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  • High Temp Flexible Duct
  • High Temp Flexible Duct

High Temp Flexible Duct

  • Extremely fire resistant duct
  • Low MOQ with 100pcs
  • Custom making is always available

Biyang High Temp Flexible Duct, also named High Temperature Flexible Duct or High Temperature Flex Ducting, is a great choice for high temperature ducting applications.

Biyang High Temp Flexible Duct is made of high standard reinforced glass fabric, combined with first-class fire resistant aluminum foil.  It is a combined flexible duct of non-flammable features which can stand up to 1000℃ temperature in the toughest environment, 10 times over common flexible duct.

As a result, Biyang High Temp Flexible Duct is now used for chemical fume, steam, welding gas, end gas of machine making, complicated gas from construction and so on.  As a professional High Temp Flexible Duct supplier, we are providing a technical solution for your high temperature or chemical air exhaust.

As the Heat Resistant Flexible Ducting, Biyang High Temp Flexible Duct has all features of Flexible Ventilation Duct.  It has a compressing ratio of 1:10 which means 10 meters duct is about 1 meter after packing.  This significantly reduces the shipping volumes and shipping cost.  The common sizes are all available from 2” to 20”.  The most popular ones are 2-inch flexible duct hose, 12-inch flexible duct hose and so on.

Custom making is always our concern and focus.  Excellent performance in fire retardant needs to be accompanied by affordable prices.  Biyang provides you a combined package based on your own requirement.

For example, if your projects require the High Temp Flexible Duct around 400℃, we can reduce our material standard to meet your demands with better pricing.  In this way, you get a qualified product with more competitive pricing.

Biyang always provides one stop solution for you, from product research to bulk goods packing.  For a construction project, we normally pack goods in the bulk packing or on pallet.

In this way, it saves the volume and is very easy for your unloading.  For retail purchasing, we can pack each piece with white box printed with your logo.  Therefore, it would be very convenient for your retail.

Just let us know if you have any need for High Temp Flexible Duct.

ProductHigh Temp Flexible Duct
Standard Length10m
Compress Ration1: 10


High Temp Flexible Duct: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1) What is a High Temperature Flexible Duct?

Also referred to as High Temperature Flex Ducting, or High Temperature Flexible Duct, High Temp Flexible Duct offers flexible options for ultra-high temperature ducting applications.

These duct work fittings are not only resistant to high intensities of heat, but they are also flame retardant.

There are a variety High Temperature Flexible Duct designed for prolonged used and durability when subjected to elevated temperatures.

High temperature flexible duct

 High temperature flexible duct

2) Is High Temp Flexible Duct Non-flammable?

Yes, High temperature Flex ducting is a flexible duct having non-flammable properties that can withstand up to 1000℃ temperature in the most strenuous condition.

This is 10 times greater than that of ordinary flexible duct.

Due this fact, high temp flexible duct is highly suitable for applications where you will install them close to flammable materials.

In addition, they are suitable for projects with strict fire safety stipulations.

3) What is the Temperature Range for High Temp Flexible Duct?

The broad spectrum of materials used to manufacture High Temperature Flex ducting offers an expansive maximum temperature from -150°C to +900°C and +1100°C for short periods.

Additionally, the materials used for the fabrication of these ductwork fitting is from officially graded flame retardant materials.

4) What are the Benefits of Using High Temperature Flexible Duct?

In high temperature ductwork applications, it is crucial that you have the right equipment capable of handling the heat applied to it.

Due to this fact, it is essential to use high temperature flexible ducts in projects involving extreme temperatures. Let’s look at the key benefits of high temp flexible ducts.

  • Without high temperature flex ducting, intense heat can lead to permanent destruction to the flexible duct, your HVAC ventilation system, and hamper your project.
  • The use of long-lasting and heat resistant fittings is critical when dealing with projects requiring ventilation and hot air.

The utilization of appropriate high temperature flexible ducts is economical, boosts productivity and maximizes general safety.

  • Because of their flexibility, you can use the ducts in inaccessible areas of the building or facility.

5) Where Can You Use High Temp Flexible Duct?

High temperature flex ducting is suitable for applications involving steamwork, automobiles, chimneys, and other exceptionally high temperature applications.

Flexible duct system

 Flexible duct system – Photo courtesy: Heat and Cooley

i. For example, modern engines are possibly one of the most popular types of systems that depend on a blend of high temperature flex ducting. It helps to attain correct ventilation and gas expulsion.

These types of flexible duct, of course, find use in a variety of other applications.

Apart from exhaust systems, these ductwork fittings get use in kilns, chimneys, furnaces, and welding.

ii. Particularly, the welding process generates a reasonably high level of chemicals including chromium. Left unchecked, breathing in of these fumes can result in severe health complications.

Nevertheless, by installing high temp flexible duct, you can substantially reduce the quantity of welding fumes released during the process of welding. This dramatically boosts your general safety and well-being.

iii. High temperature flexible duct also have application in the form of long-lasting, flame resistant chimney duct.

By funneling smoke, flames, smoke, heat, and soot via aluminum or stainless steel high temperature flexible duct, you can prevent destroying your brick or stone chimney surface.

This increases the general lifespan and aesthetic attraction of the mentioned surface without forfeiting any ventilation quality.

6) How Do You Check Quality of High Temperature Flexible Duct?

Top quality high temp flexible duct should undergo performance-testing in line with industry standards to guarantee reliability and durability.

One of the ways you can confirm the quality of your high temperature flexible duct is by checking its UL listing and certification.

UL is a non-profit laboratory with an exceptional repute for performance testing and fire safety.

Another industry standard which is important in checking the quality of high temperature flex ducting is certification by the Air Diffusion Council for thermal performance.

The flexible duct needs to be certified in line with the ADC Flexible Duct Performance and Installation Standards (1996).

Certified R-values are instrumental in ensuring that the product you purchase comply with the many regulatory codes.

In short, a high-quality high temperature flexible duct meets most of the industry regulatory codes. Make sure you buy a flexible duct that has gone through performance testing and is certified.

7) What are the Main Materials for High Temp Flexible Duct?

Stainless steel, polyurethane, PVC, silicone, neoprene-dipped polyester fabric and Rubberare common types of high temperature flexible duct material.

Here is a brief detail of the major materials utilized in industrial High Temperature Flexible Duct, as well as the reason why they are the best for high temp flexible duct.

High temp flexible duct

High temp flexible duct

i. Rubber Material

This types of ducts are very costly due to their toughness in air and air conveyance applications.

It is crucial to note that there different kinds of rubber employed in the manufacture of high temperature flex ducting.

Compounds comprising of neoprene or thermoplastic rubber are vital in the construction of this type of high temperature flexible ducts.

These ducts incline to favor firm physical frame over versatility.

Even though you can flex them in specific directions, they are not meant for continued flexing.

ii. Aluminum Material

Aluminum is among the most widely utilized metals in the world. Blending its lighter weight form and physical durability, aluminum is a favorite in the construction of high temperature flex ducting.

In comparison to other metal compounds utilized to fabricate high temp flexible duct, aluminum is the more cost-effective alternative.

Aluminum is a perfect material for withstanding the abrasive effects of high temperatures going beyond 250°C.

Aluminum high temp flexible ducts also retain their shape when bent, which makes them a better option over other flexible ducting.

iii. Fabric Material

High temperature flexible ducts constructed from fabric materials are very common in the market since they are budget-friendly, mobile, and lightweight.

If you require a flexible duct for hot air movement, then a fabric high temperature flex ducting is a smart option.

The fabric material utilized to make high temp flexible duct usually have a coating of rubber or plastic compounds, the most common examples being PVC or neoprene.

This coating accords the flexible ducts an enhanced degree of durability and even shield against intense temperatures and harsh chemicals.

Due to their lightweight, it is easier to press fabric high temperature flexible ducts to smaller sizes, implying that it is very convenient to transport them.

iv. Fiberglass

A high temp flexible duct made manufactured from fiberglass is the perfect alternative for high temperature fume and air applications.

The composition of a fiberglass comprise of a plastic base woven across with a glass fiber.

When utilized as the main material for high temperature flexible ducting, fabricators often use an elastomeric compound such as neoprene or silicone to coat the body of the fiberglass.

Select a fiberglass high temp flexible duct when you want a flexible duct for transporting harsh fumes at elevated temperatures.

However, this type of flexible duct is not the kind that withstand continuous flexing.

You can bend fiberglass high temp flexible duct in some directions, though not on a continual basis.

v. Silicone

When you require a flexible duct for fume and air conveyance involving very extreme temperatures, a high temp flexible duct made from silicone is the best choice for the project.

Silicone is well known for its exceptional resistance to high temperatures and chemicals.

High Temperature flexible duct made from silicone commonly has fiberglass laced into their bodies for extra high temperature resistance.

Majority of flexible ducts in this category function in temperatures up to 550° F, even though some can go above this temperature.

vi. Stainless Steel

A high temp flexible duct manufactured from stainless steel is among the most physically tough ducting alternatives available to you.

In most cases, flexibility is not always the main concern when shopping for stainless steel high temperature flex ducting. This is because ducts in this category are rigid and not designed for flexibility.

The mainattribute of a stainless steel high temperature flexible duct is its resistance to exceptional temperature variations and durability.

This type of flexible duct can withstand temperatures up to -400° F at a minimum, and 1650° F at maximum.

In addition, the presence of chromium in the composition of stainless steel, high temp flexible ducts of this kind have very high corrosion resistance from elemental factors.

8) How are High Temperature Flexible Duct Classified?

Classification of high temp flexible duct is done depending on the material used in their fabrication.

Based on the material used as per FAQ 7, we have:

  • Rubber High temp flexible duct
  • Aluminum High temp flexible duct
  • Fiberglass high temperature flexible duct
  • Silicone high temperature flexible duct
  • Fabric high temperature flexible duct
  • PVC high temperature flexible duct
  • Stainless steel high temp flexible duct

9) What is a Heat Duct?

Heat duct are heat resistant ductwork fittings crucial for an efficient heat ducting system.

The design of these products enables them to work well in high-temperature applications and environments.

It is important to work with heat duct that can endure extreme temperatures in cases the applications calls for it.

If not used, your system is at risk of having a damaged vent, leading to a reduction in the efficiency of your ventilation system.

10) What is High Temperature Flexible Duct Hose?

High temperature flexible duct hose is small to large diameter flexible hose that can manage vacuum, in addition to relatively higher pressures than ordinary ducting.

There exists 6 general materials that are instrumental in the manufacture of high temp flexible duct hose.

They comprise of stainless steel, silicone, neoprene, aluminum, and thermoplastic rubber.

On the other hand, there are hybrid high temperature flexible duct hoses that utilize fiberglass, Teflon, or Nomex.

You can use a high temperature flexible duct hose in a number of different applications and industries.

They are very instrumental for the purpose of moving extremely hot gases or air from one location to another.

High temp flexible duct hoses find use in applications consisting of automotive, furnaces in industries, and range hoods in commercial kitchens among other applications.

Nonetheless, it is essential to note that high temperature flexible duct hoses are not identical in their performance.

Their exact temperature resistance range and degree of flexibility differ depending on the materials used to make them.

11) What is the Maximum Pressure Rating for High Temp Flexible Duct?

The maximum pressure for most ductwork systems fall within the range between 6 to 10 inches WC. Typically the static pressure is capped to a maximum of 7 inches WC.

HVAC systems that need pressure beyond 7 inches WC are usually unwarranted and could lead to very high costs of operating.

For efficient performance, the needed maximum working pressure of the high temperature flex ducting hose ought to be higher than the working pressure and any peak or surge pressures within the system.

Also not that, the maximum pressure rating of a high temp flexible duct is dependent on the pressure rating of the weakest fitting in the system.

Does High Temperature Flexible Duct has Standard Dimensions?

The standard length of high temperature flex ducting is 10 m, with sizes ranging from 2” to 20”.

However, the most common being 2-inch and 12-inch high temp flexible ducts.

What is UL Rating for High Temperature Flexible Duct?

Rating of high temp flexible ducts is as per UL 181, a prerequisite applying to materials in the manufacture of air duct and air connector fittings.

The UL Listed high temperature Flexible Duct have to pass all the 15 tests under the UL 181 Standard.

Does High Temperature Flex Ducting has Fire Retardant Properties?

Yes, high temperature flex ducting are flame retardant ducts that are in a position to withstand extreme temperatures when transferring fumes and air.

These flexible ducts have great heat resistance, and some are resistant to temperatures reaching above 1000 degrees Celsius.

It is essential to utilize fire rated ductwork in case you are to install the high temperature flex ducting near flammable materials in order to minimize the risk of fire.

What is R-factor?

High temperature flexible duct

High temperature flexible duct

R-Factor is the thermal resistance of the ductwork system. R-value is a measure of heat flow resistance across a particular thickness of the material.

Though R-value is instrumental, it is just among the four main factors that dictate the efficacy of insulation material.

R-Value determines how effective insulation is capable of resisting heat flow.

Whenever HVAC technician measures the R-Value of your ductwork system, they are describing the insulation about your high temp flex ducting and how effective it inhibits heat from escaping or entering your ducts.

A higher R-Value implies a better insulating material, with the minimum value being R4.2.

The energy code you want to enforce determines the R Value requirements for your HVAC ductwork system.

How does Biyang Package High Temp Flexible Duct for Shipping?

For a construction project, we normally pack goods in the bulk packing or on pallet.

In this way, it saves the volume and is very easy for your unloading.

For retail purchasing, we can pack each piece with white box printed with your logo.

Therefore, it would be very convenient for your retail.

What is the Standard Color for Biyang High Temperature Flex Ducting?

The standard colors for Biyang high temperature flexible duct are green, red and grey, though we can custom make them as per your requirements.

Can Biyang Cut High Temperature Flex Ducting to Size?

Yes, Biyang can make you custom length based on your specific request.

Apart from High Temperature Flexible Duct, Biyang Exports which HVAC Products?

Biyang has a wide range of top quality ductwork products. In addition to the high temperature flexible duct we supply the following HVAC products:

  • Flexible Duct Connector
  • Insulation Protection Shield
  • Duct Insulation Sleeve
  • Duct Connector
  • Duct Splitter
  • Duct Boot
  • Duct Splitter
  • Hose Clump
  • HVAC Diffuser

How Long will Biyang High Temperature Ducting Last?

Biyang high temp flexible ducts have a great life provided no water or moisture gets in them.

They can work effectively for more than 50 years, though the shelf life of high temperature flex ducting can differ greatly depending on the kind of ductwork you install.

Does Biyang High Temperature Flexible Ducting have a Warranty?

Biyang design and manufacture it high temp flexible ducting to the highest standards.

For this reason, all our products enjoy a standard, 1-year labor limited warranty.

Additionally, some Biyang high temp flexible duct may also have warranty periods of 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, or a lifetime.

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