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Plastic Access Panel

  • Easy to install
  • Quality Components
  • Weather tight design
  • Ideal for corrosive environments

With over 25 years of manufacturing experience, Biyang is the innovator of the world-renowned ceiling door and ceiling access panels that is proudly made in China, offering an extensive range of beneficial solutions and creating a sleek modern look for residential, industrial, and commercial spaces.

With our comprehensive line of plastic access hatches, we are here to help architects, interior designers and construction professionals achieve a sophisticated finish for their ceilings.  Our products are created to turn our customer’s interior design dreams of an aesthetically modern look to reality.

Have you ever wondered why access panels are necessary in building construction?  It can be found in just about every house, apartment, offices and residential spaces, but if you have never used it, you may not understand its purpose, its placement, and its ubiquity in construction around the world.  Plastic Panels are a cost-effective alternative to metal and Gyproc access panels.  Meticulously engineered with impact-resistant styrene plastic with UV stabilizes, these ceiling doors and access panels do not corrode, fade, or turn yellow.  They are designed with textured surface which can be painted or can be left as is.

Our plastic ceiling doors and panels are designed with high-impact tolerance plastic that is formed with precision, to provide perfect fit between door and frame.  It features a reversible panel that enables with flush or surface drop-in installation.  Featuring snap latches for a tight fit, removable door, and can be snapped on to the opposite side of the frame if desired.  Plastic access panels are made of durable plastic that can be painted in any color to match the existing door.  Our plastic access hatches are manufactured to provide ease of access to ceilings.  Designed for quick installation, and features a very economical, and seamless look.

As a ceiling panel manufacturer, plastic access hatches in China are designed to allow easy access for inspection, repair, and maintenance of services located above the perforated plasterboard ceilings.  Available in a range of sizes that can be easily installed into the ceiling, and the plastic access panels can be customized to create a piece of board to match the perforation design of the ceiling to create an aesthetically pleasing look.

Biyang manufactures and offers a broad range of specialty construction products to better serve architects, engineers and developers for their building projects.  For more than 25 years, Biyang has been devoted to delivering safety-focused products with ease of use, extended lifespan, at competitive prices.  Our professional team brings the knowledge of architects, designers and engineers in one package.  We employ a deep understanding for the creative process to meet the customer’s requirements.  We use our wide expertise to connect the gaps between design and technicalities, creating innovative solutions and adapting the most up-to-date technologies to meet evolving demands.  In addition to the plastic access panel we introduced, our products also including drywall ceiling access panel, fire rated ceiling access panel, lockable ceiling access panel, concealed access panel, acoustic access panel and custom panel as required.

We offer a broad selection of standard access panel sizes as well as custom access panels.  If you need a custom panel, please give us a call and speak with one of our Biyang Customer Sales Support Reps.  If you would like more details about the unique benefits of our products, you may visit our page and navigate through the friendly product overviews.

ProductPlastic Access Panel
Size20x20cm, 30x30cm, 40x40cm, 50x50cm, 60x60cm, or customized as required
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