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Jet Nozzle Diffuser

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As one of the top Jet Nozzle Diffuser manufacturers,  Biyang offers you all sizes of popular Jet Diffuser.  Biyang Jet Diffuser, also named Air Nozzle Diffuser, Ball Spout Jet Diffuser, Jet Nozzle Diffuser, is designed and used for high air volume and long distance throw.  Our product is already used in several airports, Shanghai Disneyland, Shanghai National Exhibition Center and so on.

With dozens of years in the HVAC Air Diffuser Industry, Biyang offers you good Jet Diffuser prices with high-performance functions and low noise level.  Biyang Jet Diffuser is made of cast aluminum, with an easy finger or automatically adjustable design.  The inner ball is of  +/-30 degrees adjustment.  Biyang Jet Diffusers cover all popular sizes, including 125mm, 160mm, 200mm,250mm, 315mm, 400mm, 500mm, 630mm.

Jet Diffuser colors can be made based on your request.  Whether classic RAL9016 powder coating, silver anodizing color, or a baked enamel coating, all are available here.  For the most common powder coating treatment, Biyang has used high resistant outdoor powder coating material to make our Jet Nozzle Diffuser more durable and light resistant even in harsh environment.

Besides the Air Nozzle Diffuser, Biyang also gets a whole set of accessories for HVAC parts.  In this way, it is very convenient for you to get all the parts at one time.  This saves your time and money.  Furthermore, this will also avoid the potential fitting and connection problems for various parts from different suppliers.  Biyang Jet Nozzle Diffuser can be easily assembled and installed at a site.

We provide you with the complete Jet Diffuser Installation details and guidance.  You will find it simple to do the set up with these guides.  In addition, Biyang also has the special working team to go aboard to set up the whole HVAC system for your project if it is required.  Our team has thousands of projects setting up experiences and can solve your problem in a short time.

Please just contact us for details and suggestions for your specific project and product.

ProductJet Nozzle Diffuser
Neck sizeφ125,φ150,φ200,φ250,φ315,φ350,φ400,φ500,φ630

Jet Nozzle Diffuser: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1. What is Jet Nozzle Diffuser?

Jet nozzle diffusers are high capacity diffusers with a jet type flow of air for high ceiling and large places applications.

Such applications require long throw in case of full mixing or spot heating and cooling conditions.

Jet nozzle diffuser

Jet nozzle diffuser

2. How do you Specify Jet Nozzle Diffuser?

You can specify jet nozzle diffusers by looking at the following factors:

  • Angle and direction of air flow distribution.
  • Type of material most preferably aluminum
  • Surface finish which can either be anodized or painted
  • Dimensions of the jet nozzle diffuser in terms of size
  • Model of the jet nozzle diffuser
  • Neck size

3. Why is Jet Nozzle Diffuser used in HVAC System?

Jet nozzle diffusers are important components in HVAC systems because it assists in controlling high volumes of air.

It is capable of controlling different high magnitudes of air throwing them over long distances.

It is, therefore, capable of ventilating or providing enough air in large rooms.

4. Where can you Use Jet Nozzle Diffuser?

You can use it in different places among them being meeting halls, convention centers, airports, auditoriums and shopping malls.

5. Is there Recommended Standard Design for Jet Nozzle Diffuser?

Yes, there is a common recommended standard design for jet nozzle diffusers.

Despite that, you can also come up with your own design as long as it is able to function well.

6. Why Buy Biyang Jet Nozzle Diffuser?

You should consider purchasing Biyang jet nozzle diffusers because:

  • It offers high quality jet nozzle diffusers at affordable prices
  • Jet nozzle diffusers from Biyang have high-performance functions
  • Apart from that, the jet nozzle diffusers produce very low levels of noise.
  • The main material is aluminum with an automatic adjustable or easy finger design.
  • Biyang offers jet nozzle diffusers of different sizes including 125mm, 160mm, 200mm,250mm, 315mm, 400mm, 500mm, 630mm.
  • The jet nozzle diffusers are also available in different surface finishes and colors.

7. Can you Adjust Jet Nozzle Diffuser to different Angles?

Jet nozzle diffuser

 Jet nozzle diffuser

Yes, you can adjust jet nozzle diffusers to different angles.

It is often directional at an angle of 30 degrees allowing you to an angle roll of 360 degrees.

8. What is the Best Material for Jet Nozzle Diffuser?

The best material that you can use in making a jet nozzle diffuser is aluminum.

Aluminum is a strong metal that is also resistant to corrosion.

9. How is Jet Nozzle Diffuser Installation Process?

You can install a jet nozzle diffuser by going through the following steps.

First, you need to collect all the materials and tools that you need for installation.

The tools that you need include:

  • Screw driver and four screws of the appropriate length and type
  • Utility knife
  • Warm drive clamp of the appropriate size.

After that, you will trace the opening area using a marker of the exact size as that of the jet nozzle diffuser.

You will cut the hole using the utility knife and then insert the flange of the jet nozzle diffuser into the opening.

Ensure that the flange is flush with the ceiling or wall.

After that you will attach the duct to the collar of the jet nozzle diffuser using a worm drive clamp.

Insert the jet nozzle diffuser into the flange and then adjust the air flow lock using the lock nut assembly.

Secure the jet nozzle diffuser and air duct using the screws and screw drivers.

10. How does Jet Nozzle Diffuser Function?

As air passes through the duct to the jet nozzle diffuser, it comes at a particular direction through a particular angle.

The jet nozzle diffuser automatically balances of the air by applying high drop of pressure.

It, therefore, releases enough air at high velocity and different angles thus capable of ventilating the whole room.

It also has a sealing gasket that keeps it airtight thus preventing any form of leak.

11. Jet Nozzle Diffuser come in How many Surface Finishes?

Jet nozzle diffusers come in different surface finishes including:

  • Classic RAL9016 powder surface finish coating
  • Silver anodizing color surface finish
  • Baked enamel surface finish coating

12. Does Jet Nozzle Diffuser allow for Adjusting Air Flow to any Direction?

Yes, you can easily adjust air flow to any direction when using the jet nozzle diffuser.

It has an adjusting angle of 360 degrees.

13. Are there Automatic Jet Nozzle Diffuser?

Yes, there are automatic jet nozzle diffusers.

The automatic jet nozzle diffusers can adjust that angle of air flow accordingly thus ensuring an even distribution of air.

14. What are the Advantages of using the Jet Nozzle Diffuser?

The advantages you will experience by using the jet nozzle diffuser include:

  • Even distribution of air even in the large rooms
  • Low noise levels thus most of the operation happen without notice
  • It is corrosion resistant thus ensuring a longer life span
  • It has a sealing gasket that will prevent it from leaking
  • The aluminum material has high tensile strength and can withstand high pressure
  • It is also available in different dimensions and surface finishes for you to choose from.

15. Is there Size Limitation for Jet Nozzle Diffuser?

No, there is no size limitation for jet nozzle diffusers.

Apart from the normal sizes, you can easily get a jet nozzle diffuser that will fit your application needs.

Jet nozzle diffuser

Jet nozzle diffuser

16. What other Accessories CanYou use Alongside Jet Nozzle Diffuser?

The main accessories that you can use alongside jet nozzle diffusers are:

  • Drive clamps for securing the duct properly to the jet nozzle diffuser
  • Flange where you will attach the jet nozzle diffuser

17. How does One-way Jet Nozzle Diffuser compare to Two-way Jet Nozzle Diffuser?

One-way jet nozzle diffuser has one path through which air will flow out.

On the other hand, two-way jet nozzle diffusers have two paths through which air will flow out.

18. Does Biyang Manufacture Custom Jet Nozzle Diffuser?

 HVAC system

HVAC system

Yes, Biyang manufactures custom jet nozzle diffusers according to your design specifications and functionality.


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