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Linear Diffuser

  • Different material thicknesses to meet economical and luxury demands
  • Outdoor color powder coating to be more resistant for tough environments
  • Custom designing based on different projects

Biyang Linear Diffuser, a type of HVAC diffuser, also called as Linear Slot Diffuser, Linear Bar Diffuser, or Linear Air Diffuser is made of out excellent quality extruded aluminum with powder coating or anodizing surface treatment.  These slot air diffusers are designed and made in different elegant and attractive shapes and various sizes.  Biyang Linear Air Diffuser is a cost competitive and excellent solution to efficient, steady, and consistent air supply and return in the HVAC ventilation system for both residential and commercial buildings and houses.

As a leading Linear Slot Diffuser Manufacturer, Biyang has different options.  Biyang Linear Diffuser provides 0.8mm, 1mm, and 1.2mm thickness aluminum extruded material options to meet the economic and high-end demands from different customers.  In addition, the horizontal, angled and vertical air flow can be achieved with our linear slot air diffusers.  The blades angles can be altered to meet the specific direction demands.

In this way, our Linear Diffuser can work as Linear Ceiling Diffuser(or Ceiling Slot Diffuser) as well as Linear Floor Diffuser. The most popular items are 3 slot Linear Diffuser, 2 slot Linear Diffuser, and single slot Linear Diffuser.   Unusual items, such as 4 slot diffuser, are also available.  Customized Linear Diffusers can be made in different lengths or in a continuous line based on the actual requirements.  For slot diffuser details, you can download our catalogue for checking.

Biyang Linear Diffuser can be made in different colors based on RAL color standard, with most often used RAL9010 and RAL9016.  Our outdoor powder of surface treatment makes our Linear Diffuser more durable, and much steadier than common powder coating products.  This is extremely important when the environment is in bad conditions, such as places next to sea, or random sunshine or lighting reflected on products and so on.

Biyang provides all kinds of accessories for Linear Diffuser, such as plenum box, specifically designed to connect flexible ducts to our Slot Diffuser to fit different kinds of air conditioning cooling or heating systems.  With all ducting accessories, Biyang Linear Diffuser can work as the adjustable linear air diverter for both supplies and return functions.  If you have any questions or doubts for Linear Diffuser, please feel free to send us an inquiry.

ProductLinear Diffuser
Thickness0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm
SizeOn request

Linear Diffuser: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is a Linear Diffuser?

Also called linear slot diffuser or slot diffuser in some places, a linear diffuser is a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system accessory utilized in the delivery of air to a room.

The diffusers play an instrumental role in the HVAC system, and they come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors and materials.

Unlike conventional round or square diffusers, a linear slot diffuser has a long narrow design.

The special design enables HVAC technicians to install these kinds of diffusersinto tight spaces.

It also assists to hide the linear diffuser from view to set up a more aesthetically amusing design.

Linear diffuser

Linear diffuser

How do you Size a Linear Slot Diffuser?

In an HVAC ductwork system, linear diffuser helps to deliver the air to each area.

The slot diffuser distributes the air throughout the space.

The size of the linear diffuser is the diameter of its neck to which you connect the flexible duct.

You determine the size of the linear slot diffuser you require for you HVAC application by:

  • Space to be heated or cooled
  • Measurements of the space length and width
  • Height of the ceiling
  • Aesthetics of the area

Undersized linear slot diffusers will obstruct airflow and generate noise while on the other hand, larger slot diffusers will deliver more air with reduced static (resistance to airflow).

In addition, oversized linear slot diffusers can appear out of place, thus correct sizing is crucial.

What is the Use of Linear Diffuser?

Linear slot Diffusers are a familiar component of most heating, ventilating, and air-conditioningsystems.

They find application in both air-water and all-air HVAC systems, as component of room air supply subsystems, and play various roles:

  • Usually to make the air jets to adhere to a ceiling or other surface, making use of the Coandă effect
  • To produce low-velocity flow of air in the occupied section of room.
  • To boost mixing of air discharged from the HVAC system and air in the room.
  • To supply both ventilating and conditioning air
  • Uniformly distribute the air flow, in the required directions
  • Fulfil the above while generating the least amount of noise

What is the Difference between Linear Diffuser, Grille, and Register?

· Grille

A grille is a punctured lid for a HVAC air duct.

They in some cases have louvers which direct the flow of air into the space.

Unlike a register or linear diffuser, a grille has no attached damper and, in almost all cases, does not have moving parts.

Nonetheless, you can use a grille for both supply air and return air.

But, it is not the same case with a linear diffuser or register.

· Register

A register is a grille having moving parts, able to open and close and the flow of air directed.

The size and placement of registers is crucial to your HVAC system efficiency.

In addition, registers are also fitted with dampers which are instrumental, and can serve a safety role.

Register is used to only supply conditioned air.

· Linear Diffuser

A linear diffuser is a register with enhanced capabilities, purposely used to supply conditioned air into a space in a particular direction, specific path, or spreading pattern.

The diffusers normally have several air distribution slots which can play a role in blending them into the surface you mount them into, and they come in different designs.

The common location for linear slot diffuser is the ceiling, and they have a horizontal flow of air.

Is Ceiling Diffuser same as Linear Diffuser?

 Linear diffuser

 Linear diffuser

Ceiling diffuser and linear diffuser are significantly similar and among the few visible components of a HVAC system.

Commonly installed in a residential or commercial building, their role is to uniformly distribute conditioned air in every part of a room.

Ceiling diffuser drives the name from where it is installed in a building.

They distribute air evenly in a room.

Like other diffuser systems, you can have ceiling diffuser in the duct terminal in every room.

It allows for free circulation of air.

What Design Parameters Affect HVAC Linear Diffuser Efficiency?

There are a number of key factors that affect the efficiency of a linear slot diffuser.

They include: performance and design.

Linear slot diffuser performance influence numerous aspects of your home air conditioning.

The right slot diffuser will affect the maximum space, establish maximum comfort at the same time ensuring maximum efficiency.

It will as well be modestly noisy.

Throw” and “drop” are important design parameters that impact the efficiency of linear diffusers.

Throw is defined as the distance the air moves from the face of the slot diffuser.

“Drop” on the other hand, is the distance of impact from the diffuser face downward into the room.

Drop in most scenarios affect the comfort of the room.

An insufficient amount of drop will lead to a feeling of a rush of air in a specific space in the room.

An efficient linear diffuser will let the air to move out and along the ceiling prior to flowing downward into a space, generating a general better and more harmonious comfort level.

Additionally,“Spread” as well affects the general impact of an HVAC system.

Spread is defined as the horizontal effect of the air coming out of the duct.

The broader the spread, the lower the drop.

This can boost the comfort in the space being air conditioned.

In general, lower drop is better since it will do away with a drafty condition and eliminate cool and hot points in the same room.

Of course you should realize that all these design parameters are influenced by the HVAC system itself and the airflow generated by the system.

A Linear diffuser has the capability to assist though it is not a be-all and end-all solution.

Therefore, when selecting a linear diffuser, consider all these design parameters and how they suit the design of the space you want to install them.

What Should You Consider when Selecting Liner Diffuser?

Choosing a linear diffuser for your HVAC system goes beyond just picking what appears right in your space.

Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing a linear slot diffuser:

  • Room size – The size of your space can determine the suitable linear diffuser to select for your application.

Large rooms for instance will require longer slot diffusers, while smaller linear diffusers are appropriate for more compact spaces.

The size of room can also aid you establish the number of linear diffusers you will need to install to give sufficient air conditioning.

  • Room configuration – Is the space you want to air condition an ordinary square room or is it of unconventional layout?

Factor in the configuration of your living space to establish which directions you want the air to flow in and the type of linear diffuser that can facilitate the airflow.

  • Room style – Some linear diffusers are more conspicuous and recognizable than others, this makes it difficult to integrating them in an existing room design.

When maintaining the style and aesthetic of your room is key, then linear diffusers with negligible visual effect will be your best alternative.

  • Type of HVAC – Some diffusers perform with certain types of ducted HVAC systems (for example linear diffusers for ducted HVAC behind walls), thus ensure your linear diffuser of choice is consistent with your system.
  • Airflow requirements – Do you aim to focus airflow in specific sections of your space?

Or do you simply require overall air-conditioning in your room?

Some linear slot diffusers offer targeting abilities that give the ease to regulate the volume and direction of the flow of air in your room.

What are the Benefits of Linear Diffuser?

Linear slot diffuser has several advantages over conventional round or square diffusers:

  • Slot diffuser is an unobtrusive mechanism to deliver air to your living space. With their unique design, linear diffuser fit well with existing finishes.
  • Linear diffusers equally give a high degree of control over the layout and design of your space, and enables you to use fewer linear slot diffusers while delivering same amount of airflow.
  • Linear diffusers provide a high level of thermal comfort because of fast mixing of room air and supplied air by greatly inductive individual jets and an even and optimal flow fresh air across the room.
  • Linear diffusers are narrow and long, unlike the round or square diffusers. This special design makes it easy and possible for HVAC technicians to install them into confined spaces, and aid in hiding the diffusers from view to produce a more aesthetically appealing design.

What does RAL Code Mean in Linear Diffuser Coloring?

RAL code describes the coating or paint of the linear diffuser.

Manufacturers provide approved RAL products with a hologram so as to make it difficult producing unauthorized versions.

Imitations may exhibit different color and hue when scrutinized under various sources of light.

RAL color standard is a European color matching mechanism which describes colors for plastics, coatings and paint.

The color matching system is managed by the RAL DeutschesInstitutfürGüte­sicherung und Kennzeichnung.

The goal of the system was to homogenize technical descriptions and conditions of supply of all sorts of goods.

Which other HVAC Accessories that Come with Linear Diffuser?

Linear diffuser

 Linear diffuser

  • Connectors (pull pins)

These are linear diffuser accessories that help in the connection of individual slots.

Usually they come in the standard delivery package of the ordered linear slot diffuser.

  • End seal

Continuous linear runs need an end seal on every end to make sure there is no leakage of air.

The accessories can either be fitted by the manufacturer or installed by others.

Single linear diffusers need end seals on both ends, and they are only appropriate for slot diffusers not having extended border.

What Material is used to make Linear Slot Diffuser?

Linear slot diffuser is an instrumental component of any HVAC system for the supply of conditioned air, which makes the space or room more comfortable to be in.

The following are the common materials used to make linear diffusers:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Mild steel
  • Plastic

The materials can be designed and used to fabricate linear slot diffusers of various sizes and elegant and appealing shapes.

What are the Important Parts of a Linear Diffuser?

Linear slot diffuser

 Linear slot diffuser

· Internal deflectors

Built-in deflectors fabricated from plastics.

Deflectors facilitateconstant adjustment of the direction of the discharged air within 360° scope as well as control the flow rate of supply air.

The internal deflectors also facilitate complete shutting of the linear diffuser.

· Slot box

This is a specially designed plenum box which houses the diffuser.

· Damper

Flow rate control damper placed at the inlet spigot of the linear diffuser, to enable adjustment of the required air flow rate.

· Goalpost brackets

The purpose of this part is to hold the linear diffuser within the slot box.

Goalpost brackets hold the slot diffuser utilizing bolts tightened via sliding spacer segments built into the diffuser.

· End caps

End caps crown the appearance of the linear diffuser.

They usually come in the same finish as slot diffuser and are factory fitted.

· Equalizing plate

Equalizing plates are fixed into the body of the linear diffuser, and serve the role of equalizing the pressure all through.

This leads to a more consistent flow of air across the space.

Equalizing plates are effective when utilizing a long slot diffuser having only a small number of valves in the plenum box.

Why is Biyang the Best Linear Diffuser Manufacturer?

Biyang Linear Air Diffuser is fabricated from top quality extruded aluminum with anodizing surface treatment or powder coating.

Our linear slot diffusers come in different designs and sizes with stylish and stunning shapes.

Biyang Linear Air Diffuser is an affordable and perfect solution to effective, steady, and even supply of air in HVAC systems.

You can use the diffusers in both residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

How do You Adjust Pattern Controllers in Linear Diffuser?

Standard manually movable pattern controllers within the linear slot diffuser direct the flow of air vertically or horizontally as desired.

Horizontal blow is normally used for cooling while vertical blow is for heating.

In some cases you may use vertical blow for both cooling and heating along a window façade.

You make the adjustment by manually flicking the pattern controllers of the diffuser to the vertical posture or to either side.

To generate a powerful jet of air downwards simply arrange the blades as exhibited in the center set up shown below.



For a left directional throw, draw out the right hand side deflector blade from the airflow path and stretch out the left blade.

This produces a low pressure region below the stretched out blade, leading to the air being thrust to the left when it gets discharged from the linear diffuser.

For a right directional throw, remove the left hand side deflector blade from airflow and extend the right blade.

This creates a low pressure zone under the extended blade, causing air to be forced right when it leaves the diffuser.

Can Biyang Manufacture Custom Linear Slot Diffuser?

Absolutely, Biyang can produce customized Linear Diffusers of different lengths.

Both short linear and continuous line and of different structural designs based on your specifications and requirements.

What is the Color of Biyang Linear Air Diffuser?

Biyang Linear Diffusers come in various colors based on RAL color code, with the frequently applied RAL9010 and RAL9016.

Our surface treatment for outdoor application makes Biyang linear slot diffusers long-lasting and much steadier compared to traditional powder coating products.

Can Linear Diffuser Improve Quality of Air in HVAC System?

Yes, diffusers are perceived to enhance the circulation and blending of existing air and the conditioned air within a room.

This results in thermal balance within the space thus improved indoor air quality.

What is the Structural Design of Linear Diffuser?

Linear slot diffusers are available in a number of structural designs based on your needs, with the most common structure being:

  • Curved Linear Diffuser (Concave or convex)
  • Straight Linear diffuser
  • T-bar linear slot diffuser

What is Benefit of Linear Diffuser with Adjustable Blade Angles?

The presence of Adjustable blade in linear slot diffuser makes it possible to direct air in different directions if needed by the installation.

The air flow orientation can vary from vertical to horizontal.

The adjustable blade angles provide the flexibility needed to overcome issues associated with supply of conditioned air, such as cool and hot spots within the same space.

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