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Opposed Blade Damper

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Innovative blades
  • High quality frames
  • Durability and longevity
  • Consistent air circulation
  • Effective sealing performance

Widely-recognized in China’s air system market, Biyang is an expert ductwork manufacturer that supplies the best ventilation ducts, fittings, and diffusers for different HVAC applications.  Our products are used to over a thousand projects locally and abroad.

The damper in heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is an air system component that are attached in ductworks or chimney that helps to control airflow.  Dampers is often used to cut the air (heated or cooled) to an unused room.  Its operation can be manual or automatic.

There are two types of blade used in damper system.  The parallel and the opposed.  The parallel blade dampers features blades that are positioned at the same angle and move simultaneously.  These types of dampers are utilized when needed to control the airflow and distribute it to a specific area.  Just like any air system dampers, opposed blade dampers functions the same.  This type of damper is used to regulate air flow through the AC grille and supply air diffusers.  As their name suggest, these damper’s blades are positioned opposing to each other.  The design ensures that downstream airflow in non-directional when damper is in partially closed position.

Standard damper manufacturing by Biyang are made from aluminum.  This material guarantees to provide optimum durability and functionality.  It also promotes better product longevity due to high resistance to corrosion (other materials are also available).  Designed to suit tradition ventilation duct sizes may it be rectangular or round opposed blade damper.  We also entertain customize product to serve your specific HVAC requirements.  Air leakage occurrence are eliminated to nearly 0%, making it an ideal component to establishment that demands proper air regulation.  In the HVAC system, opposed blade dampers are used for selected applications that requires volume control over a broad range, from wide open to quarter wide open.  The arm swing of an opposed dampers blades provides a more proportional and controlled damping process, making this type of blade dampers suiting for applications that requires a balanced air distribution.

Setting the seal on, Biyang is known as a powerhouse HVAC manufacturer that offers different types of dampers featuring equal amount of craftsmanship expertise.  There’s no need to visit another online shop just to purchase another item for your HVAC systems.  Our air damper solutions include volume control damper, butterfly damper, round backdraft damper and so on.  Aside from damper catalog, Biyang ventilation ducts, fittings, and HVAC diffusers are also appreciated by many high-profile clients in China and abroad.

Uncompromised product quality is what we implement.  Starting from handpicking materials to maximize product functionality to production processes that keep watched by our engineers and technical personnel.  We make sure that air system products including our opposed blade damper and other air dampers are produced following company’s established standards and production protocols.

As your trusted damper manufacturer, Biyang products are ready to be sent in you way anytime you need.  Our products are made globally available to serve you wherever and whenever.

ProductOpposed Blade Damper
MaterialGalvanized steel, stainless steel
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