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Ducted Hood Ranges

  • Top Quality Material
  • Powerful Motor
  • Easy to Install and Use

Biyang is an experienced ducted range hood manufacturer.  Over the years, we have developed kitchen hoods that stand out in terms of performance and lifespan.  Biyang cooker hoods are elegant in appearance, efficient, and designed to last.

Ducted cooker hoods vent to the outside, eliminating kitchen fumes and greases.  At Biyang, we ensure the removal of pollutants happens in the most effective manner.  Our kitchen hood ducting products use high CFM engines to provide effective suction of airborne materials and kitchen heat.  With Biyang range hoods, you are guaranteed a clean and fresh smelling kitchen.  Despite being powerful, Biyang kitchen hoods operate quietly to provide a peaceful cooking environment.  You can also control the intensity of airflow to suit your preferences and regulate the level of noise.

Durability and cleanability are important factors for a range hood vent duct system.  Biyang kitchen hoods feature high grade steel.  The material resists damage and corrosion, making the hood to last a long time.  In addition to durability, the material is easy to clean and elegant in appearance.

A range vent duct has to vent to the outside.  That requires a strong airflow system to ensure efficiency.  Biyang ducted range hoods come equipped with high power motors that produce powerful suction.  It means guaranteed elimination of stovetop fumes, smoke, greases, and a host of other pollutants.

Biyang ducted range hoods are accompanied by the parts and accessories you need to set them up.  They are also easy to operate and come with user friendly controls.  You get to change the blower speed levels without difficulty or switch the hood lights on and off.

Biyang makes ducted range hoods to be used in different situations.  We range vent duct and exhaust systems for domestic and commercial kitchens.  Each product features a design to fit the specific environment.  At Biyang, we understand the right materials to produce durable range hoods.  Our engineers have also identified perfect kitchen hood designs to ensure effortless removal of cook top pollutants and heat for cleaner kitchens.

Biyang is one of the leading vent hood manufacturers.  Over the years, we have invested in research to develop the best solutions for range hood and range vent duct applications.  The results are seen in the venting and ductwork products in our inventory.  Our kitchen hood manufacturing team comprises engineers to design hoods and oversee the production process.  We also have state-of-the-art machines to make cook top hoods and ducts.  With most of our manufacturing processes being automated, we are able to produce range hoods on a large scale level.

By making us your sole supplier of ducted range hoods, you are assured of products of the highest quality.  We help clients find the best solutions for their needs.  In addition to the fast shipping of consignments, our prices are competitive and among the best in the market.  Get the chance to grow your business with Biyang ducted hood ranges.

Apart from cooker hood duct systems ventilate kitchens, we also make other air system products.  These include dryer ducts,  flex heating ducts, aluminum foil tapes, door vents, and rain louvers. Our prices are fair and among the best in the industry.  We ensure you receive products on time. Biyang also responds to queries swiftly.

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ProductDucted Hood Ranges
MaterialGalvanized Steel, Stainless Steel
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