conform to.

Therefore, when rectangular flexible duct conforms to this standard, it simply implies has all the minimum market and legal requirements.

ISO 9001 – This is a quality standard, which merely approves the manufacturer’s ability to conform to all the requirements as a way of consistently producing quality products.

An ISO 9001 certified supplier is an indication of ability always to produce quality products and services, which meet the minimum regulatory and customer requirements.

As you can see, there are many aspects you should consider when choosing rectangular flexible duct systems.

With this information, you will definitely get the best rectangular ducts for your applications.

However, if you have any question, feel free to contact us.

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