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Insulated Polyester Flexible Ducts

  • Safety guaranteed – no toxic gases emitted when caught on fire
  • Polyester laminated ducting with encapsulated high tensile steel wire support
  • High-resistant to fire and corrosion – gives the longer service life
  • Durable finish, low maintenance required, lightweight
  • Easy to install polyester flexible duct – reduces the number of joints in a run and eliminates the need for elbow and offsets

Biyang is a leading flexible duct manufacturer in China.  Offering critical products for your HVAC system, we make sure that we manufacture products without compromising its quality.  Engineered with the utmost care and attention to details, our insulated polyester flexible ducts are guaranteed to provide thermal comfort, superb air quality, and proper ventilation.

A flexible duct also called and known as “Flex” is used in the HVAC industry to provide air, return air, and exhaust air transport where the necessary application is required using diffusers.  Good ductwork is beneficial for it maintains good air quality, comfort, and provide cost-efficiency.

Being constantly exposed to thermal stresses (either hot or cold) due to its function, the flexible duct requires proper support and regular inspections to avoid sagging.  It is also important to regularly check the flex if it is free from any form of leakage to prevent loss of air velocity in the HVAC system.  Given the “flexible” in its name, flexible ducts are easy to install.  It reduces the need for elbow and offsets by keeping the joints in a run at a minimum.

For HVAC construction needs, Biyang offers top-notch polyester flexible ducts for all common HVAC duct applications.  Our insulated polyester flexible duct provides the most ideal solution for your ventilation and air-handling needs.  Constructed from polyester insulation is the most basic ducting.  However, most ducting used in residential applications are insulated and are classified through their R-value.  R-value represents the duct’s thermal resistance.  The higher the value, the more efficient the insulation is.  Examples of these R-value ducts are the R6 Ducting and the R8 Flex Duct.

Being a recognized manufacturing brand, we make sure that our products will speak for us.  We offer effective insulated polyester flexible ducts for both residential and commercial HVAC applications, and where applications are necessary.

To further expand and developed our product capabilities, we make sure that we have all that we need.  Our products are manufactured in our well-equipped facilities that are manned with industry-leading engineers that tirelessly working to ensure the quality of products will conform to the stringent industry standards and performance expectations.

Biyang products are all subjected to strict evaluation before leaving the factory to ensure products are real-world ready.

For your HVAC needs, Biyang is your trusted flexible duct manufacturer.  Our company offers highly efficient and thermally stable flexible ducts that require low maintenance.  With our insulated polyester flexible duct, you are certain to save both your time and money.

Biyang also accepts custom flexible duct orders to cater to your different product ideas and preferences.  Contact us now!

ProductInsulated Polyester Flexible Ducts
Standard Length10m
Compress Ration1:25
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