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Galvanized Steel Ductwork

  • Biyang provides Galvanized Steel Ductwork of different usages
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Biyang is one of the ductwork manufacturers in China that is well-known to produce high-end air system products and accessories.  Committed to providing satisfactory service at all times, Biyang uses state-of-the-art manufacturing technology in producing all types of HVAC goods.

Ducts are distinguished as pipes used in HVAC systems.  They serve as the channel of air to deliver, supply, or remove air for the whole property where the ductwork system is applied.  A properly working ductwork system is critical to achieving a high-quality air and indoor temperature control.  Air ducts can be made using different materials and sizes to cope up with different applications of HVAC systems.  They can be made with flexible ducts (non-metallic) PVC, polyester, and plastic.  This type of duct is suitable for the installation area having tight corners.

The other common classification of air ducts is made from aluminum and galvanized steel also known as the sheet metal duct.  They are composed of thin pieces of metals, which offers more solid features than that of flexible duct.  Biyang galvanized sheet metal ducting is used to prevent rusting and the need for painting due to its natural corrosion-resistant.

Biyang Galvanized sheet metal ducts are commonly used by establishments that need a lasting solution for their HVAC systems.  We manufacture galvanized sheet metal ducting that meets stringent HVAC specifications and standards established.  Biyang galvanized sheet metal ducts can we utilize to any HVAC system and is certainly not to break your bank.  Statistically speaking, the galvanized steel sheet is not affected by global market pricing fluctuation.  It offers a longer life span compared to other alloys.  Biyang galvanized steel sheets have unquestionable durability that will be of service for your ductwork system for many years.  It will also save you money throughout the duct life span.  Further saving your bank from braking due to less maintenance cost.  Our galvanized sheet metal ducts offer unmatched sturdiness and strength.  Also, this type of sheet metal duct is easy to inspect.

Biyang galvanized steel ductwork is suitable for ventilation systems of different industrials establishments, commercial buildings, restaurants, hotels, and many more.

Fabricating to fit all standard and traditionally designed HVAC system or ductwork, we produce rectangular metal duct, spiral round duct, and square metal ducting of all sizes.  We export our products to many Southeast Asian countries and other places across the globe.  Our company also offers hands-on assistance.  We can send a special set up team on your project site to help you with HVAC works when requested.  In order to maintain the production of galvanized steel ductwork, we are partnered with China’s industry-leading steel suppliers including Baosteel and Taigang.  The company also implements a fast delivery system for projects that demands immediate installation.

If found yourself having the needs of low cost, lasting solution, consider Biyang’s galvanized steel ductwork.  Our products are certainly not to disappoint.  Contact us now so we can provide proper consultation to which is best for your project.

ProductGalvanized Steel Ductwork
MaterialGalvanized steel, stainless steel
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