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Nylon Duct

  • Durable
  • Highly flexible
  • Safety guaranteed

Biyang is a globally recognized manufacturing brand in China, that produces air ducting and fittings for different kinds of applications.  Our products have reached over a thousand famous projects world-wide.  Our product covers different types of insulated and non-insulated flexible duct and other air system components.

As a trusted flexible duct manufacturer, we Biyang ensure that our products are produced with high-quality in a consistent manner.  We dedicate ourselves to provide the public with air ducting and fittings that will give tangible solutions for your HVAC system needs.

The duct, ductwork, or ducting, is an air distribution unit that is part of the ventilation system.  Ducting are commonly seen installed in almost all residential and commercial establishment.  This air system component is used to distribute air (whether cooled or heated) throughout the entire establishment.

Ducts can be made from different kinds of materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, polyurethane and PVC, fiber glass, silicone ducts, and nylon ducts.  These materials ensure to maximize the insulation under specific application.

As ductworks are constantly expose to thermal stresses (hot or cold) due to its functions, ducting needs proper support and regular inspection to prevent sagging.  It is also advised to regularly inspect ducting to check if it is free from leakage to prevent loss of air velocity in the HVAC system.  For the convenience of your inspection, we also provide different kinds of access doors.  Conventional styles like ceiling access panels, ceiling hatch, ceiling trap door, and drywall ceiling panels, fired rated ceiling access panel, lockable ceiling access panel, acoustic access panel and some customized types for specific usage.

Biang’s nylon ducting is designed with utmost care and attention to detail to generate maximum performance output when applied.  Manufactured utilizing industry-leading technology and handpicked materials, our nylon ducting ensures possesses qualities that will meet your specific requirements and product expectations.  Round or oval installation made easy due to product’s superb flexibility – no special tools needed for cutting and fixing.  Just in case – no toxic gases emitter when caught on fire.  Nylon duct are fabricated using heavy-duty materials to provide high resistance to fire and corrosion that contributes to the product’s lifespan.

Biyang’s nylon ducting are widely used and recommended in large places with high space without ceiling like commercial buildings, cinema, supermarket, and other commercial places. Aside from commercial establishment application, our nylon duct can also be applied in several industrial facilities and factories.

For your ventilation duct needs, Biyang is all you need.  We have been manufacturing different types of air ducting and fittings for many years.  Our company ensures to provide wide variety of air system products that makes us your one-stop shop.  Our product portfolio covers different types of flexible ducts include aluminum flexible ducts, flexible PVC ducting, insulation flexible duct, non-insulated flexible duct, acoustic ducting, semi rigid aluminum duct, and many more.  We also added several kinds of metal ducting.

There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing ducts.  Each different types of materials used in fabricating ductwork give unique benefits.  Consider asking for expert’s advised to know what ductwork will fit your establishment’s needs.

For product consultation, message us at beyond@bi-yang.com.  We will be happy to help you make the right purchase for your specific HVAC needs.

ProductNylon Duct
Standard Length10m
Compress Ration1:25
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