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Fiberglass Duct Wrap

  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Condensation control
  • Enhanced indoor comfort
  • Prevents condensation problems
  • Foil-faced fiberglass duct that provides high water resistance

Biyang is a manufacturer of fiberglass duct wrap, all types of HVAC diffuser, and ventilation duct and the complete HVAC duct fittings supplies in China.  Founded in 1995, we are a one stop source for every component used in the construction and installation of commercial or residential buildings.

Fiberglass duct wrap is a blanket of foil faced fiber duct insulation used for commercial and residential heating, air conditioning, and ventilating systems.  These duct insulation wraps by Biyang offers excellent thermal properties that eliminates unwanted heat loss or gain and condensation control during operation.  The HVAC duct insulation wrap is manufactured using glass fibers fused together with a top-grade binder system.  Besides the fiberglass duct wrap, we also provide all sizes of fiberglass duct board for your choose.

This R8 fiberglass duct wrap provides a flame-resistant property and a vapor barrier which meets and exceeds ASTM/NFPA 90 specifications.  We offer a wide array of duct insulation wrap solutions that provide improved thermal insulation and acoustic performance.

Biyang guarantees you a remarkable customer service experience when you purchase from us.  By choosing Biyang, you are choosing a reliable partner formed by a team of industry experts devoted to helping you solve all your HVAC system problems.

Fair and Reasonable Pricing – We understand the value of your money.  We offer fair and honest pricing policy at all times.

Strong Expertise – Whatever your heating, ventilating, and air conditioning problems, we could assist you with our strong technical expertise and provide you service that is beyond your expectations.

Innovation-focused – Here at Biyang, we aim to bring our products and services to the next level by taking a proactive approach for advancement and change.

Service – Our goal is to be the standout manufacturer among our competitors, with a principle that stands for quality and service.

100% Customer Satisfaction – Your satisfaction is our biggest priority, that’s we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Biyang has over two decades of experience in manufacturing ducting products for commercial and industrial projects.  Underlying our success is a fully-equipped manufacturing facility, an R&D center, latest production technologies, and friendly customer service.  We have a sophisticated network that supplies duct insulation wraps, and other HVAC products that services large commercial and industrial facilities.

Consumer’s satisfaction is our top priority, and we’ve got positive feedbacks from customers to prove this.  For further information about our services and exterior HVAC duct insulation wrap, you email us at (beyond@bi-yang.com).  Our Biyang customer service assistant is here to answer all your questions.

We’ve got the best and finest duct insulation wraps all at a discounted price.

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