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HVAC Filters

  • Captures particles in 0.3 up 1.0 micron in size
  • Custom select premium grade materials
  • Designed with ecologically advanced filtration screen
  • Backed with heavy-gauge metal for superior strength

Recognized as one of the top manufacturers of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning parts, Biyang has established years of a good relationship with customers and aftermarket manufacturers alike which enabled us to continuously supply automotive parts manufactured to the highest specifications at a reasonable price.

Air condition filters, sometimes called HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-condition) filters, have varied uses for specific requirements.  An air conditioner unit will perform less efficiently if they have dirty air filters.  Thus, the purpose of HVAC air filters is to clean the air that flows through your heating and cooling system for better circulation.  They trap and prevent many types of micro particles and contaminants such as dust and dirt from affecting your comfort and well-being.  The HVAC filters are usually installed in HVAC diffusers like supply air diffuser, egg crate diffuser, square diffuser, air conditioning grill, exhaust louvers and vents products like those.

As HVAC filter manufacturer, we ensure that our products are highly appreciated by our esteemed clients once it is delivered in their doorsteps.  Our HVAC air filter embodies strength, superiority and resilience among the others in the market.  Biyang manufactures custom HVAC air condition filters that are easy to use and has accurate dimension for surface mounting.

Our 35 years of expertise positioned us to manufacture custom HVAC filters that is We, as a furnace manufacturer, is committed to providing a one-stop solution for all your air filter needs.  We are an ISO certified company.

Biyang is a reputed HVAC air filter manufacturer, pioneered by brilliant and talented individuals, who lives up to the company’s reputation – quality and service.  Our products are intricated made through cutting-edge technologies and strictly monitored quality control in all stages of production.

Biyang engineers are filled with fueling desire to provide our respected customers the best value for HVAC air filters.  Tens of thousands of air filters are in stock to meet the market volume.  Combined with integrated approach, quality control, advanced mechanisms to fulfill the multitude of specific requirements of HVAC air filters.

Our certified technical specialists are always thrilled to answer any questions HVAC air filters.  We also offer additional services like customizing HVAC air filters that best suits your needs.

If you want a long-lasting and durable HVAC air filters, lucky or you, you’ve found us.  Impeccable performance and a touch of class – these are how we characterize these HVAC air filters.  The features of this air filter are one of the best you will ever find in the market.

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ProductHVAC Filters
MaterialMetal, Fiberglass, Polyester
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