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Linear Diffuser Plenum Box

  • Reduce air sounds
  • Stable and balance the airflow
  • Custom made possible
  • Used for a variety of heating, venting and air conditioning applications

Incepting the manufacturing industry of HVAC system products over 10 decades ago, Biyang has enjoyed constant growth ever since.  Respected by many and recognized globally, we are today considered one of the top sources of air system products in China and many regions across the globe.  Biyang’s plenum box is used for supply and exhaust of airflow through diffusers and grilles.  The plenum box ensures a constant flow of air to the diffuser.  Commonly, the plenum box is supplied with acoustic insulation to reduce noise emission caused by airflow inside the ducts system, keeping a quiet operation that is beneficial for establishment inhabitants.

Air distributions have been a necessity for many properties due to the comfort they bring.  Systematically works with the air ducts and air diffuser is the plenum box.  This air system component is commonly seen on the air conditioning system serves as an accessory to the linear grills and diffusers in low- or medium -pressure systems.  Moreover, the linear plenum box is usually supplied with acoustic insulation that abates the noise produced by the air flowing through the ducts and properly distribute airflow throughout the whole property.

Strictly engineered in compliance with industry standards, Biyang’s linear slot diffuser plenum box is certain to provide a stable airflow into diffusers, airflow balancing and also reduce sounds from the duct system.  The company is utilizing galvanized steel in standard linear slot diffuser plenum box construction. Sturdily fabricated, it guarantees to deliver, distribute, and remove the air efficiently.  Aside from standard size, materials, and specifications, benefiting from the industry’s best tools and machining, our linear grille plenum box can be produced just the way the consumer wants it.  Rigorously tested and inspected before leaving the factory, Biyang’s linear diffuser plenum box is guaranteed to be received in their complete, pristine condition.

Just as to anywhere the HVAC system is applicable, Biyang’s linear slot diffuser plenum box is certain to fit.  From small residential property to factories, even to hospitals and large industrial establishments.  Our products including this plenum box will be the best solution you can get for your HVAC needs.

Different places, different climate, different applications, and so on.  We at Biyang are putting into consideration every possible aspect that can compromise our air system product quality when neglected.  From choosing materials to production processes, we ensure to use only the best in the industry.  Our linear grille plenum box is no exemption.  We constructing every bit of our product catalog to feature premier quality for complete functionality and outstanding product integrity.  Ensuring to meet or exceed your expectations every time.

Ac grills, plenum box, ducts of all types, different HVAC duct fittings, you name it.  Biyang has it all.  Achieving the first decade in the industry, Biyang has acquired unmatched expertise resulting in the production of world-class air system products.  There have been over a thousand highly profiled projects ever since established where our HVAC products are used.  Take Disney Shanghai, Convention center, and National exhibition as an example.

Get the comfort you deserve.  Unleash the full potential of your HVAC system with Biyang’s air system products.  Call and get a free assessment of your project.

ProductLinear Diffuser Plenum Box
MaterialGalvanized steel, stainless steel
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