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Metal AC Duct

  • Biyang provides Sheet Metal Ductwork of different usages
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In lined with the finest ductwork manufacturers in China and across the globe, Biyang is a brand that is trusted by many and known to fabricate metal ac ducts that feature world-class quality.  Our sheet metal ac ducting is utilized by many establishments’ heating, cooling, and ventilating systems.

Ducts are associated with heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems of all kinds of premises.  They serve a critical role in the air supply cycle using collections of tubes that distributes heated or cooled air into different rooms.  Branches (ducts or pipes) of the ductwork system are commonly constructed of sheet metal, flexible plastic-and-wire composite, and fiberglass board.  Sheet metal ac ducts are composed of thin metals that are typically made out of aluminum and galvanized steel.  Unlike flexible ducts, sheet metal ducts are rigid and most likely to be used by property owners that want to benefit from ducts for the long-term.

Galvanized duct supplies, aluminum, round or rectangular, Biyang sheet metal ac duct catalog have it all for you.  Biyang manufactures metal ac duct that generate excellent cooling and heating due to the nature of materials.  It dramatically enhances the performance of duct design components.  All medium options have lightweight features making them easy to lift and moved around, which is an advantage for faster, easier product applications.  Aside from the benefit of ease installation, sheet metal ac ducts by Biyang provide energy efficiency, strength, and durability, which guarantees to withstand extreme heat and other environmental factors that cause the unit to wear.

Due to the natural durability of materials used for sheet metal ductwork fabrication, Biyang sheet metal ac ducts are used in the HVAC system that requires a lasting solution to their air system.  It offers high corrosion resistance and guarantees of having a high tolerance to moisture and corrosion.  Examples of industry benefitting from sheet metal ac ducts are the food industry, hotels, hospitals, and other commercial and industrial establishments.

Acquired manufacturing expertise over the years since founded, Biyang puts into consideration many factors when fabricating products including specific application, climate, and property nature.  Though having different duct materials that will fit traditional ductwork requirements, we ensure to cater custom duct design and engineering to further extend our product service to any type of HVAC system.

Here at Biyang, partnering with us will gain you the benefit of purchasing ALL products for your property’s different ducting system design.  Our comprehensive air system product options including ductworks, fittings, AC grills and ceiling access panels ensure to provide you exactly what your property needs.  With these, all products are certain to be received at the same time eliminating delayed project processing.  Our company also implements one of a kind delivery system ensuring HVAC units you purchased from us are received just as promised and not a minute late.

Enjoy the comfort of the Biyang air system products can give.  Equipped your property with the best HVAC necessities.  Connect with us through our support line and assisted by our experts.

ProductMetal AC Duct
MaterialGalvanized steel, stainless steel
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