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Metal Jacketing

  • Easy to install and removed
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • High-resistant to fire and corrosion – gives the longer service life

Biyang is a leading manufacturing brand in China that offers an unmatched quality of air ducts, fittings, and other air system components for different kinds of HVAC applications.  Our products have reached and helped over a thousand famous projects world-wide.

As a professional manufacturer of air duct and fittings, we implement strict individual product evaluation to ensure products are tested and ready for real-world applications before leaving the factory.

Metal jacketing is an ideal solution for major industrial insulation jacketing, cladding, or lagging of pipework and equipment.  Metal jacketing insulation promotes a variety of benefits including weather and damage protection, aesthetics, and fire protection.  The most common metal used in metal jacketing is stainless steel or aluminum.  These types of metals are used for jacketing due to their high-resistant corrosion properties.

Backed by over 10 years of manufacturing expertise, Biyang offers you a premium quality of metal jacketing.  We offer aluminum jacket for pipe insulation and stainless-steel jacketing for  insulation.  Our products are made with high-grade certified materials to ensure durability that contributes to its longevity.  Rest assured to source lasting products at Biyang.

Moreover, our aluminum jacketing for ductwork possesses quality following ASTM B209 standard, and our stainless steel according to ASTM A240 standard.  You are certain to get maximum protection from our products.

Biyang metal jacketing has easy to install and removed features.  This metal jacketing characteristic helps technicians to provide proper repairs and pipe insulation inspection when required.  For product installation, our metal jacketing requires no special cutting tools, roller, or lock-formers.  Made from top-notch, certified materials, our metal jacketing promotes unmatched durability and guarantees to withstand common stresses that cause failures.

Biyang’s Metal jacketing such as stainless steel and aluminum jacket are commonly applied and is recommended for all outdoor piping and equipment.  However, they can also be applied indoors where greater protection is demanded.

Over the years of experience in the manufacturing scene, we understand that our customer has certain requirements for jacketing, air ducts, and fitting products.  It is one of the company’s priorities to come up with different varieties of products and specifications to cater to customers’ most specific needs.  Aside from metal jacketing, Biyang also offers different types of flexible ducts such as aluminum flexible ducts, flexible PVC ducting, insulation flexible duct, non-insulated flexible ducts, and much more alike.  To be your one-stop-shop for your air system components, we have also added metal ducting in our product catalog to further expand the tangible solutions we offer.  Furthermore, we also introduce the production lines for HVAC duct fittings like duct connector, duct transition, duct splitter, duct elbow, and much more products.

As important as its function, choosing the right type, whether stainless steel or aluminum jacketing for ductwork is equally significant.  Our experts will be willing to help you make the right purchase.  Connect with us through our customer support hotline provided on this page or message us at beyond@bi-yang.com.

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ProductMetal Jacketing
MaterialGalvanized steel, stainless steel
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