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Exhaust Louvers and Vents

  • Long lifespan
  • Durable finish
  • Weather-resistant
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Performance consistency

Biyang  specializes in money-saving, durable and reliable air-control products and accessories designed for every application.  When purchasing a product for you HVAC system, you want a high-quality product with an efficient and dependable service.  As a vent supplier, we are committed to delivering 100% customer satisfaction.  We can provide you with comprehensive line of standard and tailor-designed ceiling diffuser, access panel, door vents, and roof products.

Exhaust louvers and vents are used for ventilation purposes, and are constructed of a variety of materials and plastics, with fiberglass-made internals if needed.  Louvers exhaust vents serve an essential role in allowing air flow through openings in buildings and homes while prohibiting unwanted elements such as water and debris.

Duct dampers provide a multifunction performance with zero maintenance.  Aesthetically designed for pleasing architectural appearance.  The patented design eliminates the need for buying a separate louver and vent, which reduces installation costs by 50%.

These classically styled louver exhaust vents have a lightly wider frame and aesthetically appealing architectural details.  These innovative designs maximize ventilation performance.  Designed using corrosion-resistant steel which are highly durable and easy to mount.  Exhaust Lovers and Vents require no major reinforcement and has many installation and modular options.  The wall louvers and vents are easy to install and fitted with an insect screen.  Designed using corrosion-resistant steel which are highly durable and remains rust free for decades.  These louvers exhaust vents designed by Biyang have excellent weather resistance.

We categorize louvers into three different classifications:  stainless steel, aluminium steel and plastic.  Selecting the right material is important to meeting your performance needs.  As a premium manufacturer of exhaust louvers and vents, we are engaged in offering commercial and industrial louvers that are widely marketed in local and international industry.  We utilize premium grade materials to guarantee performance under demanding corrosive environments.  We also have a readily available roof louver vents, duct dampers and other in-stock tailored designs with short lead times.

The Biyang product line is manufactured under ISO 9001 and 14001 certified facilities, which is recognized worldwide as the industry standard for quality manufacturing, testing, packaging, and environmental management practices.  Biyang is known as the industry’s HVAC experts.  The technology utilized in all Biyang products are designed with wrinkle bend technology for outstanding durability and heating, ventilating, air conditioning performance.

Biyang is the pioneering supplier of exhaust louvers and vents for hotels, apartments, buildings and other multi-story structures.  Our products are distinctive in concept, performance, reliability, longevity and value.  With over 25 years of experience, Biyang has strived with strong passion to develop technologies which led us to become a noteworthy louver and vent manufacturer.  These technologies contribute to the betterment of our customer’s everyday life.

We over 10,000 different combinations of premium grade exhaust louvers and vents that can be ordered directly from our website.  Simply visit our page, navigate and select the right louver and vent for your desired application.

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ProductExhaust Louvers and Vents
Size150mm – 1800mm
MaterialAluminum, or Stainless Steel
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