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Metal Dust Collection Pipe

  • Leak resistant
  • Minimal noise emission
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Attaches tightly to duct fittings
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures
  • Perfect-fit components, ensuring proper adherence to the duct sizes

Biyang is a prominent ductwork manufacturer that has been providing tangible HVAC solutions in China for over 10 years now.  We are known to be a source of highly dependable ventilation ducts of all types, HVAC diffuser, and HVAC fittings.  Our HVAC units are being exported to many places outside China and Asia.  If we were to count, more than 1,000 famous projects have benefited from our air system products ever since the company was established.

HVAC system or ductwork as we know it is being utilized to many different applications and establishments.  They are common to be seen in commercial buildings such as supermarkets, residential properties, and other industrial premises such as factories of all types.  Given their very function which is to supply, return, and distribute air, ductworks are subjected to encounter air contaminants such as dust, dirt, and other air debris.  This is where dust collection enters the scene.

Dust collection systems are composed of pipes were solely created for the purposes of capture, convey, and collect.  The dust collection system removes air particulates of all types, gases, vapors, and fumes to convey a safe quality of air inside the property.  Dust collection pipes are commonly made from high-strength PVC pipes but can also be fabricated using metal depending on application requirements.

Here at Biyang, we fabricate a dust collection pipe using metal composites.  Standardly produced metal dust collection pipes also known as the metal extractor ducting are composed of steel hoses where present contaminants are too abrasive for rubber hose to handle.  Utilizing the best metals available (stainless steel and aluminum), Biyang metal dust collection pipe provides unmatched strength in comparison to rubber hoses.  They are proven to tolerate solid dust and are scrape free.  Featuring lightweight, yet heavy-duty materials composition, our metal pipes are easy to lift.  This gives the benefit of faster installation.  All steel construction provides superb rigidity and keeps static discharge at a minimum.  Biyang metal dust collection pipe can also be custom made into varieties of gauge steel grade or thickness as requested.

Biyang metal dust collection pipe is highly used to different properties where the emission of air particulates and dust are common including wood workshops and other industrial premises that produce harmful gases on a daily basis.  Alongside Biyang’s metal dust collection pipe, we also do custom duct and other ventilation ductwork suiting for virtually all industrial and commercial applications.  Metal has been typical and can be seen with every HVAC nowadays.  Biyang metal pipe and ducting help to reduce the buildup of harmful static electricity for safe ducting and easy maintenance if required.

As your one-stop-shop, Biyang provides an all-in-one solution for your collection system.  Aside from metal pipe for dust collection, we also provide all fittings necessary for different types of dust collector ductwork.  These include elbows, tees, reducers, Wye branches (Y branch), and so on.

Keep your house and properties safe from the harmful and contaminated air supply.  For more details of the product and other air system concerns, contact us today.

ProductMetal Dust Collection Pipe
MaterialGalvanized steel, stainless steel
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