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Parallel Dampers

  • Leak resistant
  • Innovative blades
  • High quality frames
  • Durability and longevity
  • Consistent air circulation

Biyang is a manufacturing brand that focuses on producing all kinds of HVAC ducting, fitting, HVAC diffusers, and other air handling system components.  Biyang products are made use to over a thousand famous projects locally and abroad.  From National exhibition and convention center to the prestigious name of Disney Shanghai.

Blade dampers are structures composed of thin metals that are used to regulate air supply inside the ductwork.  A damper can be of use to cut off the air supply to an unoccupied room or vice versa.  Dampers prevent air wastages and help you maximize airflow to where it is best needed.  Blade of air dampers in ventilation is classified into a couple of types.  One is having an opposed blade and the other has a parallel blade that moves simultaneously.  Constructed having a distinct blade position, both types of parallel dampers and opposed blade damper deliver unique airflow when open or closed.  Generating a big temperature impact, parallel dampers are better utilized for volume control applications.  When in doubt whether what type of blade damper is best suiting for your building, house, and properties, feel free to contact us so we can further assist you with your concerns.

Equipping your central air system’s ducts with the right blade configuration will help you and your occupants achieve the desired airflow that will adapt to the nature of your property.  Biyang’s parallel dampers offer steeper and aggressive flow rates due to the positioning of blades.  It dramatically increases the flow when opened and should be maneuvered with care to prevent uneven indoor thermal comfort.  Standardly constructed using galvanized steel and aluminum, our parallel dampers offer superior durability to serve your HVAC system for many years.  Properly configurated blade orientation to provide consistent airflow rate at all times.  This parallel damper will also serve as an energy saver for your property.  Designed for applications that require medium- to high-pressure and velocity.  Engineered to have features that will meet the stringent standards established.

Parallel dampers are vital in controlling indoor air temperature.  Often applied to ducts, and other air handling system there is.  Commonly seen in small residential properties, Biyang’s parallel dampers are also used in different commercial properties and industrial establishments.

Enjoy the ease of purchasing online that Biyang gives.  There’s no need to visit another website just to find another unit for your ventilation troubles.  The company’s catalog is comprised of diverse and unique air condition wares that will be of help enhancing your system.  Acquire everything you need in just one store.  This also eliminates the chances of delayed product transit.

Aside from air dampers, all HVAC necessary products include HVAC duct fittings, HVAC diffusers, and ventilation ducts are provided by the company.  Over the years in the industry, our global distributing network has been in constant growth allowing our products to be available to many places around the globe.

Live in comfort with an efficient ventilation system.  Partner with us now and gain access to thousands of air handling components we offer.

ProductParallel Dampers
MaterialGalvanized steel, stainless steel
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