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Duct Insulation Sleeve

  • Various jackets materials for selection
  • Different insulation standard for checking
  • AS/NZS1530.3 Australia fire rating approved

Biyang Duct Insulation Sleeve, also named duct jacket and duct sleeve, plays an important role in the duct insulation sector, especially for an uninsulated rigid duct and semi-rigid duct.  As an expert Duct Insulation Sleeve manufacturer, Biyang has all types.

The standard Biyang Duct Insulation Sleeve is composed of silver aluminum foil jacket outside and glass fiber inside.  There are also other options such as black PVC jacket outside and non-woven fabric inside for HVAC Ducting Accessories.  Biyang Duct Insulation Sleeve has passed AS/NZS1530.3, the Australia fire rating testing.

Most East Asian countries like the silver aluminum foil jacket plus glass fiber.  However, countries like Australia will choose the second option.  Biyang offers all different materials for your selections and combinations.

Biyang Duct Insulation Sleeve has strong jackets outside.  Whether aluminum foil or PVC, both are heat resistant, fire retardant, and tear endurable.  The jacket can protect the inside insulation from the exposure and the vapor.

In addition, Biyang outside duct jacket is UV and chemical resistant.  This makes Biyang Duct Insulation Sleeve durable in all aspects.  It is an exact product to be used in all kinds of heating, ventilation and air conditioning environments.

Biyang Duct Insulation Sleeve provides a good insulation function, with different insulation materials, such as glass wool and non-woven fabric.  You can also select the standard such as R8, R6 and so on to fit your exact requirement.

When applied into your rigid duct, Biyang Duct Insulation Sleeve helps reduce the noise and vibrations to maintain a quieter environment.  It works as a perfect product such as the dryer vent insulation sleeve as well.

Biyang Duct Insulation Sleeve can be made in different lengths with standard 10 meters.  You can do custom length based on your inside duct length or the actual site situation.  In addition, all common diameters of Duct Insulation Sleeves are available with the most common 4 inch duct insulation sleeve.

Shape is not a problem. Both round Duct Insulation Sleeve and square one are available. The augmented products of Duct Insulation Sleeves, such as duct insulation wrap are also available.  What is more, we provide the vacuum packing so our Duct Insulation Sleeve can be packed in a much smaller volume which makes it easier to store and cheaper to transport.

When installation, just open the packaging and lose the jacket.  Wait for some minutes to get sleeve loose and then easily get your inner duct into the sleeve just like your taking on the clothes.

If you have any questions for Duct Insulation Sleeves, a simple email will give you a clear answer to solve your doubts.

ProductDuct Insulation Sleeve
MaterialPE/PVC Film, Aluminum foil
InsulationFiberglass, Polyester
Thickness25mm / 30mm

Duct Insulation Sleeve: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1. What is Duct Insulation Sleeve?

Duct insulation sleeve is a type of jacket that you can use to insulate existing semi-rigid or rigid round ducts.

It helps in the reduction of heat and the buildup of condensation.

Duct insulation sleeve

Duct insulation sleeve

2. How does Duct Insulation Sleeve work?

The main function of the duct insulation sleeve is to reduce heat and condensation build-up.

Duct insulation sleeves have several layers which it uses to reduce condensation build-up and heat.

On the outside, it has strong jackets that protects the inside insulation from vapor and exposure to other environmental factors.

The jackets can either be PVC or aluminum foil that are resistant to heat, tear unbearable, and fire retardant.

Apart from that, it has insulation materials such as non-woven fabric and glass wool that provide perfect insulation functions.

These properties assist in channeling hot or cold air through the ventilation ductthus cooling or heating the room.

3. What are the Features of Best Duct Insulation Sleeve?

Whenever you are considering to purchase a good duct insulation sleeve, you should look at the following features:

  • PVC or aluminum foil heat resistant jacket
  • Aluminum foil or PVC fire retardant jacket
  • Tear unbearable PVC or aluminum foil jacket
  • UV chemical resistant PVC or aluminum foil jackets
  • Non-woven fabric or glass wool insulation materials.

2 Duct insulation sleeve for HVAC


Duct insulation sleeve for HVAC

4. Is Duct Insulation Sleeve Fire Retardant?

Yes, duct insulation sleeve for HVACis fire retardant.

It is capable of stopping or slowing the spread of fire in case the duct insulation sleeve catches fire.

It has chemical reactions that reduces the flammability of fuels and delay the combustion.

5. How do you Seal Duct Insulation Sleeve?

First you need to inspect the duct insulation duct for holes, rust, lose connections, missing portions, and several damages

After that, you will clean the duct insulation sleeve using a dump piece of cloth or whisk them using a broom.

Make sure that surface is dry and free of any dust particles to allow the seal to stick perfectly.

Select the type of sealant that you would like to use preferably mastic or silicone caulk in small areas.

You should also choose the right tape that will work with the sealant.

Spread the sealant on the loose ends and holes in the duct insulation sleeve.

You should tape the larger holes and then apply the sealant to create a lasting patch.

6. Duct Insulation Sleeve is made from Which Material?

Duct insulation sleeve is made out of different materials on the jacket and the insulating material.

The jacket can either be made out of PE, PVC or aluminum foil materials.

The insulation materials can either be glass wool or non-woven fabric.

7. What is the Average Lifespan of Duct Insulation Sleeve?

You can use the duct insulation sleeve for the entire life time which averages between 20 – 25 years.

However, you might need to replace it after using it for 15 years as the quality begins to deteriorate.

8. What is the Function of Duct Insulation Sleeve?

You can use the duct insulation sleeve to:

  • Reduce heat build-up within the duct
  • Reduce condensation build-up within the duct.
  • Reduce vibration and noise thus maintaining a quiet environment.
  • Insulating the dryer vent due to the perfect material properties

9. How does Duct Wrap and Duct Insulation Sleeve compare?

You can use a duct warp for thermal insulation on air conditioning and interior heating duct work.

It performs the same function just like the duct insulation sleeve.

The difference comes in the installation process where you need to wrap a duct wrap around the duct.

It is, however, impossible to wrap the duct insulation sleeve because it comes as a complete sleeve and not a wrap.

10. What are the Advantages of using Duct Insulation Sleeve?

You will enjoy the following advantages by using the duct insulation sleeve.

  • It is durable as the materials are capable of resisting corrosion.
  • It is fire retardant thus eliminating the possibility of damage through fire.
  • Easy to install thus eliminating the need of having a technician.
  • It is light in weight thus reducing the overall weight of the ventilation and other devices
  • It is efficient thus improving the reliability of the duct insulation sleeve.

Duct insulation sleeve

Duct insulation sleeve

11. Duct Insulation Sleeve should conform to Which Quality Standards?

You have to make sure that the duct insulation sleeves conform to the following quality standards:

  • AS/NZS1530.3 fire rating quality standards
  • ISO certification quality standards
  • Current good manufacturing practices (cGMP)

12. What is the Insulation Rating for Duct Insulation Sleeve?

The insulation rating of duct insulation sleeves vary accordingly.

The most common insulation ratings are R6 and R8 but this can be higher depending on your specifications.

13. How do you Insulate Duct Work?

You can insulate the duct insulation sleeve by going through the following processes:

  • Looking for the leaking areas

First, you will look for the existence of any air leaks on the duct insulation sleeve.

After that, you will mark the air leaking locations and prepare the materials for insulating them.

  • Cutting the fiberglass insulation

You will measure and cut the fiberglass to size according to the insulation specifications.

Cutting it to size using a knife will give it enough spacing for it to fit correctly.

  • Securing the insulation

You can now secure the insulation to the ducting by using different materials such as a staple gun.

Be careful not to staple through the duct as this will cause more damage to the duct insulation sleeve.

You can also use an insulation tape to cover the areas and secure it from leaking.

14. How do you Install Duct Insulation Sleeve?

You can install the duct insulation sleeve by going through the following processes:

Step One: Preparation Stage

First you need to consider the type of duct insulation sleeve you intend to install by looking at the materials and tools.

Consider the insulation rating of the duct insulation sleeve, size of the duct and the duct tape.

You have to make sure that the surface is free of dust by cleaning it well.

Step Two:  Installation Stage

You need to cut the duct insulation sleeve to length according to the size of the duct using sharp utility and square knife.

Ensure that the duct insulation sleeve fits well around the duct.

You should also make sure that you do not press the insulating material as you fit it into the duct.

To hold the duct insulation sleeve in place, you will apply pieces of insulation tape across the insulation sleeve.

After that, you will seal the whole length of the insulation seam using a long tape strip.

Apply the insulation tape around the areas where there is joint between the duct insulation sleeves.

Step Three: Final Stage

After ensuring that the duct insulation sleeve is in place, you have need to block all the leaks.

This will prevent the moist air from outside from penetrating into the duct insulation sleeve.

15.  Does Duct Insulation Sleeve have Size Limitations?

No, duct insulation sleeves do not have size limitations.

The standard size of duct insulation sleeve that you can get is 10 meters.

However, you can order for a custom size that will fit your applications.

Duct insulation sleeve

Duct insulation sleeve

16. How do you Specify Duct Insulation Sleeve?

You can specify the duct insulation sleeve by considering the following factors:

  • Outside jacket material which can either be PE, Aluminum foil or PVC.
  • Insulation material which can either be fiberglass or polyester.
  • Dimensions in terms of size in meters and thickness in inches.
  • Insulation rating


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