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  • PVC Flexible Ducting
  • PVC Flexible Ducting

PVC Flexible Ducting

  • Right vent hose for portable air conditioner
  • Counterclockwise design

Biyang PVC Flexible Ducting, also named Flexible Vinyl Duct, or PVC Flexible Duct Hose is made out of pure PVC and galvanized steel wire.  It is widely used in the residential and commercial buildings to work as the vinyl dryer vent hose or vinyl dryer hose.

Biyang is a professional manufacturer for PVC Flexible Ducting.  Our products can be in different colors, such as a flexible white vinyl duct, black PVC Flexible Ducting, and Grey Flexible Ducting.  White PVC Flexible Ducting is nice to be used as the vent hose, and the black one and grey one are light proof  ducting.You can always get the right color to match your project.

Biyang PVC Flexible Ducting can be made from 3” to 25” with the compress ratio 1:40.  Thus, these flexible ducts save great space when shipping.  In our exportation, the most popular sizes are 100mm PVC ducting, 125mm PVC ducting, 6-inch flexible plastic hose and so on.

As a PVC Flexible Ducting supplier with great experience, Biyang is providing a lightweight PVC ducting for Amazon sellers. It is of counterclockwise style and can be the right vent hose for a portable air conditioner.  This is a great sales in Amazon.

If you are a seller on Amazon, it is very easy for you to send us the stickers and we will do the right packing for you.  Biyang has been working with many sellers of Amazon for this product.  Biyang also provides custom labels based on your need.

In addition, with the help of our shipping agent, we can prepay all shipping costs and taxes for you. Only several mails communication, you can get the right product in your required warehouse.  Until today, Biyang has been working with 10 sellers of Amazon for this product.

Multiple layers PVC Flexible Ducting is also available as the luxury option.  Such ducts are more heat resistant and can bear tough tearing force.  Biyang also provides the PVC and aluminum combined duct for high temperature applications.  For details, feel free to share your requirements.  Biyang will get the right product for you.

ProductPVC Flexible Ducting
Standard Length10m
Compress Ration1: 25

PVC Flexible Ducting: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1. What is PVC Flexible Duct?

PVC flexible ducts are flexible lightweight hoses that you can produce from durable and coated polyester fabrics.

You can use it for mobile chillers, light dust movement, and general air ventilation among other key applications.

PVC flexible ducting

PVC flexible ducting

2. What are PVC Flexible Ducting Made of?

You can make a PVC flexible duct out of different materials among them being coated polyester fabric.

Apart from that, PVC flexible ducting have spring steel wire reinforcements to increase strength and flexibility.

3. How Does PVC Flexible Duct and PVC Flexible Hose Compare?

PVC flexible hose and PVC flexible duct differ in terms of flexibility and functionality.

PVC flexible duct is much more flexible in comparison to the PVC flexible hose.

Apart from that, you can use the PVC flexible hose to transport other fluids such as air gases and liquids.

Flexible PVC hoses are less flexible due to gluing standard accessories with PVC cement, PVC material, and rigid PVC core.

On the other hand, PVC flexible ducts are more flexible due to the flexible PVC materials and galvanized steel.

4. What the Difference between CPVC Duct and PVC Flexible Ducting?

Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) is a type of thermoplastic that you can produce by chlorination of the polyvinyl chloride resin.

It is significantly more resistant to high temperatures then the normal PVC flexible duct.

Apart from that, it is more flexible in comparison to PVC flexible ducting.

You can use the CPVC duct in the delivery of other fluids including hot and cold liquids in different industrial applications.

On the other hand, PVC flexible ducts are less flexible thus suitable for gas applications.

5. What are the Advantages of PVC Flexible Duct?

The advantages that you will experience by using PVC flexible ducts include:

  • It is flexible and can go around bends.
  • Despite the flexibility, it is stable and strong due to the presence of a steel wire reinforcement.
  • You can always choose among the different colors the type of PVC flexible duct to match your applications.
  • It has excellent resistance to properties of corrosion and oxidation from chemical and moisture thus increasing its durability.

 PVC flexible ducting

 PVC flexible ducting

6. Which Features Should You Consider when Importing PVC Flexible Ducting?

Whenever you are importing a PVC flexible duct, you should look at the following features:

  • PVC flexible ducting Material which can be PVC fabrics with PVC coating and steel wire helix.
  • Temperature range that the PVC duct can withstand usually between -200 c to + 1200
  • Tensile strength which should be high enough to withstand the applications.
  • Weight of the PVC duct which should be light for easy movement.
  • High flexibility
  • Retractability of the PVC flexible duct which allows for easy transport and convenient storage
  • Tearing resistance
  • Flame retardant PVC flexible ducts.

7. PVC Flexible Ducting are Suitable for Which Environments?

You can use PVC flexible ducts in different environmental settings such as:

  • Harsh environmental conditions with a lot of harsh chemicals and oxidation materials that are highly corrosive such as industries.
  • Cool environments such as offices and residential buildings

 PVC flexible ducting

PVC flexible ducting

8. What is PVC Aluminum Flexible Duct?

PVC aluminum flexible ducts are types of duct with several sheets of aluminum on the inside and protective polyester layers.

Apart from that, PVC aluminum flexible ducts has a PVC protection on the outside and high resistance steel wire spiral.

You can use it for high, medium and low air velocity systems in areas such as civil mechanical ventilations.

9. Is there Maximum length for PVC Flex Ducting?

Yes, there is a maximum length for the PVC flex ducting at 10 meters.

However, the maximum length will also vary according to your specifications and your supplier.

10. What is the Temperature Range for PVC Flexible Ducting?

The temperature range for PVC flexible ducting can go as low as -20 0 C and as high as +120 0 C.

This may, however, vary according to the type of PVC material you are using.

11. How Can You Size PVC Flexible Ducting?

You can size PVC flexible ducting in terms of standard length, size in terms of diameter and the compression ratio.

For instance, you can order for a PVC flexible ducting with the following size specifications:

DimensionsPVC flexible ducting
Size (diameter)25 inches
Standard Length10 meters
Compress Ratio1;25


12.  Are PVC Flexible Duct UL Classified?

Yes, PVC flexible ducts are UL classified among other key classifications that will ensure maximum quality standards.

13. What is the Service Life Span of PVC Flexible Ducting?

The service lifespan of PVC flexible ducting ranges between 50 to 70 years.

The service lifespan of the PVC flexible ducting will also vary according to the use and maintenance.

14. Are there Fire-rated PVC Flexible Duct?

Yes, there are fire retarded PVC flexible ducts which can resist catching fire in case of accidental flames.

15. What is Smooth-Tube PVC Flexible Duct?

This is a medium weight PVC flexible duct with a rigid external PVC reinforcement making it smooth and clear.

You can use it in applications that involve light materials, air, and dust movements.

16. Can Biyang Custom make PVC Flexible Ducting?

Yes, Biyang can make a custom PVC flexible duct according to your specifications.

With a team of design engineers, they will assist you with the design functionality before final production.

17. What are the Sizes of PVC Flexible Duct Biyang Produces?

Biyang produces different sizes of PVC flexible ducts according to your requirements.

The most common sizes from Biyang ranges between 3 to 25 inches with a compress ratio of 1:40

18. Does Biyang Provide PVC Flexible Ducting Samples

Yes, you can get PVC flexible ducting samples from Biyang.

The samples will be proof enough that Biyang is capable of producing the type of PVC flexible duct you need.

19. Biyang PVC Flexible Ducting are available in How Many Colors?

You can get Biyang PVC flexible ducts in different colors such as:

  • Flexible white vinyl duct suitable for use as vent hoses
  • Black and grey PVC flexible ducting suitable for light proof ducting

You can also order for a custom color that will be suitable for your project applications.

20. Can You Compress Biyang PVC Flexible Ducting?

Yes, you can compress Biyang PVC flexible ducting for easy packaging and transportation.

21. Which Other Flexible Duct Systems Do Biyang Offer?

Biyang offers different other types of flexible ducting systems such as:

  • Aluminum flexible ducts
  • Stainless steel flexible ducts
  • Insulated flexible ducts
  • Non-insulated flexible duct

22. What are the common color for PVC flexible ducting?

The most common color that you will find for most PVC flexible ducting is clear and blue.

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