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Clothes Dryer Transition Duct

  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy construction
  • Fire and corrosion resistant

Leading in China’s HVAC industry, Biyang is a manufacturer and distributor of ventilation and fittings of all types.  Being in the industry for over 10 years enabled us to fabricate products that feature exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs.  Biyang’s clothes dryer transition ducts offer no compatibility issue and easy product installment to any commercial and industrial applications.

Clothes dryers are mainly used, just as the name suggests.  It dries clothes using heated air.  The hot dampened air should be sent outside of the house for it to effectively function.  Commonly seen in an inhouse HVAC system, transition duct also called the transition hose is a short-sized dryer vent that is connected from the dryer to the vent line that runs through the wall to the outside of the property.  Given its function and limited materials to be used, the dryer transition duct is critical and causes a serious problem when substandard materials are used or when not installed properly.  Due to its exposure heat, transition ducts are highly flammable.  It is professionally advised to use only either the foil type or the adjustable aluminum flexible dryer duct.

Keeping the safety of consumers is our second to none priority.  We ensure to provide clothes dryer transition ducts that will effectively do its purpose and deliver a safe and secure service life.  Durably built using high-strength materials to offer crush resistance when installed in tight places.  Our clothes dryer transition ducts provide unrestricted airflow that eliminates lint accumulation by nearly 0%.  Utilizing the best materials for the transition hoses, our adjustable aluminum dryer duct offers high heat tolerance.  Helix is corrosion resistant that contributes to the product lifespan.  It provides a tight seal using clamps to keep fumes, humidity, and warm air away from other parts of the house.  Besides the conventional quick release hose clamp we used for clothes dryer transition ducts, our accessories also including double wire hose clamp, stainless steel hose clips and others.  Keeping the living area free from potential, unwanted fire occurrence.  Biyang clothes dryer transition duct is used in every commercial and industrial property.  Traditionally designed to fit all standard vent lines for easier and faster product applications.

Partner with us and gain access to our company’s comprehensive HVAC product options.  Aside from transition hoses, the company portfolio provides different ventilation ducts and fittings that will suit every HVAC system requirement you can think of.  Quality is just the peak of what we can do.  Our transition hoses are made available at a competitive price.  Highly appreciated with quality and value for money, our transition ducts offer a better overall solution compared to other flexible duct manufacturers.

To keep with the unending demand of the HVAC industry for ducts, fittings, and other ventilation products, we equipped ourselves with state-of-the-art technology and pieces of machinery.  Our production capacity numbers to more than 1,000 different units per day allowing us to cater to big projects locally and abroad.  Aside from traditional design and production standards of different ventilation products, Biyang is capable of producing customized design units putting into consideration different places, climate, and materials for specific applications.

Ensure your safety and proper operation of your HVAC system.  Feel free to contact our customer support line and be connected to our experts.

ProductClothes Dryer Transition Duct
Standard Length3m, 6m
Compress Ration1: 3
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