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Exhaust Hose

  • Easy to bend, and can bear repeated bending
  • Suitable to be used in many venting applications
  • Fire material and structure, passing Australia AS/NZSS 1530.3 Fire Testing

As one of China’s most renowned manufacturer of flexible ductings, our 25 years of dedication to quality products and customer satisfaction has allowed Biyang to become a top-tier leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of commercial, industrial, and heavy-duty exhaust hoses.  Our unwavering commitment to provide our customers with quality components and customer service has kept us in the edge of HVAC industry.

Biyang exhaust hoses is a fume extraction accessory used primarily in filtration system.  The main purpose of exhaust hose to form a pathway for redirecting fumes and particulates from the application to an exhaust hose air-conditioning system, or to another exterior location.  Aside from that, it can also be used as flexible ducting to join existing machine ports to fume extractors or particulate collectors during applications.  Among these exhaust hoses, the most popular is aluminum flexible duct, PVC flexible ducting, semi rigid aluminum duct and insulated flexible duct.

Features extremely versatile, durable and lightweight construction designed primarily to work in a temperature up to 200-degree Fahrenheit.  With combined heat resistance and flexibility of the hoses, this high-temp exhaust hose has a special coating that endures high temperatures.  Biyang high-temp rubber exhaust hoses are designed to offer protection to any establishment from extreme heat to provide comfortable indoor environment and prevent the owners from inhaling toxic fumes and particulates.  Biyang exhaust hoses allow easy handling and movement across the location.  It features retaining angles for maximum flexibility and movability.  These hoses are crushproof and crack resistant.

Our exhaust hose dryer service a variety of markets, including automotive cars, commercial apartments, schools, hospitals, multi-story buildings, as well as other HVAC applications.  Exhaust hose for portable air conditioners are for use with smoke, water-based fumes, welding fumes, and other toxic particulates.

Biyang offers a wide range of standard and custom exhaust hose extension products.  All exhaust hoses are validated by skilled and professional engineers to fit the exact needs of specific projects.  Biyang’s manufacturing facility has a state-of-the-art ISO 9001 CERTIFIED independent diagnostic testing center, to ensure our products fit the quality and performance you need.  We have an extensive experience adhering to a wide array industrial and commercial specifications.

Biyang earned ISO certifications that lives up to our brand identity bearing 100% compliance to strict industry standards.  We are capable of producing over 15,000 exhaust hoses to meet the ever-increasing market demand.  Exhaust hoses are designed to perform in extreme and unfavorable weather conditions.  In order to expand our target and reach more customers, we are committed to only produce the best products that’s incomparable to elsewhere in the market.  We are consistent with our low-cost products and keep our deliveries on time.

If you are looking for a wide variety of hoses for portable air conditioning, make sure you approach a proven and trusted manufacturer and supplier like Biyang.  We have an ongoing market presence of 25 years and are experts in a variety of hoses for HVAC applications.  We offer customized hoses to HVAC system which are easy to install and operate.

ProductExhaust Hose
Standard Length10m
Compress Ration1:25, 1:10
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