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Galvanized Spiral Ducting

  • Advanced Swiss imported machine Spiro for production of Biyang Galvanised Spiral Ducting
  • High quality material supplied by large steel companies.
  • Widely used in all kinds of ductwork system.

Biyang Galvanised Spiral Ducting, also named Galvanized Spiral Duct, is made out of galvanized steel with lock formed sealing. Biyang Galvanised Spiral Ducting varies from 80mm to 2000mm in diameter.

Compared with most suppliers in China, Biyang Galvanized Spiral Ducting is smoother and more elegant in surface effect, which improves the airflow efficiency. This is because all Biyang Galvanised Spiral Ducting is made from the Swiss imported machine Spiro.

This machine cost is nearly 10 times higher than the Chinese local brand machine. The Spiro machine is more durable, and not easy to break down. The duct connections are easily sealed with the machine.

This ensures the steady production for your ducts. All Biyang Galvanised Spiral Ducting is airtight and of no water leakage. This ensures good running for your HVAC system for all kinds of situations.

In addition, large steel companies like Baosteel and Taigang are our long term material suppliers. Their consistent quality of galvanized steel also helps maintain the quality of our Galvanized Spiral Ducting.

Biyang Galvanised Spiral Ducting is widely used in all kinds of ductwork system. It is rust resistant.   Compared with Galvanized Welded Pipe, Galvanised Spiral Ducting is lower in cost.

Also if taking the Stainless Steel Spiral Duct into consideration, you will also find Galvanised Spiral Ducting is more cost effective. As a result, it is a good choice for dust collection, industrial ventilation, large commercial building with restaurants and so on.

Take the furniture industry, for example, Biyang Spiral Ducting has helped many furniture suppliers in Zhejiang province in their the dust collection system, such as Jiaxing Fengxiang, Jinhua JH and so on.

As a well known spiral ductwork supplier, Biyang has been in HVAC industry for more than 10 years. Biyang Galvanized Spiral Ducting is also exported to many countries, like Japan, Spain, Chile, Thailand and so on.  Besides, we also provide all sorts of duct fittings and accessories, like spiral duct elbow, spiral duct reducers, spiral duct tee, spiral duct connectors, HVAC Damper, plenum box and so on.

Order or no order, we Biyang are always pleased to receive your inquiry and solve your problem.

ProductGalvanized Spiral Ducting
MaterialGalvanized steel

Galvanized Spiral Ducting: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1. What are Galvanized Spiral Ducting?

Galvanized spiral ducting is a galvanized or aluminum type of duct that you can use for different ducting purposes.

Galvanized spiral ducting

 Galvanized spiral ducting

2. Why use Galvanized Spiral Ducting?

You should use the galvanized spiral ducting because of the following reasons:

  • It is more flexible and allows for easier contraction and expansion.
  • You can easily connect the spiral ducting through flange-to-flange or slip joint connections.
  • Galvanized steel is a strong and durable material thus increasing the life span of the galvanized spiral ducting.
  • It is elegant and smoother in surface effect thus improving efficiency of airflow.
  • It is rust resistant thus allowing you to use it in different types of applications.
  • It has an attractive appearance with a proper aesthetic appeal allowing you to paint.

3. Is there Size Limitation of Galvanized Spiral Ducting?

The size limitations for galvanized spiral ducting varies according to your specifications thus no limitations.

Biyang galvanized spiral ducting come in various sizes ranging between 80 mm to 2000 mm in diameter.

4. What are the Main Function of Galvanized Spiral Ducting?

You can use the galvanized spiral ducting for different functions such as:

  • Collection of dust in different industries such as the furniture industry
  • Ventilation duct in industrial settings and large commercial buildings
  • Heating purposes such as providing hot air in different applications
  • Air conditioning for delivering and removing hot and cold air.

5. How Thick Should Galvanized Spiral Ducting be?

The thickness of the galvanized spiral ducting varies depending on your requirements.

It ranges from 0.4/0.5/0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.5/2.0 millimeters for you to choose from.

You can either choose from the list or state your custom galvanized spiral ducting thickness.

6. How does Galvanized Spiral Ducting compare to Normal Ducting System?

Galvanized spiral ducting is more flexible and smooth in comparison to normal ducting systems.

It is very difficult to have holes on the spiral ducting in comparison to the normal ducting systems.

It has a round shape which is difficult to puncture in comparison to the other shapes of the normal ducting.

In terms of cost, galvanized spiral ducting is cheaper than the normal ducting systems.

7. Are there Specific Quality Standards for Galvanized Spiral Ducting?

Yes, there are specific quality standards for galvanized spiral ducting.

Galvanized spiral ducting manufacturers have to conform to the set quality standards such as ISO, UL, CE, and ASTM, amongst others.

The quality standards will dictate the type of material to use among other factors.

8. Which HVAC Fittings can you Use Alongside Galvanized Spiral Ducting?

You can different types of HVAC fittings alongside galvanized spiral ducting such as:

  • Duct Connectors
  • HVAC elbow connectors
  • Duct Reducers
  • Duct boot
  • Duct Splitter
  • HVAC saddle tap
  • Flexible duct connectors.

9. Are there Female Ended Galvanized Spiral Ducting?

Yes, there are female ended galvanized spiral ducting.

The female ended galvanized spiral ducting connect with the male ended galvanized spiral ducting.

10. How does Galvanized Spiral Ducting improve Airflow Efficiency?

Galvanized spiral ducting improves air flow efficiency due to its elegant nature.

Apart from that, it is smooth and has no distractions thus improving air flow.

11. Why Trust Biyang Galvanized Spiral Ducting?

You should trust Biyang Galvanized spiral ducting due to the following reasons:

  • Biyang uses high quality materials in making the galvanized spiral ducting thus a guarantee of high quality.
  • It also uses the most advanced machines in making the galvanized spiral ducting
  • It adheres to the set quality standards thus ensuring durability and safety of galvanized spiral ducting
  • Biyang ensures steady supply of the galvanized spiral ducting due to the reliability of the systems and machines.
  • Biyang produces corrosion resistant galvanized spiral ducting thus reducing the cost of maintenance.

12. Is Galvanized Spiral Ducting Watertight?

Yes, galvanized spiral ducting is water tight and does not allow water to leak through it.

Apart from that, the galvanized spiral ducting is also air tight thus eliminating leakages completely.

13. How is Galvanized Spiral Ducting made?

Galvanized spiral ducting is made by going through the following steps:

Step One: Material Selection

First, you need to decide on the material that you will use in making the galvanized spiral ducting.

The material can either be galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless steel.

Step Two: Spiral Duct Fabrication Process

After that, you will place the slit coil on the uncoiler and then goes through a rough leveler.

The leveler will flatten the material before sending it through an edge trimmer for formation.

The formation process takes the strip through an outer and inner welding stage moving it in circular motion.

It leads to the formation of a spiral before pinching or welding the edges together to form a duct piece.

You will then cut it from the machine at the length that you desire before inspecting and testing for any faults.

14. Does Galvanized Spiral Ducting require Insulation?

 Galvanized spiral duct

 Galvanized spiral duct

Yes, galvanized spiral ducting requires insulation.

The main material for making galvanized spiral ducting is galvanized steel.

Since it is capable of conducting heat, insulation of the galvanized spiral ducting is necessary.

15. What is the difference between Rectangular and Spiral Ductwork?

 Rectangular vs Galvanized Spiral Ducting

 Rectangular vs Galvanized Spiral Ducting

Spiral ductwork is cheaper in comparison to rectangular ductwork because it uses 32% less galvanized sheet metal.

In both cases, you can use other materials such as fiberglass board to make the ductwork.

The main advantages of the rectangular ductwork over the spiral duct work include:

  • You can adapt it to any building height restriction
  • You can easily ship them by nesting or breaking them down.

The main difference between the two include:

  • Spiral ductwork leak less in comparison to the rectangular ductwork as it lacks longitudinal joints and fewer transverse joints.
  • Spiral ductworks produce less noise because it has better and lower pressure drop thus reducing fan speed and drum effect.
  • Spiral ductwork is also stiffer thus making it easier to insulate in comparison to the rectangular ductwork.

16. Which Accessories can you use with Galvanized Spiral Ducting?

You can use accessories such as ball joints, quick disconnects, diverter valves, and air actuated gates with galvanized spiral ducting.

17. What is Spiral Duct Take off?

Spiral duct take off is the count of the material that you will need to use in a project to its completion.

It includes the number of spiral ducts that you will need to complete a particular project.

18. Is there Standard Galvanized Spiral Duct Design?

No, there is no standard spiral duct design as you can come up with your own design.

You can also choose from the available spiral duct work shapes and designs.


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