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Flexible Duct with Insulation

  • Easy use
  • Layered design
  • Energy efficient
  • Optimum flexibility
  • High thermal endurance

Biyang is a manufacturing brand that is in line with the best ductwork manufacturers in China and the world.  We have provided countless products for different HVAC needs in the industry for over 10 years and are dedicated to keeping on doing so.  With numbers of manufacturing facilities equipped with industry-leading manufacturing tools and machining that are manned with best engineers and staff, Biyang ensures that product quality that exceeds traditional industry standards are consistently produced.

In the ventilation system, flexible ducts are used to transport cooled or hot conditioned air throughout the entire room space (vice versa) using grilles or diffusers.  Widely used in HVAC projects that require quick applications or for short term installation.  Also known as the flex, flexible ducts made from aluminium foil that is covered with the coil (made of metal).  Flexible ductwork gives an advantage of reducing the needs for elbows and offsets by reducing joints, which makes the installation swift.

Considered as one of the leading insulated flexible duct suppliers, we at Biyang are grinding daily to provide flex ducts that will not disappoint.  This flex hose is made compatible with all kinds of round flexible ductwork.  Featuring unmatched flexibility, our insulated flexible duct is easy to manipulate into tight corners.  Effective abatement or/and gaining of heat loss – conserving energy in the long run.  It also controls moisture condensation.  Best price in the market.  We make the impossible possible.  Combining both worlds of affordability and quality, our flexible duct with insulation will be your ideal solution for your HVAC system needs.

Due to its optimum flexibility, insulated flexible ducts are used in all general HVAC systems.  Commercial and industrial, you name it.  Our products are a great product for enhancing your thermal comfort by effectively supplying necessary airflow to where an insulated flex duct is applied.

Putting into consideration different HVAC requirements and types of usage.  Biyang fabricates insulated flexible air ducts using different mediums and raw materials.  Stainless steel, aluminum, reinforced glass fiber, PET, PVC, and other materials suiting for every type of HVAC system.  Given many materials available for construction, an insulated aluminum flex duct is considered the most effective type of insulated flex duct there is.  With the use of these materials, our insulated flexible air duct guarantees to properly operate under any given extremities whether cold or hot.  Also, we use a different type of insulation including red Owens, white non-woven fabric, and yellow fiberglass core which is the most widely used.

Here at Biyang, we give you the convenience of purchasing online.  You don’t have to visit other sites just to find different HVAC products you need.  Aside from the flexible duct with insulation, the company also provides fittings and accessories of all types for your flexible ductwork.  Our product includes varieties of a hose clamp, hose clip, wire hose clamp, flexible duct connector and so much more, matching fittings like ducting valves, motorized dampers, fire dampers, AC Plenum Box and so on.  Utilizing one of a kind delivery system, Biyang ensures you receive your orders just as promised and within the given time span.

Huge projects locally and overseas?  Not a problem. Get in touch with us and have access to our vast product line that will surely help your HVAC system.

ProductFlexible Duct with Insulation
Standard Length10m
Compress Ration1: 10
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