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Double Wall Spiral Duct

  • Custom in all kinds sizes and lengths, with diameter from 80mm to 2000mm.
  • Biyang Double Wall Duct is airtight and of no water leakage
  • Swiss Imported Machine Spiro, nicer outlook and longer life expectancy

Biyang Double Wall Spiral Duct is also named Dual Wall Spiral Pipe, Double Wall Round Duct, and Double Wall Insulated Duct.  It is a kind of Metal Duct, designed and produced to offer an excellent acoustical and thermal function for HVAC ductwork applications.

Biyang Double Wall Spiral Duct is made of big spiral duct outside, insulation in the middle and small spiral duct inside.  This rigid structure leads to the smoother and silencer air flow in the inner duct with excellent insulation.

Both Spiral Ducts are manufactured from galvanized steel or stainless steel from large competitive Chinese factories, such as Baosteel.  The outside spiral duct works as the tough protective layer to protect the inside insulation layer from moisture or vapor.

The good material also ensures the nice outlook of spiral duct instead of the wrinkled surface.  This also helps smoother air flow and increases the whole project’s energy efficiency.

Biyang Double Wall Spiral Duct offers different insulation materials for your selection, including fiberglass, rubber foam and so on.  We can make it based on your insulation standard such as R6, R4.2 and so on.  Insulation material is extremely important for the long-term running of the ducting system and cost-effectiveness of the budget.

Poor and not enough insulation in heating and cooling ducting wastes lots of energy in the middle way, which increases maintaining cost.  This in the next step also leads to the low life expectancy for all ductwork system.

To achieve a better noise reduction effect, Biyang can provide the perforated design for the inner duct.  The small holes will significantly reduce the noise levels caused by the blowers and fans in the HVAC ducting system.  This is very important for areas, like office buildings, hospitals, school and so on.

Biyang Double Wall Spiral Duct is widely used in our projects.  Our products exported to Japan are totally airtight and also no water leakage.  If you have special function required, please feel to contact Biyang.

ProductDouble Wall Spiral Duct
MaterialGalvanized steel

Double Wall Spiral Duct: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide will answer all questions you have been asking about the double-wall spiral duct.

So, if you want to be an expert in these spiral duct systems, read this guide.

What is a Double Wall Spiral Duct?

It refers to a type of ductwork designed using a solid metal outer pressure casing and metallic inner liner with a film of insulation sandwiched between.

 Double wall spiral duct

 Double wall spiral duct

The rigid design construction of this component is what makes it to offer relatively smoother and silencer airflow in the internal duct with perfect insulation.

It is engineered and produced to provide incredible thermal and acoustical functions, mostly for HVAC applications.

What are the Benefits of Dual Wall Spiral Ducts?

The design construction of this component makes it advantageous and worthy to use in a wide range of applications.

The following are thus some of the benefits of installing and using this unit;

1) It eliminates noise – This component plays a significant role in noise reduction.

Its double walls enable quiet airflow as the heating and cooling of air in HVAC system run. And the effect of this enhanced serene surrounding or space.

2) It saves energy – It offers more energy efficiency, which is vital since it enables you to save on costs significantly.

It contains two components, as the name suggests, which ensures relatively consistent airflow temperature, especially during delivery.

Therefore, when the heat is consistent, your HVAC system would not necessarily run along hence delivering a more energy-efficient air delivery system.

3) It is durable – This component offers long-lasting results.

Of course, this arises from its design construction, which is relatively robust.

Also, it is a result of the fact that it is hardly affected by a wide range of environmental, mechanical, and chemical elements.

4) It is easy to maintain – This unit requires absolutely low maintenance needs compared to other types of the ducting system.

It has a rigid structure, which enhances its strength, thus making sure it hardly wears out easily.

And the net effect of this is it saves you costs related to repair and replacement.

5) It is easy to customize – You can always personalize dual wall spiral duct to fit into your specific requirements.

This is important since it allows you to get a specific design, which meets the needs of your application.

6) It is highly aesthetic – Dual wall spiral duct makes a building stand out.

It gives the establishment an attractive contemporary appearance since it can easily blend in with a specific style.

Does the Double Wall Spiral Duct need to be Insulated?

Most definitely!

The essence of an insulating dual wall spiral duct is to ensure it consistently maintains the desired temperature of the air moving through the duct system.

Apparently, this is fundamental since it makes it possible to attain the best acoustic, heating, and cooling experience in your HVAC system.

Moreover, insulating this component also plays a vital role in making sure it prevents condensation build-up in your house.

Also, it prevents leakage within the HVAC system, which in most cases, could lead to high utility bills.

In general, therefore, there is a need for an insulating double wall spiral duct since it helps to enhance its overall performance and functionality.

What is the difference between Double Wall Spiral Duct and Rectangle Wall Duct?

 Rectangle duct

Rectangle duct

Ideally, there is a thin line between the double-wall spiral and the rectangle wall duct.

However, it is also necessary to understand some of the differences between them to give you insights into what they revolve around. Here are how these two materials differ;

Noise – The double-wall spiral duct has better noise reduction ability than a rectangle wall duct.

In essence, the former has better pressure drop features, which help in reducing fan speed. Additionally, it tends to be more rigid compared to the rectangular duct.

The outcome here is the reduction of drum effect from duct vibration when compared to a rectangle wall duct.

Leakage – Dual wall spiral duct has a relatively low leakage rate than the rectangle wall duct.

This, of course, results from the fact the former does not have longitudinal joints and fewer transverse joints when running in long straight duct sections.

Insulation – It is comparatively easy to insulate a double-wall spiral duct compared to a rectangle wall duct.

It is insulated from the outer parts compared to the rectangle wall duct, which has to be insulated from the inner sections.

Cost – Dual wall spiral duct is relatively affordable compared to the rectangular wall duct.

It incurs low ductwork installation and related costs as well as low sheet metal for similar airflow rate.

Maintenance – It is also easy to repair and maintain a dual-wall spiral duct than a rectangle wall duct.

In general, the dual-wall spiral duct is relatively better compared to the rectangle wall duct hence ideal for most air handling systems.

How much Dual Wall Spiral Pipe Cost?

Double wall spiral duct

 Double wall spiral duct

There is no definite cost for a dual wall spiral pipe.

The pricing model for this component is dependent on several elements.

For instance, the customization needs often determine the amount of money you will spend to acquire this component.

A comparatively complicated customized design is somehow more expensive than a simple personalized design.

The specific brand you are looking for is also another element, which determines the price of this component.

Of course, various suppliers produce this equipment, and all of them rank differently in the market, depending on several factors.

Some with a reputable and dependable brand will cost a bit higher than other relatively new brands.

Also, the MOQ can be a great determinant of the cost of a dual-wall spiral pipe.

This, however, is dependent on the specific supplier you are buying the product from.

In essence, some would provide better deals, or discounts when purchasing higher MOQ than lower.

And most importantly, the overall pricing of this component is also dependent on whether you are purchasing locally or importing.

Of course, importation would be a bit costly since it involves quite a number of elements, including freight and tax charges.

How do you Join Double Wall Spiral Ducting?

 Joining double wall spiral ducting

Joining double-wall spiral duct

Joining dual spiral ducting requires a connection piece.

In most instances, you’ll always need to either have a female connector with two male ends or a male connector with two female ends.

The most important aspect, in this case, is ensuring you both the connectors and the ends are of the same diameter.

All you need to do is attaching the connector to the complementing end to form part of your dual-wall spiral ducting system.

Is Double Wall Spiral Duct Watertight?

Absolutely correct!

It has a solid construction, which makes it difficult for water to drip or pool in the specific setting it is installed.

And this does not matter whether or not it is fixed in a setting where humidity is easily amplified.

How is the Double Wall Spiral Duct made?

Construction of this component is dependent on the specific type of spiral duct.

For instance, for an acoustic dual-wall spiral duct, its construction entails a perforated inner shell and solid outer layer. T

he essence of this construction is to help in reducing the noise effectively.

Thermal control double wall is made by integrating solid inner and outer shells.

It is the aspect, which guarantees suitable vapor barrier and thermal conductivity integrity.

Construction of acoustical double-wall spiral duct entails a sandwiched insulation sheet in between the solid outer shell and perforated inner walls.

The inner walls, in this case, can as well be solid. Either way, this integration is what guarantees effective noise reduction.

In general, the construction of any form of the double-wall spiral duct has to integrate two walls both internally and externally.

And in some cases, it also has to be insulated as a way of enhancing the performance of the specific function.

Which is the Best Material for making Double Wall Spiral Duct?

A double-wall spiral duct can be made using a wide range of materials.

Even so, the best material for this component is dependent on the specific application.

Aluminum 3003 is nonetheless considered one of the best among the several materials available as it is highly resistant to corrosion and lightweight for making ducts.

Some of the other materials, which also offer the best results for this ducting include the following;

  • Poly-vinyl coated
  • Copper
  • Paint Grip
  • Stainless 304
  • Aluminized Steel
  • Galvanized G60

How do you Install Double Wall Round Ducting?

Double wall spiral duct

 Double-wall spiral duct

Double-wall spiral duct is relatively easy to install irrespective of the type of surface.

The most important element, in this case, is making sure you have all the right materials, tools, and equipment.

But first, you have to assemble the different components of this unit before attempting to install it on the respective surface.

When it comes to assembling, you’ll either have one male connector and two female ends or one female connector, and two male ends together with applicable fittings.

Fittings, in this case, imply any pieces of bends, reducers, and tee pieces, among others.

You can as well join two ends with a connection piece if you need to have an elongated unit.

Of course, this is dependent on the structure and the design of your dual wall round pipe.

The next step is to somehow seal all the joints as a way of reinforcing the strength and preventing leakage incidences.

Then you will use the suspension clips or split clips to hang the component on the ceiling or wall surface.

While at it, also ensure you have brackets at least after every three meters between the clips.

Is Sealing Double Wall Spiral Duct Necessary?

Most definitely! It is the surest way of preventing any form of leakage from this ducting system.

So, in essence, it is fundamental because it ends up enhancing energy efficiency, which is necessary for saving on utility bills.

How do you Cut Double Wall Spiral Duct?

You can use several techniques to cut dual wall spiral duct depending on the type of edge-finish you want to attain on this unit.

Nonetheless, you have to be meticulous since this component is comprised of two layers, which ultimately have to be consistent.

One of the ways you can use involves taking a relatively large regular screwdriver and hammer it directly to the pipe at a specific angle.

While at it, ensure you are using the corner of the screwdriver to slice the gash.

Once you are done, you can take a jigsaw with a metal cutting blade and slice the piece continuously.

This technique is comparatively quick and easy.

The other technique is using hand nibblers.

This tool is essential for trimming the double wall spiral duct to the desired length.

In this case, all you need is to drill a hole on one side of this components’ seal and slice around the duct using hand nibbler.

While at it, finish off the process by cutting through the seam of this unit using a hacksaw.

It is the best technique for cutting this component since it provides neat cuts with no bends and distortion.

How do you Verify Quality and Safety of Double Wall Spiral Duct?

Ideally, it is essential to determine the quality of and safety of dual wall spiral duct before you purchase.

You can use several factors to determine all these elements.

Even so, the most authentic means is by looking into the quality and safety standard approvals.

There are several agencies mandated to test, assess, verify, and certify these elements in a double wall spiral duct.

Such agencies often provide all the relevant details and approval, authenticating suitability, and quality of this component.

Such agencies have all the relevant expertise, knowledge, and facilities to facilitate the processes for determining the quality and safety of this component.

What is Double Wall Spiral Duct used for?

Spiral ductwork system

Spiral ductwork system

Some of the common uses of double-wall spiral duct include the following;

Noise reduction – The essence of engineering and producing this component is to provide incredible thermal and acoustical functions, mostly for air handling systems.

Ideally, this unit is also used when noise is generated by a fan, which has to be attenuated.

Thermal efficiency – You can as well use a double-wall spiral duct to enhance thermal efficiency.

It plays a critical role in making sure you attain the best results since it guarantees comparatively more work output.

Condensation control – This component is also vital when it comes to getting rid of excessive humidity in your home or commercial building.

The most important aspect, in this case, is ensuring you install this component appropriately.

Which Regulations and Compliance Standards should Double Wall Spiral Ducting conform to?

It conforms to various regulatory and compliance standards, which mainly help to reinforce the consistent production of safe and quality products.

Some of these standards include the following;

ASTM – It is a regulation and compliance quality standard, which designs and publishes deliberate consensus reading the specific technical requirements of this component.

The conformity of dual-wall spiral pipe to this standard indicates it meets all the requirements, thus suitable for various applications.

UL – It is a standard, which spells out the different quality, suitability, and installation aspects of this component.

It is vital since it helps in ensuring the dual-wall spiral duct attains the minimum quality and safety standards required for its functionality.

SGS – This is a regulation and compliance standard for this component, which scrutinizes, confirms, analyzes, and accredits the suitability of the component.

It is essential since it corroborates the suitability of this unit to the customer and legal requirements.

ISO 9001 – It is a compliance standard, which demonstrates the ability of the supplier to provide quality and safety equipment consistently.

Are there Size and Thickness Limitations for Dual Wall Spiral Pipe?

Not necessarily. In most instances, the applications for this component often vary.

It thus implies you’ll always have to determine the size as well as the thickness of this equipment based on the dimensional needs of your application.

Additionally, most customers nowadays go for custom-made designs.

And this is a clear indication they will choose varying sizes and thicknesses of this component depending on what they require for their projects.

It is thus convenient to say there is absolutely no size and thickness limitation when it comes to double-wall spiral duct.

Which Fittings and Accessories do you need for Double Wall Spiral Ducting?

Double spiral wall ducting comes with various fittings and accessories, depending on the design and specific application.

Some of the common accessories and fitting of this component include the following;

Duct work fitting

Ductwork fitting

Bends – They are a form of fitting used to facilitate the uniformity of this component in uneven applications.

They help to enhance the fixing of this component evenly hence enabling the component to attain continuous movement.

Bends also help in providing high point vent as well as low point drains as a way of making sure air passage is enhanced accordingly.

Reducers – They refer to a type of fitting, which essentially reduces the size of the dual-wall spiral duct from a larger bore to a relatively small inner diameter.

The essence of this fitting is to allow the change of duct size to enable it to meet the hydraulic flow requirements of the air handling system.

They also help in the adaptation of existing double-wall spiral piping into a different size.

Tee – It is a T-shaped type of fitting with dual outlets connected to the main ducting system at 90°.

It is comparatively short and, in most cases, comes in handy in connecting dual-wall spiral pipes at a right angle with the mainline.

Elbows – They refer to right-angled shape fittings necessary when installing your metal ducting in a relatively low-velocity or low-pressure environment.

Offsets – They are types of fittings used for bypassing any kind of obstacle along the route of your spiral ductwork.

How Often do you Need to Replace Double Wall Spiral Duct?

Ideally, the frequency of replacing your double-wall spiral duct is entirely dependent on the usage and exposure to prevailing conditions.

Most of these components are relatively durable, irrespective of the circumstances subjected to.

However, with time, the unit tends to wear out, albeit gradually.

Therefore, it is always recommended to possibly replace your dual-wall spiral ductwork after about 15 years.

At this time, these units start to deteriorate substantially hence leading to reduced efficiency of your air handling system.

Alternatively, you can as well replace this unit immediately after assessing and determining it’s worn out or has become ineffective.

Remember, it all depends on how you use it as well as the environmental, mechanical, and chemical conditions it is exposed to.

What are the Applications of Double Wall Spiral Ducts?

This component is used in various applications in different sectors, including residential, commercial as well as industrial.

Some of these applications include the following;

Manufacturing companies – It is largely used in various manufacturing companies, which produce a large number of products, which undergo various stages.

For instance, this component is used in the convenient and effective production of cement.

Agriculture and Food production – This component helps in enhancing proper air conditioning.

In this sector, this component allows for the flow of warm air out of the duct as cold air flows inside.

Of course, this helps in the proper circulation of air for convenient production as well as storage.

Building and construction – Most of the contemporary buildings, whether commercial or residential, always integrate this component in such structures.

It used for providing ideal air circulation and temperature by allowing clean air to get into the building as it extracts warm polluted air out of the premises.

Carbon dust collection – Most factories dealing with the emission of carbon utilizes this component as a way of reducing environmental pollution.

Ideally, these spiral ducts are often used in directing the carbon flow into a specific collector as it allows cool air to flow into the factory building.

Is Double Wall Spiral Ducting sustainable to the Environment?

Absolutely correct!

Most of the materials used for manufacturing this component exhibit incredible eco-friendliness.

In essence, such materials do not react or destroy with the environmental, as well as chemical elements.

It thus shows it is sustainable to the environment hence making it an ideal option to go for when looking for one.

How does Double Wall Ducting Limit Surface Wall Deflection?

Double-wall ducting is built to meet specific structural standards for HVAC applications.

One of the things that these standards address is-how to limit deflection.

So regardless of your application, you have to maintain a static and motionless ducting system.

Note that flat surfaces tend to deflect and round surfaces have very little-to-no deflection in positive and low pressures.

In this regard, consider increasing the gauges or add reinforcing to limit deflection in your applications.

This will increase the duct perimeter and weight hence reducing pressure loss, noise, and deflection.

What is the Suitable Length for Dual Wall Spiral Pipe?

The ideal length for this component is dependent on the particular application in your building or premise.

Some applications require relatively longer spiral pipes, whereas others would need a somewhat shorter dual-wall spiral duct.

In essence, you need to figure out the running dimensions of your building as a way of determining the suitable length for this component.

It is the only way guaranteeing the ideal length of this component.

Are there any Disadvantages of Dual Wall Spiral Duct?

Absolutely yes, albeit a few! Some of these shortcomings include the following;

High labor cost – This type of ducting system requires relatively careful designs to make it possible for it to fit appropriately on your specific application.

In most instances, you’ll require services of a professional company to handle it hence leading to somewhat inflated labor costs.

Challenging to install – This component is a bit technical hence requires more meticulousness when installing.

The essence, in this case, is any improper installation of this unit would lead to malfunctioning such as leakages.

The best intervention in this instance is hiring an expert since you can hardly DIY it.

Comparatively costly – This unit is generally quite expensive compared to other designs.

Of course, this is often as a result of its incredible features such as durability and high performance, among others.

How can you Enhance the Performance and Durability of Double Wall Spiral Duct?

You can use several ways, but the most suitable approach for attaining all these elements is by insulating the component.

Insulation plays a critical role in enhancing the functionality as well as the durability of this component.

What is the Maximum Working Temperature for a High Temp Double Wall Round Duct?

High temperature double wall round duct is available in a range of materials.

This provides a wide maximum working temperature range from 140 ° Fahrenheit to 1650 ° Fahrenheit.

With this, you have so many choices of double-wall ducting that are perfect for different high-temperature applications.

Note that most of high-temperature double wall round ducts are not just resistant to high volumes of heat, but are also flame retardant.

If you’re looking for a high-quality double-wall spiral duct, we are here to provide a perfect solution for your needs.

Talk to us today for competitive prices on ventilation duct systems and HVAC duct fittings.

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