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Ceiling Trap Door

  • Easy to install
  • Safety-focused
  • Noise mitigation
  • Durable Construction

Established in China, Biyang specializes in the design, construction and distribution of all broad selection of ceiling panels and other ceiling-related products.  Each ceiling trap door has its own specific ceiling function.  As a manufacturer of ceiling trap doors,  Biyang integrates continuous development of high-quality custom access panels in a variety of purposes.  Including gyprock ceiling access panels, plastic access panel, aluminium ceiling panel and stainless steel access panels those main types.

A trap door is a sliding or hinged door with a surface of a ceiling that is open to the outside but not locked.  Hatches are the opening which may be also mounted in a wall.  While access doors and panels are an integral part of the construction, an architect knows where to find the equipment to meet the highest standards and durability requirements.

Installing a ceiling trap door will meet the safety and comfort needs of the inhabitants.  As a supplier of ceiling trap doors, we provide them with neat finish, clean surfaces, and allowable for easy access.  Although the installation and maintenance of a high-quality, reliable and reliable access door is important for facility construction.

Custom access panels are secured with high-quality steel wire and locked with allen key lock.  These sliding hinge does not allow hatches to fall, but they can be easily removed if needed to, for better access above the ceiling.  Features a lay-in design with gasket attached around the PVC ceiling trap door to reduce above ceiling equipment noise.  These ceiling trap doors are made with aluminum diamond plate cover that is durable, eliminates corrosion, and lighter in weight compared to traditional trap doors.

These aluminum access ceiling trap doors comes with a hinged door for easy and simple operation.  Biyang has designed and developed an innovative door solution for commercial, industrial, and other multi-story applications.  It is manufactured for specific applications within flush-mounted ceilings where access to various technical needs such as electrical, plumbing, and AC indoor unit, is necessary.

One of our highly recommended products is the access door to the ceiling.  The development of these high-quality ceiling trap doors has given us positive feedback from our customers who are in the area of construction of new houses, offices and other high-rise buildings.  With over 25 years of manufacturing experience, we are able to achieve a dependable range of products while providing a high level of comfort and convenience for both the contractor and the customers.  Our factory – trained technicians specialize in factory inspections to ensure that your best interests are served.  Biyang offers high quality access doors in best condition, which is far better than any of our competitors.  With a rich heritage of manufacturing experience, Biyang can look back to a hundred of successful stories when it comes to helping architects, engineers, and customers in completing their projects in a successful manner.

We offer a wide range of high quality, cost-effective and custom access panels that can give you the satisfaction you need and deserve.

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ProductCeiling Trap Door
Size60x60cm, 80x80cm, 100*100cm, or customized as required
MaterialAluminum sheet, galvanized Steel, stainless steel
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