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  • Non Insulated Flexible Duct
  • Non Insulated Flexible Duct
  • Non Insulated Flexible Duct

Non Insulated Flexible Duct

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Biyang Non Insulated Flexible Duct, also named as Uninsulated Flexible Duct, or Non Insulated Flex Duct, is a duct without insulation layer, which is widely used in the HVAC section.  People are often asking us about the comparison of “insulated vs uninsulated ductwork”.  Generally, Non Insulated Flexible Duct is lighter in weight without fiberglass, mainly used in air ventilation while insulated flexible air duct is heavier, more heat-resistant and widely used in air heating insulation.

As one of the comprehensive Flexible Duct suppliers, Biyang specializes in different Non Insulated Flexible Ducts.  The most popular one is Aluminum Flexible Duct. Aluminum Flexible Ducting is an important air duct in ventilation ducting.  Based on the layers of aluminum, it has single ply, double ply, and triple ply.  For some special applications, we can provide scrim aluminum foil to be more durable and tear resistant.

As a kind of metal ducts, Biyang Non Insulated Flexible Duct is very suitable to be used as the clothes dryer duct, air intake duct, return air duct, and so on.  With aluminum foil and a galvanized steel wire structure, Biyang Non Insulated Duct is fire resistant under GB8624, EN13501-1, and AS1530.3.  It is also corrosion resistant which is a very important factor in the humid area.

Biyang Non Insulated Duct also includes the PVC Flexible Duct, all kinds of Combined Ducts and so on.  Based on the different specifications required, Biyang can recommend you different Uninsulated Flexible Ducts.  For Non Insulated Flexible Duct, the standard lengths are 25 feet(about 7.5m) and 10 meters.  The most popular items are 8-inch non-insulated flexible duct, 12 non-insulated flexible duct, and 14 non-insulated flexible duct.

Just send us your details and we Biyang will recommend you the right product.

ProductNon Insulated Flexible Duct
Standard Length10m
Compress Ration1: 25



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