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Insulated Metal Ductwork

  • Custom in all kinds sizes and lengths, with diameter from 80mm to 2000mm
  • Biyang Insulated Metal Ductwork is airtight and of no water leakage
  • Swiss Imported Machine Spiro, nicer outlook and longer life expectancy

Included in the elite group of ductwork manufacturers in China, Biyang’s fruits of earnest labor and honest marketing are highly rated by many consumers and high-profile clients from all sides of the globe.  Since the company’s inception in the air system industry over 10 years ago, a multitude of HVAC components from our factories has helped countless of shops, hotels, industrial factories, residential buildings, and more, to get the best air quality possible on any given climate, outdoor conditions, and factors that happened to affect indoor temperature.

Collective numbers of ducts are what the HVAC system is made of and sometimes called as the ductwork.  The ductwork system is where air passes to be circulated throughout the entire property using different types of connectors.  There are different types of materials being utilized in constructing the ductwork system.  You can purchase ducts or pipes from galvanized steel and aluminum which is commonly called the sheet metal ductwork, fiberglass duct board, polyurethane.  There’s also this flexible ductwork composed of flexible non-metallic materials.

Biyang offers you our insulated metal ductwork.  Metal ductwork is considered the best ducting there is due to their rigid, strong features due to materials where they are made of.  Our insulated metal ventilation ducting is suiting for those property owners who want a lasting solution to their HVAC system.

Biyang insulated metal ductwork comes in standard configurations fitting for traditionally designed HVAC systems of different applications (establishments).  We also cater custom ductwork request, from circular to rectangular metal ducts, to its different sizes, Biyang got your back.  Due to handpicked mediums use in fabrication like aluminum and galvanized steel, our insulated metal duct offers unmatched durability that is certain to provide long service lifespan.  Due to insulated ducts, this type of ductwork is providing effective leak handling and prevents unnecessary energy loss.  Aside from leaks, our insulated ducts will help you prevent condensation build-up and assures to provide consistent air temperature (as desired).  Biyang custom insulated metal ducts can be pre-insulated using R-6 and R-8, creating a more reliable ducting with high tolerance to heat and moisture resistance.

Biyang insulated metal ductwork is manufactured to suit ever HVAC system that requires heat tolerance ducting.  Mainly used for the commercial establishment and industrial properties.  Aside from the preferred R-value of installation, Biyang also uses common insulation grades including R6 and R4.2 insulations to suit traditional HVAC system requirements.  We also provide diverse fiberglass insulation types and values befitting for different applications of heating and cooling.

Utilizing advanced tools and machinery, our insulated metal ductwork is made to feature unmatched reliability to any HVAC applications (where required), yet made available at a lower price.  We offer different air system products at a reasonable price that can afford by any, whether small or big establishment owners.

Insulated metal ductworks are not needed when the installation is within the conditioned area.  To help you make the right purchase for your brand-new or additional ducts, feel free to connect with us and be assisted by our employed industry-leading experts.

ProductInsulated Metal Ductwork
MaterialGalvanized steel, stainless steel
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