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Duct Access Doors

  • Perfect fitment
  • Low air leakage
  • Reduce installation costs
  • Optimal airflow performance
  • Used for a variety of heating, venting and air conditioning applications

Biyang is a well-recognized ductwork manufacturer that has serves the HVAC industry for over 10 years.  We do traditional and custom design ducting and fittings, and other products for different HVAC system application.  Biyang has been leading in China’s market and is dedicated to continuing to grow.  We have serviced many projects not only locally but also abroad.

Whether for industrial or commercial, safety is the number one priority.  This is where emergency exits and fire escapes are made use.  Just like those, duct access doors are made and serves as an important key to ensuring safety is at hand.  Every HVAC system needs regular inspection and maintenance when things get out of hand.  These are necessary to prevent potential system breakdown.  Solely made, for this reason, the industry has developed the duct access doors.  Duct access doors serve as entry and exit points which provides maintenance personnel fast and easy access to HVAC systems when required.  HVAC systems are made with different dimensions; thus, duct access doors are made into many styles and sizes to make compatible with every application.

Biyang duct access doors provide you the best fit and access to your HVAC system without compromising your safety and everyone else’s inside your property.  We have varieties of duct doors for your needs.  Proper fit is critical when choosing doors for your property.  Our duct access doors are designed with precision ensuring a perfect fit.  The product utilizes a rubber seal for airtight doors.  Delivering no gap between the door and the frame.  Using the best materials available, our duct access doors are made to feature extreme durability that is guaranteed to withstand common causes of wear.  But that’s not just it, our duct doors are made available at a lower price range compared to other manufacturers of duct access door and suppliers from around the globe.  Duct access door installation is made easy with bolt-in features that will fit your existing ductwork and unique handle design for easy removal when necessary.

Giving the ease of access for faster response when needed, Biyang’s duct access doors are made to be of use to any kind of HVAC system in the industry.  Usually, the duct access door is installed on sheet metal ductwork, metal dust collection pipe, or duct hood ranges.

Years of existence in the industry, we managed to establish several production facilities ensuring a continuous supply of different HVAC products including our duct access doors.  These factories are manned with chosen engineers and staff ensuring that production conforms to the strictest standards of the company.  We produce conventional duct access door designs fitting almost every traditional ductwork.  We also entertain custom access panel designs for your specific HVAC designs and product preference.

We fabricate our products putting into consideration many factors for different needs.  Our wide variety of duct access doors ensures to suit every duct style and application requirements.  Utilizing the best fabricating tools and machining, you are guaranteed to source top-notch duct access doors that will give perfect fit your different ductwork.

Be safe and worry-free.  Gain easy access every time you need it.  Call now and get the best duct doors in the industry with Biyang!

ProductDuct Access Doors
MaterialGalvanized steel, stainless steel
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