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Duct Connector

  • Different materials of Duct Connector
  • Various designs of Duct Connector for your selection
  • All common sizes of Duct Connector available

Biyang is a manufacturer, specialized in all kinds of HVAC ductwork and accessories, such as the Duct Connector.  Biyang Duct Connector, also named Duct Transition, includes different types and materials.  All of This serves as the connection and transition parts between various types of ducts or between the ducts and other facilities.

Biyang Flexible Duct Connector is the mostly bought Duct Connector in our company.  With fabric plus galvanized steel structure, it has great flexibility and can be made in different shapes.  It greatly reduces the noises and vibrations produced by the blower, fans and ventilation facilities in the ventilation system.

Biyang Flexible Duct Connector has the different material selections, including Canvas Duct Connector, Polyester Duct Connector, and Glass Fiber Duct Connector with silicone coating.  These products have different tearing strength standards and fire resistant standards.  You can always get the right material Duct Connector here.

Biyang Sheet Metal Duct Connector is another common Duct Connector widely used in the Stainless Steel Spiral Duct, Galvanised Spiral Ducting, Double Wall Spiral Duct, Square Duct, and many other ductworks.  Biyang provides you the different designs and material thicknesses to fit your specific projects or products.

Biyang Sheet Metal Duct Connectors vary in different shapes to suit various usages, including Duct Boot, Duct Splitter, Duct Transition from rectangular to round, or round to rectangular Duct Transition.  You will definitely come across your perfectly designed Duct Connector to solve your problem here.  Biyang Duct Connector also offers Aluminum Duct Connector.

Biyang Aluminum Duct Connector is a great supplement for Duct Fitting.  Compared with other material options, it is softer, lighter of weight, and easier to handle without causing too many difficulties due to its more flexibility when connecting two ducting parts.

Biyang Aluminum Duct Connector comes in different sizes.  The most popular sizes are 4 inch duct connector, 5 inch duct connector, 6 inch duct connector, and 7 inch duct connector.  All of this can be used as the ac duct connectors or spiral duct connectors.  You can surely find the suitable size Duct Connector here.

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ProductDuct Connector
MaterialGalvanized-steel, stainless steel
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