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Flexible Heating Ducts

  • High Thermal Endurance
  • Layered Design
  • Easy Use

Biyang manufactures heat resistant, flexible ducting for heating and exhaust systems.  As a leading flexible heat duct supplier, we are committed to ensuring quality and reliable products.  Our heating ducts are easy to install, durable, and expertly designed to withstand a wide range of conditions.

Heating ducts supply air from furnaces or vent it to the outside from kitchen hoods and other installations.  For a properly functioning system, the ducts must be of high quality.  Flex heating ducts from Biyang feature a robust construction.  This ensures they do not get damaged easily during installation or even after.  They provide effective venting, ensuring a properly functioning intake and exhaust air system.

Heating system ducts need to withstand high heat levels or risk losing effectiveness and eventual failure.  Biyang uses special coatings that allow ducts to stand up to different temperature levels.  The ducts are also flame-retardant and safe for cooker hood ducting and heating furnace applications.

Heating ducts are prone to all sorts of damage such as leaks and cuts.  To prevent that from happening, Biyang uses a multi-layer construction.  A corrosion-resistant steel wire spiral encloses the ducts, helping to strengthen them further.

Every Biyang flex heating duct utilizes clamps to attach to the heating system.  These clamps are easy to fix and require no expensive tools or accessories.  We also make the ducts a breeze to shorten so they suit different installation requirements.  You only need a wire cutter and knife to size the ducts to your preferred lengths.

Biyang flex heating ducts suit different applications, including the most demanding environments.  We have kitchen duct to carry away kitchen greases, fumes, and heat in the most effective way.  Every cooker hood ducting from Biyang features quality materials for an extended lifespan.  Other Biyang products include flexible furnace duct for use with home heating systems.  To prevent heat loss, furnace ducts come with insulation.  They are also fire-resistant to offer safe operation.

Our market spans all parts of the world.  To ensure the demand for flexible heating ducts is fully met, Biyang has invested in state-of-the-art duct making machines and testing equipment.  We have a team of engineers who design and oversee the manufacturing of the ducting products in our inventory.  We are able to supply large-scale orders.  For custom products, we take the shortest time to produce them.

By choosing Biyang for your flex heating duct needs, you are assured of quality products that meet your requirements.  We only use premium materials to make heating ducts and follow strict manufacturing and product testing guidelines.  Biyang offers clients a large selection of flexible heating ducts.  We have kitchen duct to ventilate kitchen tops, flexible furnace duct for HVAC systems, and more.  You will find the perfect duct for your particular system, or you can request for bespoke ducts.

Biyang also manufactures flexible aluminum foil tape, ducted range hood, rain louvres, and door vents.  Every ducting option from Biyang is designed to suit the specific.  Differences range from heat endurance levels, design styles, sizes, to sturdiness.  Whether looking for flexible furnace ducting, flexible duct for range hood or any other system, we have got you covered.  Our experts will also offer you advice on the right flexible ducting, depending on the particular application.

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ProductFlexible Heating Ducts
Standard Length10m
Compress Ration1: 10
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