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HVAC Damper

  • Leak resistant
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Attaches tightly to duct fittings
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures
  • Perfect-fit components, ensuring proper adherence to the duct sizes

Founded in China, Biyang is a premium manufacturer of HVAC dampers for HVAC ductings.  Choose from our comprehensive catalog of high-quality OEM, aftermarket.  Always at the front of technological advancement, Biyang aims to deliver world-class service by combining the finest ducting technology with its own state of the art facility.

Dampers are valve or place that stops or regulates the airflow.  One of its function is to cut off heating, ventilation, air conditioning air from one room, or to regulate it for room by room temperature and climate control.  Biyang manufactures HVAC Dampers for all duct size, including motorized damper, fire dampers, back draft damper, parallel dampers, opposed blade damper, butterfly damper, round backdraft damper, balancing damper, and can be fitted to a vertical or horizontal duct.  These mechanical dampers designed to control or fulfill the specific heating, ventilating, air conditioning requirements that conform to the strictest industry standards.  If you are looking for a high-quality HVAC damper, Biyang is the best place to go.

Regardless of airflow direction, all HVAC dampers have identical operating characteristics.  This allows Biyang HVAC dampers to be mounted in whatever direction of flow.  Constructed out of 100% recyclable aluminum, Biyang dampers are reduced in height with no blade stops, which optimizes free area and increases airflow performance better than traditional dampers.  HVAC Dampers comes with reduced torque size required to turn the blade.  This balances the airflow on each side of the blade, allowing better performance.

There are many types of dampers in HVAC system for every application and fitting with limited or no modifications.  These dampers are fabricated from high-quality material depending on the kid of ventilation system needed.  They are specially designed to be lighter in weight compared to traditional dampers.  Along with its lightweight property is a combination of durability and longevity.  Creating a damper from recyclable aluminum can add to its overall performance.

With over 25 years of success and expertise in this industry, we’re here to exceed your expectations with:

  • Straightforward pricing policy
  • Excellent customer service
  • Fastest shipping time
  • Easy to use catalog
  • Ability to produce large volumes daily
  • Recognized brand in the aftermarket industry
  • Comprehensive catalog of product line for many vehicles makes and models

As a supplier of HVAC dampers, we ensure that all products thoroughly tested before packaged and shipped for transit.  Initiating returns are quick and easy.

Located in China, Biyang offers many types of damper for every heating, ventilation, and air conditioning uses.  Available in a variety of models, you can choose from both rectangle and round configurations designed specifically for things like safety-focused applications, leak-resistant properties, and heavy-duty industrial needs.

Get your HVAC dampers at the lowest cost possible from Biyang.  If you want to be enlightened about the unique and exceptional benefits our HVAC balancing dampers, simply call us at our direct line or write down your concern and email us on (beyond@bi-yang.com) We’re here to assist you.

ProductHVAC Damper
MaterialGalvanized steel, stainless steel
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