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Line Set Cover

  • Weather Resistant PVC
  • Small MOQ
  • 4 standard Sizes

Biyang is a professional Line Set Cover manufacturer and supplier. Our product is made out temperature and UV resistant pvc material, so it can be used for both indoor and outdoor. Biyang Line Set Covers are also called AC Line Set Cover, Mini Split Line Set Cover, HVAC Line Set Cover, Refrigerant Line Set Covers or Air Conditioner Pipe Cover.

Biyang Line Set Cover is consisted of all common parts to decorate the air conditioners lines, the refrigerant lines, big or mini split lines and so on, including the slim duct, the elbow corner, T joint, plane corner, free joint, ceiling cap, wall cover, end cover, cover joint, reducer, guard ring and so on. All these parts work together as a line set cover kit. In this way, it is very convenient for you to get your air conditioner lines organized in a nice way. For details, you can ask for our catalog for details.

Biyang Line Set Cover vary in several standards sizes, including 80 series, 100 series, 130 series, and 150 seires. Based on different btu of air conditioners, you can get the suitable size products.

Many customers are buying white color HVAC Line Set Cover, and have to paint them in another color to meet the color of the environment. With the manufacturer Biyang, the standard Biyang Line Set Cover is in ivory color, but we can also make the custom color based on your request.

Biyang Line Set Cover is of weather resistant, as all products are made out of fresh material with UV resistant additives. As a result, Biyang Line Set Cover is not easy to crack, and can bear more outside strength.

Biyang HVAC Line Set Cover installing is very easy. With the simple screwdriver, you will be able to get all parts set and assembled.

Welcome to contact Biyang for details.

ProductLine Set Cover
Size80, 100, 130, 150mm
MaterialWeather Resistant PVC
MOQ 10 sets

Line Set Cover: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before you import line set covers from China, read this guide.

It answers all questions you have been asking about line set covers.

Let’s dive right in.

What is Line Set Cover?

 Line set cover

 Line set cover

It refers to a longitudinal component made of different types of materials designed for covering various items for ducting systems.

It acts as a casing material for a wide range of ducting items such as control cables, drain lines, and line sets, among others.

Primarily, the essence of this item is to conceal bare cords and cables.

In most cases, a line set cover comes in handy when such types of wires and lines cannot necessarily be installed in-wall, flooring or ceiling surfaces.

Why should you Invest in Line Set Covers?

Line set covers are quintessential in the numerous applications they are used.

They offer different casing and protection elements to such ducting products, thus enhancing the safety and efficiency of the entire system.

Some of the beneficial reasons making line set cover a worthy investment include the following;

  • It is convenient; in many incidences, home improvement aspects often come much longer after the completion of the building.

Rather than hacking the wall, floor, or ceiling surface, this component allows you to enclose the cables and line appropriately.

Therefore, it enables you still to maintain the aesthetics of your room or building.

  • It is versatile; you can use this component in various spaces irrespective of the size.

For example, line set covers come in handy in multiple commercial, residential as well as industrial buildings, which require ducting improvement.

Additionally, you can as well use this product both for indoor and outdoor applications.

  • It is adjustable; the line set covers are relatively flexible and come in various sizes.

It offers a quick Snap-on cover and also accommodates a wide range of multiple lines and cable sets.

This item can as well house a condensate pump, a clear indication of how adjustable it is.

  • It is durable; this component is constructed using hardy materials, which can withstand different forms of environmental and mechanical conditions.

It has excellent resistance to elements such as UV, extreme temperatures, impact, and corrosion, among others.

  • It is customizable; you can fabricate line set cover using different means to attain the suitable design ideal for your particular requirements.

This is advantageous since it implies you can personalize it to ultimately attain what suits your ducting needs.

Where can you use Line Set Cover?

 Line set cover

 Line set cover

You can use line set covers in different applications in commercial, residential as well as industrial settings.

Some of the places you can use this component include the following;

Offices – Line set covers are common in numerous office settings.

They come in handy when it gets to cover various types of cables within the workplace.

Some of the cables and lines include network cables, computer systems, and accessory cables and telephone lines, among others.

Factories – You can also use this product in various manufacturing and processing industries. The line set covers, in this case, help to provide a casing for different wire lines, including machinery connectivity, electric cables, and data cables, among others.

It is also used to cover conveyor belts in some instances.

Residential homes – Many homes nowadays incorporate various types of line set covers in different areas or rooms.

This component helps to cover the data cables, alarm cables, refrigerant cables, and telephone lines, among others.

Business outlets – Line set covers are also common in different retail stores, which deal with various products and services.

In these instances, the line set cases are fundamental in concealing the data, electric, telephone, AC, and security accessory cables, among others.

Which Materials are Used for Manufacturing Line Set Cover?

Line set cover can be manufactured using a wide range of materials.

Of course, this is significant because it broadens your picks as far as your requirements are concerned.

Some of the typical material for manufacturing this component include the flowing;

Polycarbonate – It is arguably one of the best thermoplastic materials for manufacturing different line set covers.

It offers incredible resistance to weather, environmental, and physical elements.

The essence of this is it allows you to install it both for outdoor and indoor applications.

It is also aesthetically appealing hence enhancing the visual attraction of your space.

Fiberglass – This refers to a type of plastic material, which is reinforced using a glass fiber component.

It also offers an ideal option for a line set cover since you can fabricate it to suit your needs. Moreover, fiberglass is also relatively durable and resistant to numerous weather elements.

Aluminum sheet – You can as well consider a line set cover made of aluminum sheet.

This particular material is strong, resilient, and also resistant to various weather and mechanical conditions.

Stainless steel plate – This is also another essential material you can always consider using for line set case.

It also offers high aesthetic appeal and does not corrode nor distort easily, even when exposed to unfavorable conditions.

There are other types of materials, which you can as well consider in manufacturing this component.

Even so, those mentioned above tend to offer the best results as far as efficiency and quality are concerned.

Is there any Color Limitation for Line Set Cover?

Not at all!

Line set cover is available in any color hue you’ wish to have.

Ideally, this is also quite dependent on the type of material you choose for this component.

For example, polycarbonate gives you several color options to choose from.

Additionally, you can as well find it in a multicolored shade, which is vital, especially when you are looking for a unique hue to complement the décor within the room.

Moreover, most materials used for designing line set covers are also paintable.

In essence, it implies you can always find the right paint color, which suits your requirements and use it on the particular line set cover surface.

Nonetheless, the common colors for this component are white, brown, and cream.

Which Accessories and Fittings do you use with Line Set Cover?

 Line set cover

 Line set cover

Essentially, a typical line set cover is accessorized using many components depending on the prevailing circumstances surrounding the fitting.

It also depends on the specific designing of the ducting system.

Some of these accessories and fittings include the following;

  • T-joint
  • Cover joint
  • Ceiling cap
  • Elbow corner
  • Guard ring
  • Wall cover
  • Free joint
  • Slim duct
  • Plane corner
  • End cover
  • Reducer

Is Line Set Cover Resistant to UV?

Absolutely correct!

Most of the materials used for manufacturing line set covers exhibit incredible resistance to ultraviolet radiation.

In essence, during the manufacturing of this component, there is a UV stabilizer.

It is addictive, which is integral in preventing these radiations from penetrating and attacking the material surface.

Evidently, this is fundamental, especially for line set cover for outdoor applications since they will hardly discolor or fade.

How do you Select the Best Line Set Cover?

When selecting the most suitable line set case for your ducting project, you need to consider a number of vital elements.

And this is critical, particularly if you are a first-timer or perhaps you relatively unknowledgeable in matters surrounding purchasing of this component.

The fundamental aspects you must always have in mind, in this case, include the following;

HVAC Line set covers

HVAC line set cover

Specific application – The selection of this component is quite easy once you understand the various aspects of your application.

Ideally, different line set cases are designed to suit various types of uses, be it indoor or outdoor.

Therefore, knowing the exact need for this component is quite a quintessential aspect.

Design – You must also have the ideal design construction of this component in your mind when making purchasing it.

They are available in numerous designs, both standard and custom-made.

If you are choosing customized designs, it is advisable to ensure the suppliers can provide precisely what you meet your requirements.

Color and size – It is also necessary to factor in the color and size of this component when looking for an ideal line set cover.

Of course, you can always fabricate or customize this item in regards to color and size to suit your requirements.

Thickness – This is another element you should never overlook when choosing a suitable line set cover.

While this component is adjustable, it is also necessary to go for an ideal thickness, which suits the specific size of the cables and lines.

Type of material – It is also a fundamental aspect, which enables you to choose the best line set cover for your needs.

The essence of this is it enables you to select the specific one, which suits the specific requirements for your application, be it indoor or outdoor.

Supplier – It is recommended to go for a line set cover from a reputable and reliable manufacturer.

This makes it easy for you to get a quality component with guaranteed efficiency.

You also need to look into other aspects of the supplier, such as capacity and customer relations, to enhance convenience.

Can you Bend Line Set Cover?

 Bending line set cover

Bending line set cover

This is entirely dependent on the type of material of the line set cover you are using.

Some materials are quite flexible, thus making it easy for you to bend them, especially in uneven or complicated surfaces.

Nevertheless, most applications for this component nowadays utilize easily bendable materials.

However, for the materials, which cannot necessarily bend, tend to use the applicable accessories and fittings when need be.

This still helps in creating a seamless connection for the ducting system, be it in complex or uneven surfaces, which require bending of this component.

How can you Customize Line Set Cover?

The customization designs for this kit depend on numerous factors, including the specific preferences, which meet the customer’s needs.

Some of the ways you can customize this component include the following;

Cutting to size – In many instances, you’ll find line set covers in varied lengths.

It thus becomes necessary to reduce its size to match the specific dimensions of your application.

You can use various tools such as hack saw to cut this component to size.

Painting – This merely involves applying a suitable shade, coat, or decoration on the surface material of line set covers.

Painting is mostly applicable when you need the color to match or complement other aspects of the environment.

Bending – It is easy to bend the line set cover to match the particular circumstances revolving around its installation.

While at it, you need to ensure you bend the kit appropriately to the specific extent to avoid the possibility of breaking or distorting it.

Laminating – It refers to the process of reinforcing the surface material of this component as a way to enhance its stability and resilience.

You can as well laminate a line set cover as a way of improving its aesthetic appeal.

Surface treatment – It primarily refers to the coating of the component material using a specific type of treatment layer to enhance its efficiency and functionality.

Some of the typical surface treatments you’re likely to use on this item include anti-scratch, anti-UV, and anti-static coatings, among others.

What is the Cost for Line Set Cover?

The pricing model for line set cover is based on several factors revolving around production processes and market trends.

One of the factors determining the price of this item is the brand you are purchasing.

Most brands price their products differently, of course, based on several aspects, including the position in the market.

Secondly, the overall design construction and customization need also define the specific amount of money you’ll spend to obtain this component.

Naturally, highly customized units are a bit pricey than lowly personalized and standard designs.

Thirdly, if you are importing this component to overseas countries, it will cost you a bit higher than purchasing for local use.

In essence, when importing, you’ll incur additional charges such as tax, freight, and other clearance duty, among others.

And most importantly, the type of material, size, thickness, and color of the line set cover you are purchasing also determine its price.

In simple words, there is no definite cost for line set cover.

It depends on numerous prevailing factors.

How do you Install Line Set Cover?

Fixing a line set cover is based on the type of surface you are installing it on.

In general, though, the installation process starts with the measurement of the surface to find the ideal dimensions of the line set cover.

After establishing the ideal dimensions, you’ll cut the component accordingly since it will fit appropriately on the surface.

The next thing is to secure it on the framing part on the surface.

You can use various means to secure it, but the most common ones include the use of adhesive and screws.

The type of adhesive is categorical since this component is used for rather sensitive cables and lines.

If you opt for screws, you also need to ensure they are of suitable size, which won’t compromise the appearance and functionality of the component.

Once the framing bit is secured on the surface, clean it properly to remove any remains of adhesive.

Then pick the cover bit of this component and drive it into this component.

Align the edges accordingly to ensure it gets into the framing element of the line set cover.

And the cover should be placed after the ducting system is done.

 Line set cover

Line set cover

Is there Thickness Limitation for Line Set Covers?

Not at all!

The thickness for this component varies depending on the specific application and size of the ducting system.

Some cables, which are relatively sizeable, require line set cover kits, which are somewhat thicker and vice versa.

Therefore, there is no definite or standard thickness size for this component.

What is the Average Life Span of Line Set Cover?

Generally, the durability of this component depends on the specific existing conditions and circumstances it is subjected to.

For instance, indoor line set casing can last for longer compared to one for outdoor application, all factors constant.

In this case, the outdoor line set cover is naturally exposed to several harsh environmental and other physical elements more than indoor kits.

Additionally, the type of material used for manufacturing this component is another determinant of its overall durability.

High-grade materials will definitely last longer compared to relatively low-grade materials.

Therefore, there is no definite life span for this component.

Even so, when all factors are held constant, it should last for at least 10 years.

Does High Temperature Affect Quality and Performance of Line Set Cover?

Not necessarily, but to some extent, it can depending on the nature of material and level as well as constancy of temperature.

Nonetheless, the material of this component can withstand the temperatures and heat emitted within the ducting system without distorting nor degrading.

How do you Maintain Line Set Cover?

Primarily, maintenance needs for an ordinary line set cover are quite basic.

It merely involves cleaning the outer parts using recommended non-aggressive washing detergents.

All you need in this case is to use relatively lukewarm water and a soft cotton cloth to wipe the material surface.

In case of scratches, you can use toothpaste and rub it on the scratched surface in a circular motion for about 20 seconds or so.

Then wipe off the paste using cold water and a soft cloth.

But this is only practical mostly for plastic-related line set covers.

For other materials, you can opt for polishing.

This helps in restoring the glossiness of the surface material in case it starts fading.

It also helps in eliminating the stubborn scratches in case the ordinary method for removing them fails.

Are Line Set Cover for Outdoor Applications Weather Resistant?

Absolutely right!

Typically, outdoor environments are often connected with harsh and unfavorable weather conditions.

And it is the reason most suppliers of this component always incorporate several elements to enable them to cope with outdoor conditions.

Some of the elements often integrated with outdoor line set covers include anti-fog and anti-UV surface treatment.

What is the Suitable Length for a Line Set Cover?

The length varies based on different aspects.

In most cases, it the particular manufacturer that determines the length for this component depending on their standards.

In most cases, however, since applications also tend to vary, you can always get customized lengths for this unit.

But most suppliers prefer a length of 36” as their standard dimension.

Even so, they can be slightly stretched, especially when using a heat box.

Is Line Set Cover Environmentally Friendly?

Absolutely right!

Most of the materials used for manufacturing line set covers are safe and friendly to the environment.

And this, in essence, they do not react with any element of the environment, nor corrode even when exposed to different chemical compounds.

Furthermore, line set cover materials hardly emit any toxic fume hence friendly to the surrounding.

Moreover, several internationally recognized quality standards for this component also approves their suitability based on environmental, health, and safety requirements.

And this happens before the component gets to the market.

It is thus a clear indication line set cover is eco-friendly.

Can you Recycle Line Set Cover?

 Line set cover

 Line set cover

Ideally, it depends on the actual type of material you are using for the line set cover.

Thermoplastic and other plastic related line set covers are recyclable.

Additionally, many supplies also have sufficient capacity in terms of facilities and knowledge on how to recycle such pieces.

However, some materials, especially metallic, are hardly recyclable.

And even if you find some, which can be recycled, the process can be relatively daunting, or manufacturers might lack the capacity to recycle.

Which is Better Between Repairing and Replacing a Line Set Cover?

A suitable option here is based on the extent of deformation or distortion of the kit versus the cost of obtaining a new one.

If the repair is basic such as removal of scratches, or polishing, it would be more affordable than replacing the kit.

However, if the extent of deformation can affect efficiency, performance, convenience, and aesthetic appeal, replacing become a better option.

In other words, you need to weigh a viable option based on the elements mentioned above.

As you can see, there are many factors you should consider when buying line set covers.

At Biyang, we design and manufacture high quality line set covers.

Contact us today for the best prices on all HVAC duct systems.

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