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R8 Flex Duct

  • Easy to use
  • Cost-efficient product
  • Outstanding durability
  • Heat insulation efficiency

Biyang is a reputable flexible duct manufacturer in the global market from China.  We specialize in producing of ventilation ducts and fittings.  Our product catalog offers different types of flexible ducts and metal ducting.  The company has produced ducts and fittings that been used in over 1000 projects local and international.  We manufacture our products in full consideration of many factors including the actual environment and climate of where our products will be applied.  Also, our company offers extended assistance for overseas projects by providing a special set up team to help you with your HVAC works.

Ducting works in connection with the heating, ventilation, and air condition system (HVAC) to distribute the heated or cooled airflow throughout the entire residential or commercial structure.  Constructed from polyester insulation is the most basic ducting.  However, most ducting used in residential applications are insulated and are classified through their R-value.  R-value represents the duct’s thermal resistance.  The higher the value, the more efficient the insulation is.  Examples of these R-value ducts are the R6 duct insulation and the R8 duct insulation.

Given its differences and type of duct insulation, it is important to know what type of insulation you need.  If in doubt, it is better to consult an expert to know what duct insulation type and value is suitable for your home, property, or any other applications.

Biyang R8 duct wrap insulation is expertly manufactured and designed to reduce radiant heat gain/loss in residential and commercial duct applications.  This insulation also contributes to control condensation due to the provision of an airtight thermal break around the ducting.  R8 ductwork is way better than its predecessor which is the R6.  The most evident difference they have is the thickness in ducting materials used.  R8 valued ductwork is composed of thicker insulation, which gives you better insulation than that of R6.  Higher heat resistance resulting in better insulation and lesser energy consumption.  Provide lowered bills due to effective energy reduction.  This R8 flex duct possesses superb flexibility which makes the product easy to use and install to different residential and commercial applications.  High resistant to corrosion and other causes of failures.  If you need the fiberglass duct board or fiberglass duct wrap for your HVAC system, we can supply you with your specific sizes.

Don’t look elsewhere.  We at Biyang makes sure that to have what you need.  Aside from high valued ducting, our company also offers a vast selection of different types of ducts and fittings that will cater to your specific needs.  We have choices of different flexible ducts include flexible PVC ducting, insulation flexible duct, non-insulated flexible duct, acoustic ducting, semi-rigid aluminum ducting, and much more alike.  We also added different choices of metal ducting in our product catalog.  With this comprehensive list of ducts options, Biyang is your one-stop solution for all your HVAC insulation needs.

Don’t miss out!  Call now and get a free quote.  Get the best insulation products here Biyang.  Feel free to message us at beyond@bi-yang.com and will gladly help you to make the right purchase.

ProductR8 Flex Duct
Standard Length10m
Compress Ration1:25
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