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Flexible AC Duct

  • Flexible up to 90 degree
  • Low noise during air transferring
  • Crafted out of thick non-combustible aluminum
  • Insulated flexible duct maintains temperature of air within the hose

We are an industry-leading flexible ac duct manufacturer in  China that focuses on building and designing remanufactured HVAC parts that meet or exceed OE specifications at a fraction of the cost.  Our technical team supports a broad spectrum of products and services for a diverse market.

Made from durable, tear and fire-resistant aluminum, the AC flex duct is for HVAC Systems, which function is to transfer heated or cooled air from the air conditioning unit into your homes,  buildings using diffusers.

The Flexible AC duct is insulated using fiberglass core, that provides a comprehensive solution to all your HVAC needs.  Our cost-effective HVAC flexible duct promotes excellent airflow that performs better than competing hoses.  Suitable for all heating and cooling systems.

As a flexible duct manufacturer, we are a company that’s focused on providing solutions on the quickest time possible.  Our products cover all kinds of flexible ducts, such as Aluminum Flexible Duct, Stainless Steel Flexible Duct, Flexible PVC Ducting, Insulated Flexible Duct, Non-Insulated Flexible Duct, Acoustic Ducting, Semi-rigid Aluminum Duct, Light Proof Ducting, High Temperature Flex Duct, Rectangular Flexible Ducting, Flexible Heating Duct, Nylon Duct, Underground Ventilation Duct and so on.  We are quality-focused, while keeping a close eye on time and budget.  At Biyang, we employ the strictest quality control in every product we make.  Your safety is the most important thing to us.  Backed by solid commitment to good quality, excellence, teamwork and industry best practices, we have been in the forefront of this business for almost two decades.  Your satisfaction is our biggest priority. We will do whatever it takes to make you happy.

We are more than just flexible duct supplier.  We think and remanufacture parts to the next level of quality.  Our very own air condition flexible duct can outperform OE standards for reliability.  Biyang’s 15,000-square-foot facility manufacturing facility features the latest manufacturing methods and technology as recognized by ISO standards.

  • Work performed by ISO and AWS-certified technicians
  • Specializes in high-volume production
  • Climate-friendly machines
  • OE form, fit to ensure parts are manufactured with precision
  • Incredibly precise processes yielding consistent, accurate and repeatable results

Our partnership with our clients is built on a foundation of trust – trust that we will innovate industry-leading products, keep our deliverables on time, provide unparalleled customer support, and always operate with integrity.

Need a flexible ducting for your air conditioning?  We have a comprehensive range of products and services that can offer your car maximum quality at competitive prices.  Simply navigate through our website and locate the parts you need.  If you have any questions, our dedicated customer service department offers assistance by phone, chat or email.


ProductFlexible AC Duct
Standard Length10m
Compress Ration1:25
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