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Rain Louvers

  • Best Grade Material
  • Rigid Construction
  • Weather and Pest Proof

Biyang manufactures highly durable and rain proof louvers for air intake and exhaust systems.  Every rain louver from Biyang provides unrivaled rainwater protection, noiseless operation, and long lifespan.  In addition to durability and structural strength, Biyang rain louvers are easy to clean, resistant to corrosion, and aesthetically pleasing.  They remain intact for long, providing a cost effective shield for air systems.

Rain lovers protect air vents from rain and small animals.  This helps prevent damage to your home and air system.  To allow for that, the louvers must offer protection without compromising air passage.  All Biyang rain louvers are designed to offer unrestricted flow of air, while blocking the entry of rain and pets.  When used to shield ducts from rainwater and storm, Biyang louvers provide reliable performance.

We use high grade aluminum to make rain louvers.  The blades do not rust, providing an extended lifespan.  Quality aluminum resists corrosion.  That means an intake or exhaust louver that remains in good condition for long.

Biyang rain louvers feature a sturdy design that offers various advantages.  The blades are rigid and do not vibrate, making the louvers noise free.  In addition to the robust components, the construction of Biyang rain louvers means a durable product that saves you money in the long term.

To prevent rainwater penetration, Biyang rain proof louvers have blades inclined to 45°.  A mesh behind the louvers blocks the entry of birds mice, rats, and bigger animals such as squirrels.  They only allow air to pass, and your HVAC or any other air system remains functional at all times.

Biyang rain louvers are used to protect the vents of different air systems.  We make intake rain louvers for HVAC installations, exhaust rain louvers for kitchen hood ducts, and other ductwork applications.  We make louvers in both small and big formats to fit different installations and needs.  You will find a design to meet your requirements, or you can request for rain louvers to suit your specific needs.

Biyang manufactures thousands of rain louvers every month.  We continue to acquire new louver making machines to ensure unhindered production.  Additionally, Biyang has invested in expanding its facilities over the years to meet the increasing number of orders.  Currently, Biyang produces both standard and custom rain louvers and wall louvers.  You only need to furnish us with details regarding your louver design requirements and have our experienced engineers take care of the rest.

At Biyang, the customer comes first.  We provide rain louvers that last a long time and at competitive rates.  We can help your business to grow and ensure your clients’ satisfaction by supplying high quality louvers.  With Biyang, you are certain to find a louver to suit virtually every air vent protection need.  We provide different types of louvers, including rain and wind driven rain louvers.  Every louver comes in a sturdy design and cleanable blades.

Whether looking for conventional or custom rain louvers, Biyang is your one stop manufacturer and supplier.  We also produce other air system products such as flexible dryer and heating ducts, aluminum foil tape, door vents, and ducted range hood.  We respond to queries within the shortest time possible.  And if you place your order for Biyang louvers, the quickest processing and product delivery.

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ProductRain Louvers
Size150mm – 1800mm
MaterialAluminum, Steel
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