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Flexible Dryer Duct

  • Sturdy Construction
  • Fire and Corrosion Resistant
  • Easy to Install

Biyang is a leading flexible dryer duct manufacturer.  Over time, we have built the reputation of being a quality-oriented company.  Biyang flexible clothes dryer ducts offer no installation challenge, operate efficiently, and last a long time.  They ventilate a clothes dryer in the most effective way, ensuring proper dryer operation.

Dryer ducts channel moisture and fibers to the outside.  Flexible ducts fit tight places, offering unlimited installation options.  Biyang dryer exhaust hoses feature heavy duty designs to prevent damage while offering enough flexibility for places with limited space.  Built with smooth interiors, the ducts offer minimal friction to prevent fire risks.

Biyang uses multi layered aluminum tape to make dryer ducts.  This enhances structural strength, prevents puncturing, and extends the duct’s lifespan.  The aluminum tape is further held in place by a high-strength steel wire helix to prevent crushing.

Dryer ducts are usually exposed to heat, chemicals, and fire risks.  At Biyang, we use high-quality aluminum that resists fire to make dryer hoses.  That ensures safe operation at all times.  The aluminum material also stands up to corrosion, extending the duct lifespan considerably.

Biyang flexible clothes dryer ducts come with clamps to hold them in place.  You do not need specialized tools or expertise to set them up, which means fewer installation costs.  Additionally, we use steel to make every dryer vent hose clamp, ensuring a sturdy and durable installation.

We offer flexible clothes driver ducts to suit domestic and commercial dryer applications.  Being a trusted manufacturer, we ensure every dryer exhaust hose conforms to the required standards for function and performance.  When used to vent clothes dryers, Biyang ducts not only offer efficient venting.  They last a long time and prove to be cost-effective in the long run.  That is why our clients trust us when it comes to dryer duct reliability.

Biyang manufactures and supplies dryer ducts for the global market.  To ensure a continuous supply of ducts, we have a fully equipped manufacturing plant.  Biyang engineers take care of every duct production phase from material selection to when the finished product is tested for quality.  Biyang manufactures standard flexible clothes dryer hoses, but you can also order for custom ducts.  Our engineers are always ready to work with you to design products that meet your preferences for dryer ventilation.

At Biyang, quality is what guides our manufacturing rules.  We start by carefully choosing and evaluating the dryer vent hose material to use.  That is then followed by a strict and closely controlled manufacturing process.  Biyang manufactures a wide range of ducting products.  In addition to flexible clothes dryer ducts and hoses, we make flexible heating ducts, aluminum foil tapes, door vent, ducted range hoods, and rain louvers.

From the use of quality materials to ensuring proper manufacturing standards, Biyang ensures flexible dryer duct products of the highest quality.  We also offer market competitive rates for our products and timely deliveries.

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ProductFlexible Dryer Duct
Standard Length3m, 6m
Compress Ration1: 3
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